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studying in germany

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So I was thinking of going to Germany and studying there
The issue is , I'm kinda low on money,
I'm going to go mostly this fall , with level b1 learned and i have to learn till b2
And for that I need a language school .
So I was thinking if you guys could guide on my search for a cheap language school
I'm still not sure where I'll be staying but it doesn't matter as long as it's a cheap one
How cheap we talking ? Around 60 € a week
I know that may not exist but oh well , I was thinking if you guys knew any
Not sure why you want to go to Germany in 2017 but if you do, just buy the Arabic pack of Rosetta Stone and that should get you by just fine
What other country do you suggest anon ?
I'm Bulgarian and don't want to stay in this shit country
New zealand

Get out, underaged virgin.
I'm taking bait
Too far away
Germanfag here. Where ever you are staying, check if there is a "Volkshochschule". I don't know how much courses there cost, but usually you can do language courses there. Also where are you coming from? And did you check if you can do the b2 part after you enrolled at uni and do a language course there for very cheap money?
Um I'm not really sure what's a volkshochlschule but I'm here basically my plan : I'm currently level a2-2 German and willing to finish b1 during summer
After that , I look to finish b2 in Germany and attend to a certain university but I'm not sure which one yet , but there's still time for that
Ama I missing something ?
Well, even if you don't know what Uni you want to go to, go to their websites and check what language skills are neccessary for foreign students and what other criteria you have to fulfill. Might be they want your school records officially translated or something. Just so you are on the safe side and have time to get everything you need. Also check the deadlines for applications. To start in the winter semester (october) you might need to send your complete documents and application as early as May or June (depending on what you want to study, maybe)
A Volkshochschule is basically a "school" for loads of stuff. You can go there as an adult, and take individual courses in all differnt kinds of subjects, especially languages. Basically you only pay for the things you want to do, there are loads of people teaching different stuff on all times of the day. But again, you can usually take language courses at uni for really cheap, too, so maybe that might also be an idea. For example, my uni also offers language courses during the semester breaks, so you could still improve your German by moving here a little early and taking one. Generally, unis are very good at helping foreign students and there might even be special foreign student offices, like at my uni. Check their webistes and see if they maybe have an FAQ with stuff you need to know when you want to study in Germany, they are very helpful.
german here aswell, what degree do you want to have after studying?
you can study "Deutsch als Fremdsprache" here at the university which translates to German for foreigners for which you also don't pay more than the regular studying fees.

for the cost, search for a small city and live in a shared flat.

Germany is a great place for studying engineering but as always, gender and social studies will give you a tough situation on the job market.
And you can already forget to get into medicin or laws, they are too competitive for most foreigners.
they have lot's of knowledge about where to learn the language: https://www.goethe.de/ins/bg/bg/index.html

otherwise university >>17912077
is almsot free.

on this (german) wikipedia site are places who offer courses and information https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutsch_als_Fremdsprache#Mittlerorganisationen_und_Stiftungen
Thread posts: 11
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