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How do I ask for Adderall as an adult who just figured out that

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How do I ask for Adderall as an adult who just figured out that he has ADHD? I'm 28. I finally fucking realized it. I have many other mental health issues and I've been on SSRIs before, but I quit taking them because I moved across the country and the side effects were out of control.

I'm terrified they will think I am a drug addict. I have shit health insurance, and there is only one clinic in my area I can go to. I'm afraid if they turn me down I won't be able to get any, and I'll be humiliated. I already have anxiety that causes me to avoid doctors' offices because of extremely negative experiences there.

A few weeks ago I took 20 mg, a normal therapeutic dose, of adderall for six days and it made me feel normal for the first time in my adult life. But it was leftovers from a roommate who changed her dose; it wasn't prescribed. I just took it because I'd always suspected I had focus problems. It wasn't just that it made me able to focus, it also made me able to leave the house more easily, buy groceries, look at my bank account, and get things done without literally hours of procrastination.

I think my life would probably change if I took it regularly. It wasn't like SSRIs at all. It really helped me. I didn't even realize how bad my focus problems are because I've never been normal before.

Should I tell the psychiatrist I took it? Would I get arrested? Would they think I was a junkie? I don't normally experiment with drugs. If I don't, how do I convince them to give it to me? Should I just ask without saying I have previous experience with it?

How do I ask for a drug I legitimately need?
Idk but I have the same question. I made an appointment with my doctor for "concentration issues" meaning to ask for addys, the cunt never called me in
Seeing as how youve already taken ssris I doubt they'll think you're just some junkie
idk how it would work for you as an adult but my 17 year old sister who has really good insurance. went to her neurologist took a test and failed it (on purpose) and now she gets 30 days worth of vyvanse every month

Just tell them how you're fucking up at work(doesn't need to be an official job say you freelance)
Because you have to show up for your appointment, they arent going to remind you like your mummy ya NEET.

>dont mention you used your roommates
>make an appointment with your clinic
>use general reason as concentration issues
>explain the issue you have and mention you used 'home remidies' and methods already to try to see if itll work but didnt, ask if anything can be done about it (dont mention drugs at all)
Well I tried to make an appointment, the receptionist said they were booked solid and would contact me later and they never did
keep calling them
Pretty much this. You start by getting a real diagnosis, and that means you do what you have to to get an appointment.
Dont go to the dr go to a psychiatrist. Dont tell them drug history or anything justbsaynyou drank and smoked weed in college if you feel its relavent. Trll the, you originally spoke toma therapist at church and they recommend you go see a psychiatrist.
> after __ brought it up to me i looked into it and i was surprised out well it described my issues
>cant focus on presentations at work/__
>have to re read things a few times just to understand what i just read
>not interested in things i am not interested in
> but things im interested in I procrastinate alot
>missjudge how long it takes to do a good job at something
>poor handwriting
Stuff like that

If you go a med dr it will be on your record and theyntreat you like assholes

I did this and psike dr was like oh shit yeah adult add here is a script tomtest out and come back next week to get fill script withnproper dosage

>shrivels a bit and more focus needed to get it up
>NOT a cure all dont treat it like your superman pill even if it makes you feel that way
> long term use COULD fuck yourshit up a bit but not extremely unless you are dumb and dont take care of yourself
>DONT skip meals, people get headaches and shit bc of swining blood sugar and they thinks it s the medicine butnreally they are nit eating then eating all at once and then taking medicine so they get sppooked
>if you are dead tired taking the pill will only help so much if you are running on empty you cant magic up brain juice by taking the pill you will still be tired and not as capable butnyou will be more alert at the same time so you will be aware your a almost zombie
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I just got diagnosed a few months ago at 21.
Your story sounds a lot like mine, SSRIs not working, adderall making me normal. I was also told I have social anxiety by therapists and I just always accepted that even though it didn't seem right, since i'm not anxious in social settings, well I am but I am anxious about the TV static covering my thoughts when I'm talking to someone, not about what they are thinking. Railed a friends focalin and was amazed by what it did to me, I was calm, while my friends were tweaking. Ended up buying half of his shit for months.

ANYWAY first things first:
These are huge red flags to doctors as stimulants are one of the most sought after and abused drugs.
You own get arrested but you might not get your own script. I told my psych I tried LSD once but she didn't seem concerned about that, but I can't speak for every psych.
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What I did was I went to my GP and explained that I thought I might have ADHD, I took some class on abnormal psychology and he had a unit on ADHD and it turned out to be be something entirely different than what I thought it was. What it actually was seemed to line up exactly with me. He referred me to an ADHD specialist, he was a social worker, not a psychiatrist.

The first meeting with the ADHD specialist was a general get to know me, ask some questions about my background and why I thought I had ADHD. He wasn't sure if it was my depression and anxiety causing the ADHD symptoms or vis versa as they both go pretty far back(been depressed since 9) so he had me fill out this huge packet on rating certain things 1-5, like symptoms, behaviors, and tendancies, from recently and when I was a chid. He also gave me smaller packets for the same things for my parents and a friend to fill out, and wanted old report cards if possible. After looking at the reports and packets, especially the one my dad filled out(I'm 100% sure my mom is also ADHD, we are very similar in our behaviors. She thought I was a completely "normal" child and was justifying everything in the packet rather than just rating them) he was very convinced that it was ADHD since those problems went much farther back. He then referred me to a psych for medication.

I literally walked in and out with adderall in 10 minutes. The whole process took about 3 months between all the appointments though.
Hey not OP here, i posted >>17567215
Been about 10 months since been on 30mg prescribed daily but i skipped thursday-sunday, now im starting to not want to anymore. And from anecdotes of others they say they become more dependent on it as medication for help throught their day to day.

Do you have any advice anecdotes of your own about things to be aware of in terms of long term us? Or any reports of change in health condidtions or anything ofnthe sort?

From the things i hear from people i cant tell if they are being irresponsible with the script or they dont take care of themselves or any combination of confounding factors that isnt strict,y the adderral
Or if long term use actually does have a negative effect but still worth it and possible to mitigate against a bit
Don't. Aderrall is fucking terrible. The second you aren't on it anymore, you feel like total and absolute shit.

Get yourself some modafinil, see if you're a positive responder.
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I take 20 twice a day, sometimes only once since I forget sometimes. I used to take weekends off as well but I eventually just became tired and irritated when I don't take it since I have some sleep issues as well. I also just like to be productive in general now that I finally can be.

I don't really get any side effects but Eating is the one thing I would say be aware of. I forget to eat all the time, so when it wears off I feel like an african child. The stomach pangs are so bad its almost preferable to just stay hungry as eating just makes me feel sick. Turns into a miserable ordeal of choking down peanut butter sandwiches before bed and wishing I could live off of soylent. Forgetting to eat regularly would definitely lead to weight loss.

Something I know a lot of people do is take it to stay up for a few days in a row. Or take a bunch to be laser focused(this dries you the fuck out). Do not do this, this is bad for you, its how you end up like pic related.

Other than that I haven't noticed anything getting worse in my life.

>fucking terrible
What an overstatement. Most medications have withdrawal. Adderall is a fucking miracle to tons of people myself included, to just say its blanket terrible is silly.

IIRC modafinil only helps you stay alert, not focused.
OP here. Thank you. Glad I checked the thread after I woke up.
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Thread images: 4

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