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I fell for a thot and now I wanna get shot

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Hey /adv/
I was depressed and nothing in life was going well from school to family stuff and then I fell in love with this one girl. After I started getting feelings for her life started getting better and I felt happy after the longest time. Love actually gave me meaning to life.

I fell for her since I actually thought I had a chance with her, she actually talked to me gave me her number and all that jazz but just like everything that ive done in my life I made a mistake by falling for her specifically. She hits on every guy and some days she goes from craving your attention to just shutting you out as soon as she finds another guy to play with she recently also started to wear a choker too (which is fukkin hot desu) dont know if that matters or not does it?.

Being in love with her was like being on a roller coaster with very little highs. I want out because I know I cant go on with her since she really doesn't care about me. The worst part is I see her everyday since she has the same classes as me and works at the same place as me and even when shes not there she always in my head and I cant stop thinking about her.

How do I get over someone I see everyday? How do I stop thinking about her?
Wew. Well at least you can be an example for the lesson of not dating where you work.

Anyway as long as she's in your life it's gonna suck. Only other advice I can give is find some other less skanky ho to spend your beta energies on.
>I fell for a thot and now I wanna get shot
This could be the start of a great poem
what next?
I dont wanna get with a another girl right no even if I did I don't think I would stay with her and I would probably end up hurting her

I should've mentioned she wasn't always like this don't know what happened but over the years she changed
clinically depressed and meme obsessed?
Yeah I knew a girl just like that anon. It's tough but at some point you have to realize you liked the girl she used to be, and that girl is basically dead to the world at this point. People change a lot. It sucks. And you can't make someone be something they used to be but arnt any more. And you talking with her or spending time with her now does nothing for her but hurts you a lot.

Bitches can hurt worse than anything else man
shit reading what you wrote actually gave me some comfort knowing im not alone I dunno if that's a bad thing or not either way. thanks for spending the time
Just think of that girl as embodiment of pure ideology and deconstruct her using Hegelian dialectic. And so on.
I fell for a thot and now I wanna get shot,
She's just not the right girl for me
She looks really hot, but faithful, she's not
I just can't break my beta ass free

She will constantly switch between Brad, John and Mitch,
she rides someone new every 2 weeks
Since she makes my heart twitch, I remain as her bitch
while come other guy's grabbing her cheeks

I am hooked on that ho, like a junkie on blow
Her ass look so good when she twerk
I guess this goes to show, what you all ought to know
That you should never shit where you work
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FUCK this is actually good, I died reading it but so did a part of me as well

thanks anon
please dont turn this thread of pain
into your music domain
I fell for a thot now I want to get shot,
I was such a fool for she saw a tool;
I'm no tool I thought yet I felt distraught,
For there was no rule to her dancing duel;
Nothing in her game of men but the blame,
Which I cannot tame for I love this dame.
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anymore advice you guys can give?
Don't lust cause they're cute, or their ass is a beaut,
Do not fall for them just cause they flirt
She acts like a prostitute, then you give her the boot!
You already know how much it'll hurt

As a matter of fact, you should see how they act
Around other folks, male or fem
How do they transact? Do they weekly get blacked?
If they check out, then get to know them

Do you share any trait? What's she love? What's she hate?
Do you have any mutual friends?
Does her mood fluctuate? Does she run or lift weight?
How do both of you spend your weekends?

Try to keep in your mind, that more than her behind
You should focus on checking her style
I know love can be blind, but let me remind
That a relationship should last a while

The two of you should, in early adulthood,
be focused not just on each other,
but on a mutual good, which, in all likelihood,
may still be, for you, undiscovered

Find a hobby you like. Drink fine wine! Ride a bike!
Join a group that is fun to be part of
help build the forth reich, purge every last kike,
and maybe one day you'll find true love
I want to be angry at you nigger jew faggots but this shit is fucking gold
Oh nevermind this is advice sorry anon for pissing on you so quickly I had a shit day
It's really okay, you just had a bad day,
I do understand your frustration
but where there's will there's a way, you'll forget your ex-bae
for tonight, I suggest masturbation
the rhyming scheme with that one kinda was weird on the third line since it it rhymes with itself (way- exbae) which kinda messes up the whole ab ab rhyming scheme and makes it feel more like a abaab
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the rhyming scheme was aabaab the entire time
absolutely beautiful
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 5

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