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Anybody got any /adv/ on the best ways to get THC out your system?

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Anybody got any /adv/ on the best ways to get THC out your system? Any heavy smokers had to get out of a squeeze? I get random pee tests and I still have a few weeks until I'm back in work but I'm still paranoid.
Drink lots of water, and exercise a lot. THC clings on to fat cells, which is why it takes long to flush out. Cardio for an hour or two, and half a gallon of water each day will get it out in 2 weeks (depending on how fat you are and how much you smoked).
The skinnier you are the faster it'll get out. So if you're fat, good luck.
Lol I'm wondering the same thing.
I'm a female, 95 pounds, was a heavy smoker. (2 grams a day for 5 years)
37 days sober for pre emp drug test & i'm still testing positive.

from what I've read for hours online, water does nothing other than diluting your pee. it's literally time + exercise.
and you're not supposed to be active 3-4 days before you're test because it releases thc into your pee.
shits annoying and complicated and i'm so close to smoking
The whole point of drink water is to dilute you pee, which will lessen any traces of thc. Not only that, but drinking lots water will allow you to pee more which will speed the process of detox. I'm a chemistry major and i work with drugs, i deal with this all the time.

>pee test
>several weeks

Stop smoking like a week or two before tests. Drink water. Exercise. You'll be fine. Pee tests don't detect much of anything.
Stop smoking weed if you're having random screenings
drinking more water isn't going to speed up your kidneys filtering out thc... the same amount is going to be released unless you work out mr "chemistry major"
>tfw work for Fortune 100 company
>take drug test for worker's comp issue
>positive for marijuana
>tell the truth
>nobody cares
Feels alright man
Drink a fuckton of water + gatorade to dilute
Take vitamin b or vitamin c pills to keep piss yellow
Eat a steak or take creatine 2 nights before test (they will check creatinine levels if they suspect dilution)
Do not give them first piss of the day, it will be the most concentrated
Only let the middle of the stream into cup, start and finish in toilet
>i just started college
>i wanna major in chemistry
>i have no idea how biology and chemistry work
>i'll still give out shit advice though
You're gonna fail, kid.
Diluting your urine too much is a sure fire way to have a technician flag your sample and request you do it again. Most technicians don't give a shit but some of them are sticklers and will flag you if the sample is too clear or it's not the correct temperature.

If you've never taken a urine analysis you shouldn't be giving advice on the topic...

The best way to beat a urine analysis is just to get a clean sample of urine from somebody. Alternatively, you can use a trusted brand of synthetic. If it's not a monitored test then you can easily sneak the urine in under your underwear. If it's for parole or probation, where they actually watch you piss, you're fucked.
Jokes on you, I already have my bachelor's. I'm in for my masters. Good try though. I'm probably older than you too, so try harder "kid".
Might as well give up
Water, Exercise, cutting (calories)

or just listen to this guy. I just realized he posted the exact same thing
That is what he is saying. Working out and drinking lots of water. Learn to read.
I hope you're not older than me and still in college, even if it is for your Masters.... I'm 30 you dumb cum stain. Quit samefagging in an attempt to look like less of a retard too. See >>17907657
Plus see my reply about taking an actual urine analysis where passing or failing means more than just lab result. Diluting your urine is a stupid way to try and pass a drug test.

At least this guy added a few more steps into it to actually make the sample a little more legit.
The better option is to not work with a bunch of squares at a company that does random tests. IMO it is bullshit that you can fail for smoking 2 weeks ago, yet pass the alcohol test with a hangover. Opiates and stims test for active drug molecules, not metabolites. Tests should look for active impairment, not previous use. Legalized recreational use will push for a breathalyzer for weed which will be a boon for us smokers. Why pay $100 for a lab piss test when the breathalyzer is $50 and fulfill the insurance requirements?

This is company to company. Brother failed the pre-employment test for a job and the HR guy let it slide. One of my previous jobs did random hair tests and management always talked about lazy pot smokers smoking their life away.
It stays in there for fucken AGES obviously the better your metabolism etc, the quicker it will go.
>random drug tests
land of the free
Actually dilution is an effective way. The technician isn't going to go through the trouble unless there is a major detox discoloration. But if it's water then they simply won't care.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 1

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