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Tell me the story of your life.

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Tell me the story of your life.

>I was born in 1992, somewhere in jersey.
>i dont know exactly what town
>we were a military family, dad was navy, so we left there before I was a year old
>we went to cuba and were there for some amount of time, I cannot recall, we left just as i started preschool
>my mother took us to puerto rico, my dad was still gone a lot overseas (which makes me wonder why we were on these foreign fucking islands)
>in puerto rico most of my early memories began to form
>i remember tons of nightmares and weird sleep patterns and trying to understand my father as i met him for what felt like the first time
>as a kid i would create very long elaborate stories for my action figures
>it would take me days or sometimes even weeks to finish my games, telling long over arching stories.
>piles of toys would be organized in the corner of the room, not touched for days, me planning to introduce the characters later in the story

>eventually, right before first grade, we moved stateside
>despite only living with us for two years now, my dad decided he needed to 'find himself' and suspected my mother of cheating
>instead of getting an apartment in town, he decided to take a year off from being a dad and purposely station himself in greece
>he convinced us he had no choice, but we later found out that this was a lie
>at this time i had dropped the action figures and instead played story based games with my friends. we had an ongoing game that lasted more than two years where we were posessed by spirits who gave us powers to fight evil ghosts.

>from there we moved to california, i was in middle school by this time and began to focus more on writing.
>i garnered a reputation as 'the weird kid' because i spent a lot of my time in the very small paranormal section of the library
>psychics, ghosts, aliens, all fascinated me very much.
>this is also when i started exploring my sexuality on the internet.

>from there we moved to guam, where i began highschool
>i shifted my focus from short stories to a novel
>i had 52 chapters planned, one for each week in the year of this character's life.
>my first chapter came out to be 50 pages.
>after some math i realized that this book would turn out to be 2,600 pages and that was much too long
>I realized that what I had on my hands was not a book, but the idea for a TV series.
>i transitioned into writing scripts at that point
>i created a few mini series ideas and wrote a few episodes, but every time I tried to make some one, something went wrong
>as a military child we moved a lot. and in addition to that, even if we stayed one play for a whole year, my friends who i cast in my show would likely move as well.
>at this point i switched over to an animation project
>i ended up going to 5 highschools over the course of 4 years, focusing on my animated show along the way this is where i learned the most about filmmaking

>when i turned 18 i signed up for film school and moved to los angeles, I got a great deal on a spacious two bedroom apartment in hollywood
>i continued to work on my animated series while attending filmschool.
>in 2014 i finally finished my animated series, six episodes that took about 8 years to complete (with two reboots along the way as i improved my craft).
>we were met with a lot of success, and still manage to get over 50 thousand views every single month to this very day
>we used to get 100 thousand but due to copyrighted music some of the videos are blocked.

>after completing htis series i immediately moved into making my own live action web series.
>my first attempts with this were disastorous. i went too big too soon
>by july of 2014 the money i had saved finally ran out and i needed to get a real job
>i applied for every entry level position i could find in an office
>i got hired to be a receptionist for a psychic
>the 'manager' at the office was caught masturbating at my work station several times.
>after an argument he rage quit (literally)
>one week later the psychic promoted me to his manager
>it was my first real job and i was already expected to run an entire business
>thankfully, running a business was a LOT like running a film project. all you had to do is know your goals, and plot out the steps
>over the next two years i managed to get him out of debt (he had lost 50 thousand dollars the year before I took over) and have even made him profitable

>in april of 2016 i suffered an injury to my brain stem
>it took me a month for my brain stem to realign
>despite being technically 'healed' there was/is a lot of residual effects leftover
>i had to re learn how to do a lot of thigns, and especially struggled (and still do to a degree) with writing and film editing.
>my memoryi s also shit as hell, I'll run into people thinking they're total strangers and it turns out we've met or even had sex in the past and I cannot recall
>some weeks i get heavy 'brain fog' where i just walk around in a daze
>as such i havent started up any meaningful projects all year
>moving into 2017 im hopingto do a few short films to re learn the craft, then hop into a new web series
>unfortunately I still require about 10 hours of sleep a night, and half hour to an hour long nap during the day (usually around 3/4pm)
>this week i was only getting about 7 hours per night and yesterday i finally crashed. i had to stay home from work, i ended up sleeping a total of 22 hours from the night of the 27th to the morning of the 29th
>i woke up feeling a bit tired but not 'out of breaht' the way i was before
>i saw this thread on /adv/
>and here i am typing out my story

and thats pretty much it, at least what i can remember.
how did you get that injury to the brain stem and what's the animated series called?
why am i getting a connection error..

>brain injury

id rather not say. you likely would not believe me. i lost a lot of friends over what happened. i cant afford to lose you too anon.

>what was the animated series called?

id tell you but most of the time i talk about it here i just get laughed at because of its content (its very weeb)

you probably use adblock. adblock sees /adv/ and thinks the adv stands for advertisement, so it blocks the scripts that let you post. you have to disable adblock on this board.
I'm born in '97 somewhere in the northern europe.
Born in a family of proletarians. Not poor neither wealthy.
As a child I kept a lot to myself and never really had any friends except from school.
I used to be really fat.
Lost a lot of weight from about 3 years ago, after I started working out regularly. Now i'm around 165 pounds. Around then I started socializing like mad and got "hooked" at one point.
>turned 16. Tried smoking weed for the first time
Then went on to doing party drugs like coke, mdma and more
Around 17-18 I get a taste for more psychedelic substances. Tried lsd, shrooms, salvia, 2cb and other kinds of shitty acid (more times than i can recall). Eventually got bored.
Right now in my life i'm struggling to be the best person I can be. I want to get fucked and do stupid shit because I feel I can't waste anymore moments of my youth. But I also know I'm wasting time and money.
Might just throw in my dad died recently. lifes a bitch yo
>id tell you but most of the time i talk about it here i just get laughed at because of its content (its very weeb)

It's alright anon, if you feel like revealing it's name i'd be interested to look into it.

took 90 sec to write about me sad life.

dont even get a "k" might just hang myself

its called sailor moon solar sailors.

it was a six episode sequel to sailor moon.




seriously though, how is life a bitch? it handed you something in the top 10% of lives and you squandered it. i mean it sucks your dad died but so do all dads (if were lucky)
How exactly did I "squander" it lol?
If anything psychedelic drugs made me a better person. I wouldn't even be posting here if I didn't make those stupid decisions of mine.
Sounds like somebody never had fun?

>took 90 sec to write about me sad like
>psychedlics werent wasted

then you didnt take 90 seconds to write about your sad life then did ya.
You really think I consider my life sad just because I wrote that? Don't believe everything people write online..
I mean honestly bro. That post was so littered with bullshit, how did u not get the sarcasm
did psychedelics help you quit shitty drugs like coke, mdma (and more)?

>dont believe the parts i dont want you to believe

but what if i dont want to belie ve in this post in particular?
I don't ever touch coke or amphetamines. Nor was I ever a regular user of that stuff. Tried it less times than you can count on both hands.
Still smoke weed and do a little bit of LSD once in a while. I do mdma around 3-4 times a year.
Drugs don't facsinate me anymore and I'm slowly turning back to my old hobbies like (as said) working out and I also started gaming a bit more often. Just moved by myself so i can't even afford that shit anymore
So you're saying I lied and i hate my life lol?
Or pls clarify. Btw im a non english speaker, so pls keep a bit short ty

you made your post. then you said 'NO ONE RESPONDED TO MY SAD LIFE'. your post was 99% drugs with a 'OH AND MY DAD DIED' tacked on. so i said 'your life isnt sad, you chose to do the psychedlics, you wasted your life'. then you said 'THE PSYCHEDLICS ARENT SAD' so by that logic, your life wasn't sad.
>>17903093 All I want is an explanation to why you think i wasted my life
if i knew a person who was hooked on meth do you think psychedelics could help this person get over it?
So what exactly is your point?
Can we just agree i wrote something that wasn't true lol

if you want, but you're acting like im stupid or evil for doing what you wanted: responding.
Well meth is a tough one, so I can't be making any promises. Totally varies on the persons willingness to make a change.
Also really depends on why the person went into a drug abuse.. What they need is to make up with their inner demons and learn to live the life they've been given. My experience with drug abusers is that they often (when they become abusers) are struggling to deal with sudden changes in their life.
It's hard to say if, let's say "your friend" will come out of the LSD trip with a different view towards how they should move their life into a better direction, or if it'll just make it even worse. Some people just aren't in a state where they're able to get "to know themselves" better
It worked for some..
This rampant guy above ^^
pls just answer my question and stop writing bs
File: 1478027276957.png (84KB, 436x425px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84KB, 436x425px

>doesn't know how to respond to posts

who are you even talking to?
you lol

still just gonna make up bs posts to avoid what we were on about?
this isn't I would expect from debating with a soon2be 25 year old dude. You post something stupid that you end on regretting and now you're stuck making bs posts like a 14 year old?

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? what do you claim i regret posting?
Telling me I "squandered" my life lol.
Can you just tell me exacty what thought you put into writing that.
From all this nonsense i can tell you've got /b/ open in another tab lol

I literally did respond. and again, you're just being rude.


that was my response to you. if you lied about your life being sad, then fine, but stop getting mad at someone for doing what you asked: responding about your 'sad life'.
Boring life not warranting the hate I have for myself.
How exactly did I get mad?
Because I pointed out you we're writing a lot of crap?
You were the only one driven to the use of caps lock and pepe memes to prove a point
we're were we're were we're were we're were we're were we're were we're were we're were we're were we're were we're were we're were we're were we're were
this guy's just ON POINT
but what would you expect from some brain damaged dude who's biggest joy in life is to produce weeb series.
File: 1447701283870.jpg (55KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 600x450px

>how exactly did i get mad
>because i claimed you were writing a lot of crap


those are two different people anon.
So on your planet explaining your toughts on what someone else says = mad?
Boy i'm happy gravity keeps us apart

no, but being rude about it shows that you're really butt flustered. ive agreed to agree that you were lying about being sad, and yet you still get mad at me for responding to your 'my life is sad' post.

even when i agree with you, you're rude to me for not magically reading your mind in knowing you were lying.

so yes, thank gravity.
im just gonna stop writing u bro. If I wanted to debate with someone THIS stupid, i'd go out on the street and talk to the pidgeons.
I'm not even gonna say your retardation maybe forged you into something more stupid, because from your bio it seems like you were always an idiot. BUT GODDAMN is this guy FAR behind.
Gl with your shitty animations tho.
2k17 maybe the year for moving animations other than small scenes being looped?
im still here if OP needs a bit of druggy wisdom tho

you got mad when no one would respond. then you got mad when i responded for actually believing you. then you continued to insult me even though i agreed to agree that you were just lying about being sad.

and now despite the fact that I run a successful business and a massively successful animated series im retarded, but you are somehow better than me?

GL with your drug addictions tho.
just gonna write one last thing cus this just made me fall out the chair.

>6466 subs
>successful business and a massively successful animated series

Its more than 2 years since one of your videos broke 3000 views
> i run a successful business and a massively successful animated series :V

gl zuckerburger
I'm shit at telling a story so I'll just green text some stories in fun little segments


>Parents divorced when I was young
>Dad threatens to kill himself if I don't live with him
>The kind of guy to buy me shit to convince me he's the better parent
>Whenever I would cry instead of consoling me I would get "why the FUCK are you crying?!"
>Allegedly beat my mom with a flashlight
>Would yell at me a lot, Mom would ask me to tell him something and when I did I got yelled at
>"We don't want to put you in the middle of it" whatever
>Rolled my moms fingers up in car window while I'm in the car
>I was afraid to go home sometimes because I knew I was going to get yelled at for something

Moving forward to now
>We have dogs that bark all the time
>Constantly yells at them sometimes even hitting or choking them
>Still a fucking cunt
>Curses out fast food workers when the get his order wrong
>Never peaceful in this fucking house he always has to be yelling and being a cunt about something

>Would make plans without asking me or Dad and when he found out I got yelled out and got the pleasure of listening to him yelling at my mom on the phones
>Constantly took me to bars and shit, which of course led to more yelling
>House got raided for weed while I was there and ended up being held at gunpoint in my living room for hours
>Always had the pleasure of sitting outside listening to domestic violence when her and her boyfriend fought
>Emotionally abusive
>Always asked shit that had nothing to do with me like asking me to get Dad to stop making her pay child support
>I'm fucking 11 lady I have no say in that shit

>Constantly bullied for being chubby and awkward
>Barely any friends
>Did poorly grades wise since I was so apathetic and depressed
>get to high school and bullying gets worse
>Get pantsed a lot in front of people and shoved and shit like that

naruto is a successful business and a massively successful animated series, not your bullshit kind sir
at least ur not self destructive.
btw I bet i made 5x more money monthly on my paper route 5 years ago than you do on ads every month lol
File: 1478021619046.jpg (74KB, 400x387px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>im gonna ignore you
>no wait no im not

>6466 subs

as opposed to 6466 lines of coke?

>its been more than 2 years since one of your videos broke 3000 views

thats becuase its been more than 2 years isnce we posted an episode. and yet we still get more than 50 thousand views per month. the show was successful.

>i run a successful business

I do though. i took a failing business and made it profitable.


we dont make money from ads, the web show was something i did for fun growing up. its not my business.

im sure you're the best paper delivery boy in the northern hemisphere though, good for you

>By senior year I'm fucking sick of it, no longer talk to most people even though I used to be a talkative and friendly kid.
>Graduate and get the fuck out

>2 years since high school and haven't done shit
>barely any jobs here, I've had 2 short lived ones
>Too much anxiety and not enough energy to get one, honestly just don't give a fuck
>The only family member other than my brother I gave a shit about died last year and I've been even more shut off
>Still a virgin, never had a gf or bf, super lonely maybe 2 or 3 friends who I barely like
>Still listening to my Dad be a cunt to me and the animals
>Parents wonder why I barely talk to them
>Depression getting even worse
>Suicidal thoughts creeping in more and more every day
>Will probably kill myself by the end of next year if I can't get a job and get the fuck out of here
>born with the tism
>first shred of self awareness in middle school
>play vidya instead of focusing on school or making friends and fixing tism
>thought everything was cool
>over a decade later
>everything was definitely not cool
>born late 1990s. Mother married older father because of money.
>lived in Syria
>Father's wealth gets stolen due to corrupt judges. Most of what I remember is family struggling and father spending all his time in courts.
>preschool days were fine, same with kindergarden. Most wealthy people had invested money into my father's company so when shit happened they blamed my father for it.
> Apparently kids at my school were told not to hang out with me. Explains why there was a sudden decline in people liking me.
>Lack of attention means I try and be edgy, which just makes things worse for me.
>Shit happens in syria, Mother/me were british citizens to end up moving.
>Mother's ego too big to work. Father can't come because he isn't british. Parents end up divorcing
>All these years of parents fighting prior left me fucked up massively which made my school life terrible.

Years later:

Still socially inept, but at least im really into tech. Not the best because I waste all my time with escapism using games. Having thoughts of giving this up and coming into terms with things.

Cant move out as mum has remarried some guy i've never met, so I've got to stay here and take care of my sisters. Never really enjoyed life properly except when I'm being forgetful.

Within the current social group I'm usually the but of the jokes. I don't care enough to fight back, but still hurts
>born early 90's
>normal life
>parents get divorced when I'm around 5
>poverty level on both ends
>grow up poor, be the weird kid at school
>get into video games, Diablo was my first online game I think
>start playing sick to skip school to play vidya
>pretty much get kicked out of school 'cause I as 'sick' so often
>never graduate or get GED
>be a loser that lives with his mom until 17
>get my first job, and first real friends
>we move in together
>lifes been an adventure since
>kind of mellowed out once I got a GF
>but she cheated, so I dumped her, and now I just live a quiet mellow lonely life.
>still have friends but I blow them off often for alone time

But, I got a lot going for me for the most part, and I really just need to chin up or something. I've been skipping out on getting a haircut for the past year so I'm shaggy as fuck and probably going to get fired.
Just wanted to mention I havent been rich since I was 3. Been declining and currently lower class. Maybe that's part of what went wrong. I haven't had a proper holiday since I was 7. Shit always happens
>Never really enjoyed life properly except when I'm being forgetful.
>I'm usually the but of the jokes. I don't care enough to fight back, but still hurts

Feelin you there
I think you should at least go for the haircut bro..
That part was part of the previous post
>born north of England
>fairly smart but lazy AF
>very few friends
>take solace in vidya
>mum died of cancer
>Dad always working
>experimented with weed
>not bad just lazy
>finished high school
>spent 3 years drifting from shitty agency job to agency job
>joined army at 19
>fagged out of it 2 weeks before pass out
>dad kicked me out
>stayed at friends for 6 months
>friends dad kicked me out
>rejoined army
>developed rudimentary social skills
>lost virginity to a prostitute in Hull
>ended up borderline alchy with hooker addiction
>posted to essex
>the girls were like hookers you didnt have to pay for
>ended up getting in shape
>met future wife
>got out of shape
>went to afghan
>never killed anyone
>came close twice
>afghan old man and an american soldier
>invalided out a few yyears later
>drifted from job to job
>started playing the piano at 4
>started playing vidya at 6
>started loving math and physics
>lost my lifetime opportunity to be happy last year
>I'm studying physics
In the future I'll join the army.

what was that lifetime opportunity to be happy?
Too embarrassed to say. Pain is still recent.
Anon you are anon here. And if you feel that bad about it I doubt we can make it worse
>Born in 94
>Lived forever in Johnson County Kansas (suburbs)
>No friends ever
>Got brought over to other kids houses now and then. Pissed them off by being unfriendly, didn't go back
>Give basically all free time to the computer. Over 3K hours on Total War games
>Parents get me anxiety medication and adhd meds
>Stop taking adhd meds at some point
>Stop taking anxiety meds the day I turned 18 without telling anyone
>Oh jesus christ I suddenly have thoughts about killing myself
>It's just incessant thoughts, but I don't want to do it because fuck you go away thoughts I just want an education for a job and a place to live on my lonesome
>Parents ask if I think I'd be okay if I went to college
>Hell no
>Go to community college for two years
>Make one friend: A seventy year old professor who loves Antiquity
>Go to uni,hate living inna dorm, cannot understand what to say to people, especially just a year or two younger than me
>Work all of summer '16
>Move into apartment for last two semester
>Still only the proff as a friend
>Finally feel relaxed living with no one else

It may be selfish, but I hate living with other people. I have negative thoughts about everyone and consider those to be defining for everyone.
Lost someone very important to me because I'm a cuck.
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>Be born in 1990+2
>Have a great childhood
>Parents divorce early on bad terms
>Do well enough in school and university
>Have good friends to talk to
>Don't have financial problems
>Be an empty shell hoping to die in my sleep

Where did everything go so wrong.

I would but it's a lot of boring/slightly sad bullshit I'm indifferent over now. How about I just say things are better for me but everyone around me is just a bad person trying to justify it to themselves? It's strengthening my resolve not to indulge in my own vices, which is good.
Thread posts: 67
Thread images: 5

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