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hello /adv/
i don't have a smartphone. i never have. i just use this flip phone and its very low tech and frustrating to use.
I'm looking to buy an iPhone 6 since I like how it looks and I know how to use an iPhone already. My question is

how much monthly do you pay for your phone and what do you get with that? I'd like unlimited talking and texting but I'm not sure if I'd ever use "data"

where should i purchase my phone from in order to keep it as cheap as possible?

is it worth it to invest in an "unlocked" phone?

last time i talked to my mom about this she said she payed $80 a month for her phone plan. is that standard?
You're mom's right for a pretty normal plan I like to use mad data bc i shit post from my phone daily I pay 100 on verizon I have a Samsung Galaxy s5 I like it it has a great camera I like to send lots of dick pics too
It is new years eve. You should be contemplating your existence and how pointless your life is and how you will die without ever doing ________.

You should be worried about how you are spending this new years eve alone and how next new years eve you will be doing the same thing.

You should be contemplating if life is even worth living and moping around with all the other loser on this board.

You shouldn't be asking about what a dataplan is right now.
my girlfriend broke up with me today and is at a party with all of my best friends that i cant go to because itd be awkward.
so instead im sitting alone in my room alone waiting for someone to message me to ask if im okay
but nobody has yet because she made and is making me out to be the villain
i made this thread to distract myself from this

I personally just buy my cell phones full price, no contract. I bought an HTC for just under $400 a few months ago. Only took me 2 weeks of working to save up for it. I bought it online from Newegg.

I get unlocked phones just to avoid the hassle of getting one locked to the company I'm with, but if there's one you can buy with the company you want, then it's probably cheaper.

As for my phone bill, I have unlimited texting for $15 a month with Bell Aliant, and I pay $0.20 a minute for calling. I might upgrade to $25 a month because I've been paying a lot for minutes lately.
If you can, buy your physical phone and phone service separately, or a SIM-only plan. Standard plans that include a "free" phone wind up costing you more for the phone.
Buy anything other than iTrash. You can find an android flagship with comparable specs for half the price.
Windows Phone anyone?

My brother has one and it's not bad
I'm not him but I hope you get over this break up soon. Fuck your friends, at least I'm saying this up. Happy New Year buddy. :D
thanks man it turned out ok. she left and then my friends swung by and got me and i had a great night.

also thanks everyone for advice with the phone
Certain providers are better in certain areas, but for the most part the big companies have enough towers for pretty good coverage nationwide in the US. I'd ask people what providers they use and how their service has been. Do they loose service in certain areas or does the data streaming drop off.

I've been with Sprint for about 13 years now because I've never had issues. I've never had a drop called and my data always streams fast. From what I've heard talking to other people Sprint is a little bit more than the others but since I've gotten great service I don't feel it's necessary I switch plus paying a little more is worth it to me.

Now, I pay $109.22 a month for unlimited data, talk, text. I have insurance on the phone which is like $10 a month. Without that my bill would be just under $100 a month...

I've always used Samsung phones. Sprint will bundle a new phone into the cost of your plan and you can pay off the phone over time at like $10-20 a month. So your phone bill will increase for awhile but you won't be hit with $400-500 upfront for the phone.
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