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melancholy stories thread

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share, comment, advise
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oh fugg finally a thread for me

>tfw porn no longer excites you
>be me
>have a girl you like
>known her all your life
>just recently started to develop feelings for her
>a few months ago
>found out what college she was going to attend
>was a shitty community college (she didn't do well in school/poor family)
>had already been accepted into dream school
>my school in different state
>still hadn't told her my feelings
>get really worried she might get boyfriend while we're apart
>decide fuck it
>I only get one first love
>apply to shitty community college
>get in easy ( naturally)
>a few months later
>almost time for school to start
>hear that girl I like is in mental hospital
>not sure for how long


>be me
>lost girl I like
>lost dream school
>stuck in shitty college I hate
>constantly reminded of mistakes
>broken man.avi
>Girlfriend blurts out best friends name during sex
>Huge argument happens and we say some stuff
>I break it off and tell her to fuck off
>Tells me she was faking it the entire time, my friend has a bigger dick and that my friends talk shit behind my back

>Also my little sister is starting to dress more promiscuous
>Be me coming back from uni
>See kid sister in the bus terminal at the far side
>Hide so she doesn't see me
>Dating some hipster looking fag who is rubbing his hand on her ass and kissing her
>Go up to her and tell her to come with me right now
>Tells me to fuck off and stop being a pest in the terminal
>People look and I am embarrassed
>Walk home in the rain because too embarrassed to stay there

>Found out I failed my lab

>be me
>go through school
>never make any friends
>never try very hard
>sub par grades
>last year
>move to other side of the country
>go to new school for last year
>this sucks.jpg
>meet people who share interest for first time in life
>year ends
>realize it's last year
>friend goes to school far away
>I'm suck at home with parents
>hate parents
>want to leave
>don't have anywhere to go
>grandparents who lived near where friend goes to school are dead
>hate life
>hate self
>hate parents
>get pissed
>punch wall
>break hand
>parents "concerned"
>want to put me on meds
>explain anger at life
>they tell me I can't appreciate all they've done for me
>get angry
>leave house
Your life sucks, but youre a massive fag for trying to tell your sister she can't date??

Also failing your lab is on you. You're a cuck

Why didn't you grab your sister's cunt?
Dude, if the first thing you think when you hear the girl you supposedly love is in the mental hospital is 'not sure how long' as if it's a hotel, and not be worried about her mental health and wellbeing, then you don't love her, you're just infatuated.

People who 'love' like you are a dime a dozen.
>Girlfriend blurts out best friends name during sex
As someone whose ex loved their best friend, I feel you hard on that.

They have recently had a serious fight. mfw they'll just get back together and this would only strenghten them.
>be in a group
>realize that you're not just into social gatherings and coming up with the next #squadgoals
>have more fun when alone
>be me
>have attractive friend
>she recently broke up with her boyfriend
>they kept going on and off in this weird relationship that was worse for her than him
>also recently got over someone who treated me bad
>decide fuck it, ask her out
>she says we should get used to each other more first
>she was one of those scene-ish chicks, I wasn't
>pretty awkward to be around the place they hung out at
>didn't want to be seen there but it's for her
>annoying gay friend is the most abominable person to be around
>for gay rights and whatever but Jesus Harold Christ
>getting pretty comfortable with each other
>about to ask her if we should make it legit
>she texts me that day saying it won't work out
>get pretty upset
>next day, texts me again saying that she changed her mind
>everyone deserves second chances
>have another nice time with her
>she says it won't work out again
>decide it's not worth my time anymore
>skip to Christmastime of that year
>she texts me out of nowhere
>pull it out of her that she didn't go out with me only because it'd make her super annoying friend jealous
>mfw homosexuals are the reason I still never had a girlfriend yet

Continue with more or no?
I feel for you my man, good luck
do it
>get over the sceney chick
>was only a sophomore at the time
>somehow manage to TA for my English teacher freshman year
>really cute chick in there, met lots of criteria for people I would go out with
>she's on the cross country team
>I'm already on the cross country team
>she also goes to my church for the little youth group things on Wednesday nights
>manage to finally get her number after one of those times
>talk up a storm with her, become friends
>she has no other social media, I think of it as innocence
>(stupidly) ask her about how I should go about asking someone a year younger than me out
>she answers in legitimate responses
>think she must understand I like her
>about to go for it
>my friend lets her know it's supposed to be her
>she says she's really sorry but she's not looking for a relationship
>she actually knew how to put a guy down

Gonna throw in part two in a sec, I'm not used to what the text limit is for a post.
>become basically best friends with this chick, lets call her Anna cause that's her name and nobody she knows would be here
>have lunch together all the time
>talks about how she doesn't have many friends yet, I talk about stuff going on with me
>goes on from like January to the end of my sophomore year
>basically one of my best friends now, but still have feelings for her
>she leaves for Europe
>(tangent) in the meantime I decide to figure out where Ness from Smash Bros. is from, play MOTHER 1
>naming people
>one person's default name is already Ana
>have nice time with that game, and then play the next two and she comes back
>school starts again shortly after
>first month of school is just like it was before
>couldn't be happier
>suddenly she makes a bunch of friends
>don't really fit in with them much
>start to see her acting like them more and more, don't like it especially since I thought her friends were pretty annoying back then
>still eat lunch with her and talk and stuff, hug every day, but I can feel myself being replaced by her new friends

Sorry if I'm underusing the text limit but whatever, part 3 incoming
>birthday happens early in the year
>get my friend to help me get her a nice necklace that matched her eyes and some earrings
>she loved them
>January of my junior year rolls around
>someone in my art class says I should try asking Anna out again since she sees me with her all the time
>think it could work this time, no other guys are trying to go out with her at this point
>ask her to see the school's winter play
>she says yes
>get really excited, dress up better than usual and everything
>her parents sit right behind us the entire time and her sister sat next to me
>I have been duped by her overprotective parents
>all my friends are expecting us to go out
>decide to ask her out before Valentine's Day so I can do something special with her
>pull her over at lunch
>innocent as she is, she expects nothing unusual
>start to ask her out
>already know the answer deep down before I can even finish talking about what I was trying to say
>start crying like an idiot
>she comforts me and tells me it's alright, but she still isn't looking for a relationship
>feel absolutely horrible
>two days later she texts me at night saying she thinks we should take a break from being friends for a while
>too destroyed to go to school the next day (Friday)
>become increasingly more and more depressed
>no idea how I'm supposed to do anything anymore
>everything in my day reminds me of her
>start to be unable to do schoolwork correctly
>have to drop an AP class since I can't handle it anymore
>whenever I saw her from a distance she seemed fine
>Valentine's Day comes along
>all I see is everything to make me feel more lonely
>barely anyone knows how depressed I am
>getting really extreme
>know cutting myself would only hurt and make nothing better
>biking to school one morning like usual
>break down and start crying on the way
>that's it, I need to talk to her about this
>after a week finally arrange a time to talk about things
>start talking about how my life has been constantly going downhill for me
>she listens for a bit but then while I'm talking she goes with her friend to grab some food
>in utter shock of what just happened
>depression turns into anger
>junior year ends
>senior year starts
>still angry, but wave and smile whenever we see each other and pass by
>become unnaturally frustrated with her even though we hardly talk
>parents decide it's time we go to church again
>message is about forgiveness this week
>felt like it was meant exactly for me
>try to forgive her
>talk to her again for a little bit at a cross country meet
>went a bit shaky but okay
>manage to talk to her in little bits until conversation became normal again
>eventually everything turned out fine

I think one last bit should cover it
>my friend on the xc team decides he's gonna try to go out with her
>team is already spreading rumor she likes him
>part of me is angry at her or myself, and part of me doesn't believe it
>watch as he takes her to dances and prom
>everyone ships them together, I eventually believe firmly that she will never go out with him like she never did with me
>they're hanging out a lot
>people just tell me I'm salty and don't know what I'm talking about
>I ask her about him (which was possible since we finally got back to normal) and she said she didn't really see him much like that
>surprised and relieved but at the same time I see what my friend is doing
>literally the exact same stuff that I did but with slightly different details
>predict they'll never go out
>she invites him and some of their same-grade friends to her house
>they watch a movie at night
>her parents sit right behind the couch they're both on the entire time
>yet still nobody believes me
>feel bad for my friend since he's going to be destroyed later this year, assuming they don't go out
>can't do anything but watch what I did in third person, since he won't listen to me
>he doesn't think I know her that well despite paying attention to every detail about her for over a year and a half
>leave for college
>going to have to hear about this not working out from out of state
>have to witness the exact same events transpire twice, except this time I'm not as emotionally invested
>kinda sucks for me but worse for him, at least for me I'm trying to go out with a really cute German now
I left out details that'd make the story too long and stuff I didn't think mattered, but hopefully it's at least interesting to someone. I like telling it to people. Anyone want to tell me what they think of what happened?
How do you get over something like that? Or are your over it?
After she and I started to talk with each other again I think I started to get better. Just I get reasonably a bit jealous of whenever my friend does stuff with her, but not a whole lot since I can see where it's going. I think part of what helped is the summer where I started getting angry with her was where I met this fantastic girl in Germany from this exchange program thing through the school, so she helped me get over Anna. The German chick and I still talk and she was flirting with me a ton during the exchange so I think I might actually be going somewhere, even after all this time, because we still talk all cutesy to each other and stuff.

So for anyone who looks around here I guess the moral of the story is that it will get better eventually.
Goddamn man, that seemed like a pretty fucked situation. I mean how the hell does that happen twice?

>after a week finally arrange a time to talk about things
>start talking about how my life has been constantly going downhill for me
>she listens for a bit but then while I'm talking she goes with her friend to grab some food
>in utter shock of what just happened
>depression turns into anger

As for this part: What? So you're telling me that she just walked off with her friend when you were in the middle of having a converstion with her? That honestly seems pretty insensitive of her, I mean I know that she probably didn't mean to lead you on or anything but still, why would she care so little about how you felt during the whole ordeal to just walk off like that?
Those were two of the times I've tried seriously to get a girlfriend out of five (not including the German girl), the other three may not be as thread-material but I dunno.
Yeah for that part I don't know man, like she was listening and I could tell it was hard for her to but I thought that she would at least try to be there in what was the worst time of my life. But yeah, her friend walked up and asked her if she wanted to grab some food so she left me sitting there, with her other friends watching me sob like a mess, until I got up and left.

On my way out of there after I cleaned up in the bathroom some complete stranger asked me if I was her boyfriend, so all I could say was a really deep-voiced no.
Damn, really sorry to here that anon. Can't imagine how bad that must've felt. Honestly it seems kinda fucked up that she would just leave you there crying your eyes out as soon as a friend of her's offers to go out and do something else.

Even so, it's good to hear that you seem to have moved on by now though. I wish you luck in pursuing a relationship with German girl of yours.
Thanks man. Good luck with your future relationship stuff too.
Thanks for the read and sorry for the feels man. It should make you feel better, when I tell you that 90% of guys went through same thing like you and me, some even much worse.

Word of advice: dont get invested so much into relationships. I get the idea that you are still very young, naturally you are more likely to get oneitis easily. Enjoy the girls, but with less emotions
Yeah as you guessed I'm pretty young and therefore kind of new to actually using 4chan, and moved to /adv/ since /vp/ and /v/ started to piss me off to no end. I think the oneitis isn't as strong as it is this time with the German girl since she's thousands of miles away, but I mean hopefully stuff will still work out.
When I was stressed out and couldn't perform qute well:

>Ugghh, just cum and let's get this over with

I've had some succesful times, but that phrase just punched me in the gut.
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My parents helped me to move and live alone immediately as soon as I turned 18. They are worried of me since I have no friends and barely contact with anybody rather than my friendo through the Internet.

Father calls me almost everyday and asks how I'm doing. I still think I am a major disappointment for him, and at the same time, I guess, he has nobody but me. This shit drives me insane at night. Unbearable sadness.
Why did they make you move so soon?
Had an opportunity to study in bigger town so I took it immediately. I learned how to cook everything, iron the clothes, etc, almost everything that living adult do at 16, they wanted me to become completely self-dependent. Also renting a room and living alone seems both solitary and enjoyable. I am 2000 km away from them.
People just talk to me out of pity
Years of neglecting my mental health are catching up to me
>anorexic and bulimic in last two years of high school
>poor grades in those years prevent me from getting accepted to state university
>flounder in community college, get shot grades and drop out after a semester
>be depressed, manlet, balding, and increasingly impotent
>part time job at a restaurant is harder than it needs to be
>no longer socialable
>avoid all problems
>want to die but know I am too much of a pussy to do it
wish I were never born
Sucks because life can be pretty good if you're good at it
>Be me
>Be poster child for beta male
>Small hands,
>Small feet,
>Small dick,
>Chubby face no matter how fit I get,
>Can't grow a beard,
>Generally ugly,
>Severe anxiety means I have no confidence and can't even talk to a man without stuttering like a nervous retard
I have pretty much accepted and embrace I will die a lonely virgin but it still sucks, especially when I see a really cute girl that makes my heart skip a beat and feel really lonely.
Nature gave me such a big fuck you because my dad, my brothers and my uncles are all such manly alpha males.
Man I have met a few Annas, it is a sad yet weird moment when you are watching some other dude slowly get sucked in by Anna and being unable to save him.
Some girls just do not want a relationship which is fine but they unintentionally seem to always suck them in and lead them on.
I would probably put more blame on the guys who over think little shit.
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>tfw good at life

Always max out Luck, Charisma, and Intelligence
This is why i come on this shit board, no matter how shit life is right now, someone always got it worse, thanks anon.
>have been together with gf for four years
>realize we don't fit together but still love her dearly
>feel she's getting colder
>read through her phone
>see that she's interested in some guy, they only chatted once at that point but from texts she wrote her best friend I gathered that she's kinda into him, and that he's interested
>ask her what the fuck this is supposed to be
>"you're such a jealous boyfriend, you're just jealous because I don't know him that long, you don't want me to have any male friends blahblah"
>tell her I've read through her whole phone and say that if she thinks this is normal I want "friends" like that too
>she starts crying, I think she got the message
>following 3 weeks she's on her phone 24/7
>read though it again after she fell asleep, she and him are texting nonstop
>saw that she went to the shop he works at just to talk the whole evening, bought tickets for a concert just for the two of them
>tells her best friend again that he's interested in her
>the next evening I confront her again, but this time just texting
>tell her this isn't normal, she's breaking my heart and that I thought she wasn't okay with the idea of me doing the same as her
>she replies with the same "you're so jealous it's unbearable, it's just because I don't know him that long, you don't want me to have any male friends blahblah" shit
>I say "I can't go on with you like this"
>She responds "are you breaking up with me via text"
>"No we're going to see each other tomorrow"
>I want to force her to think. If I just break up she had it too easy, staying like this isn't an option, so I'll just ignore her for the weekend and if she didn't change her mind break up on monday
>next day she texts me as if nothing happened what we should buay for the bbq in the evening
>I respond that I'm doing somethingelse
>she texts me good night after the barberque, sends me a big kiss
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Break it up, she already made up her mind to hang out with that other guy. Maybe she is already fucking him for all you know.
>I don't answer
>around midnight she calls me "the concert is over, I'm still in the city, should I come to your place?"
>respond "No, you shouldn't come to my place" and hang up
>Sunday she texts me "did you sleep at home"
>"I didn't"
>"where did you sleep then"
>at (this guy's) place"
>"Drive to her, ask her if she slept with him
>"It just felt right, our relationship wasn't working anyway, you broke up with me on the phone"
>I could've strangled her on the spot
>broke up, went home cried a lot for a week
>exactly in the night she cheated on me, one week later I met the other guy in the train
>swallowed the urge to murder him, introduced myself to him, explained what my gf did while shaking like a retard
>comes out this guy didn't have a clue she had a boyfriend
>said she acted like a girl that had been single for a year
>he's shocked too
>after we talked we start walking home
>comes out she had to pass the house I live in to get to his place
>he rejected her after that
>they are still in contact, she wants to be his gf
>talked to her and she said stuff that sounded like it was my fault too for what happened between her and the other guy
>told her she's retarded, then sincerely thanked her for the 4 years we shared
>she thanks me too for the times we had, we start talking about some good memories we share
>she then proceeds to say that she's so sorry for what happened and that it was for the biggest part her fault

This was the last talk we had and I don't intend on ever having contact with her again. But nothing makes sense. I could've swore that she wasn't the person to do this kind if shir. Can't make any sense of her
Women are garbage, and know nothing of loyalty.

>waste five years with a girl I thought I would marry
>forced me to spend a certain amount on an engagement ring
>eight months later I nearly die in a car accident
>develop opiate addiction
>she ends it right before I enter rehab

She blamed me for every problem she has ever had, in the end; I should have listened to her father.

I wish I had not put her through college, told her which law firm to use, or any of the other numerous sacrifices I had made.

Never again. Women are a 'Use once and dispose of' item to me, now.
For these four years she's been very loyal. She was shy, didn't show interest in any other men, was shocked when she heard stories about cheating and betrayal. And then this shit. No empathy, no respect, no loyality, an absolute unworthy ending, and doesn't see that she acted like a whore
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>Be 5, 6
>first thougts are on the joyful topics of timechanges, aging and death of all good and everyone around me including myself
>nights are no better; 2-3 nightmarese each night
>results in insomnia that lasts till toda
>despise aging and death ever since those thoughts
>I never really learned to talk or to study
>I pitied everyona and everything. all animals, human, broken rulers, couches, my backpack. my brothers would sometimes start personifying material objects and then bream them just to fuck me up
>All knowledge I obtained was literally from the Donald Duck
>I was small for my age, blond hair, I skipped a class and am born in summer so I was always the small and young guy, accepted because of dry humour and some weird sense around me of being honest
>game my way through highschool, always staying a child
>it gave me a distraction from my usual thoughts, strategy games hijacked them
>mom got breastcancer (fortunately survived) and i can't remember giving a fuck, really. rather enjoyed the decreased supervision on my gaming behaviour
>cold turkey quit gaming
>pick up drugs
>being on drugs was good, whenever i was clear, melancholy on aging started
>different city
>fuk noone to smoke weed with
>start adulting
>start feeling responsible for everything
>'20 now, this is my last chance on becoming an adult and achieve dreams of living a good life, not letting this life slip by unconciously and impaired'
>start working for 10 hours a day in science, engineering and career path. feelsgoodtoexperience.jpg
>friend that i shared my first 10 years with commits suicide
>grandparents getting age disabilities
>parents suffer under their parents conditions, start becoming old themselves
>one brother severally depressed
>other brother has children, start realising the circle of life deeply

I never wanted to grow up.. All i feared is happening. I only wanted to be with my relatives and live life on a slow pace til infinity.
i only wanted to be, not act
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