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My best friend and my girlfriend are really close and it bothers

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My best friend and my girlfriend are really close and it bothers me. I saw her phone when she was away for a bit, and she is always talking to him. Long essay like texts. They seem to share a lot with eachother. She writes things down that she learns and shares it with him, but not me. She also copies a lot of what he does, like the writing thing and even small things like gestures. I feel like she respects him more than me. She told him he's the best person she knows and it just made my heart sink. I asked her about what the most she's done with him is and she got really clearly agitated and blew up on me. She said the most she ever did was hold his hand before we were together. Then I remembered something, which is a day we all spent together, and an object he gave her... she always carries that with her now.

I feel very threatened by him. Am I right to think this? What should I fucking do?
lol maybe she's using you for sex and is waiting for your friend to hit on her indefinitely so they can be together then you're alone and have been cheated on. if you feel that threatened, either talk to her about it or just break things off. this whole situation has too many red flags
He's her emotional tampon. It's pretty common. People call them beta orbiters. Basically, they're not a threat. She doesn't think about him sexually in the least.
That's what I'm hoping, but I thought a lot about some of her actions and I realized something... whenever he's going to be around, she dresses up. Whenever she even sees him, she preens her hair and looks at herself in the mirror to fix herself and she doesn't do this for ANYONE else. I don't know man. I hope you're fucking right
Sometimes it's easier to be open with someone who you aren't sexually interested in than someone who you are. As in open communication. When you're dating there's often too much trying to impress one another and not much real person to person communication.

On the real, talk to him not her. I had a friend who's gf came onto me openly in front of him and I still didn't hit it because that's nasty.

Our sex life is amazingly good
Dont let yourself feel threatend, whatever you have is what she wanted over him, you're the alpha in this situation. Don't let insecurity make it not so.

However, I know there are two sides to every story, but break the fuck up.
Was she friends before you were friends with him? If so you don't have much ground. But if you were friends with him before you two started dating, she's crossing a fucking line. To say to you he's the best person she knows? I don't think she even understands how that must feel.
She may think that you're obviously the best boyfriend to her, she may love you deeply. But she is sharing things with him that she doesn't even share with you. Hands down, this behavior is immature, and vain on her part. It's as if she has no idea that this may affect you.

Seriously OP, talk to her about it, tell her what you wrote, and see what you two can work out.
But in my humble opinion, you deserve better, and she damaged the trust to a point that you may be seconding guessing yourself forever in this relationship.
If you love her talk, if you don't, fucking walk.

Also you need to have a long conversation with your best friend and see what the fuck is on his mind because he is also in the wrong, until you know his complete side.

Don't be afraid to lose someone to stay healthy op, beat of luck.

We've known eachother for almost 5 years and we both met her around the same time. I knew they liked eachother at first but I got it in with her first and just sealed the deal. She's fucking amazing. She also didn't tell me that he's the best person she knows... I read it in their text messages. She also said things like "I want you to know that I really love you" and other things like that. It really fucking bothers me. I did confront her and she blew up and left for a day.
All the shit you mentioned was already out of line, but the fact that she got agitated when you asked her about him should send you a very clear message. You need to be 100% Alpha and get her to respect you or kick her the fuck out. If you lose people in the process, they were dead weight anyway, and were meant to be thrown out
Blowing up and leaving is guilty behavior. Just break up with her. Avoiding confrontation is what a lot of women do when they're scared of the consequences.
Yes I went back and reread that, my mistake. Still it's a terrible thing to have read.
I'm not quite sure you understand what I mean by talk, I don't mean simply say hey I saw your texts, but put everything on the table. If you have already done that and she's acting like this, play the waiting game and see how she feelings in a couple of days.

Stay strong in your argument, don't let her try to sway you into thinking you are overreacting, because honestly the way she reacted is in the top 5 shitiest ways she could have reacted.
I'm not sure how you came at her when you did confront her but never lose your calm even for a second, or she will blow up and it will seem like you're the bad guy.

From your OP, and what you've said in this thread. I think that she's a loss, and she may seem amazing, but how she's gone about this is immature.
She emotionally cheated on you at this point
She blew up and wouldn't even talk to you about this, let alone try to reassure that you are the one
Wears an item that he gave her every single day
Primps herself especially for him, which she has NEVER done just for you (in front of you)

To me these are all signs that she is an immature, vain, and self indulgent individual. She has some qualities that compensate for her this, but overall, she is not nearly as amazing as you think and only time can show this to you.
>TL;Dr wait, talk again, stay calm, take a day to think, talk to your friend, stay or leave. But all signs point leave
This, anon. I was in a similar situation to you and handled like a beta; by letting it happen. Eventually she broke up with me and dated my "best friend".
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