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How the hell do I find a girl that is interesting?

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I've met girls and befriended them. I've texted them hoping it'll be fun but it always seems to get boring within a few days to a week.

There was an ex of mine who was interesting only because I just heard a bunch of normie gossip from her. We weren't anything alike and i changed around her so i wouldn't have to feel lonely anymore. Couldnt take faking anymore so that ended.

I'm not even lonely from being rejected, I just can't seem to get interested in a girl on any level above "she is hot enough to fuck"

A lot of the times I'll daydream fantasies about certain scenarios with girls. Not even sexual, just talking about what I find interesting.

What do? How do I find someone who won't be a chore to keep a conversation with?
Well what do you find interesting?
My interests seem to change often but as far as I've noticed I like to talk about bigger picture things in people's lives. I'd prefer to talk about the heavy stuff than Sally's baseball tryouts going well.

I like simple philosophy topics along with psychology

Most hobbies tend to switch frequently. I play video games and watch shows but only when I've nothing else to do. And browse the internet i guess if you wanna count that.

But I really feel what divides me is my sense of humor. Others would describe as odd or just in bad taste. I also like to talk about topics other would consider taboo. I don't give much thought to norms and such.
>But I really feel what divides me is my sense of humor. Others would describe as odd or just in bad taste. I also like to talk about topics other would consider taboo. I don't give much thought to norms and such.
Why didn't you just say you were autistic?
Honestly, as a girl, you yourself sound very boring. Just get a real hobby, maybe you could get serious philosophy?
Maybe that'd work. Still doesn't help me to find others who'd interest me though. Not sure what places to reach out to. Or does that just come with taking a hobby seriously?
Forgot to mention that part, thanks for reminding me
Yeah, there's your problem. Try leaving the fedora at home, take the huge sense of moral superiority out of your language, stop being an edge Lord.

You're a bit boring. You have delusions of grandeur. You feel comfortable around people you see as beneath you. You have a little knowledge on a subject and use it to impress yourself around others. You would shit bricks if you met someone who had a degree in philosophy. You would run away because they would expose your ignorance.

Seriously, be yourself. Calm down. It's okay to be normal. If you want to be something more go out and do it. Get qualified/educated in that field then you'll be mixing with like minded people.
some girls i find open up when they find you interesting. hey how are you only goes so far, get some hobbies, workout, stop eating garbage.
I honestly didnt mean to give that impression. I like discussing that sort of stuff to learn from other people. Even this is a learning experience. And if anything I see my friends as equals, if not better.

I don't try to impress myself with my own knowledge, no not at all. And honestly to be able to meet a philosophy major would be pretty neat.

I am kinda wondering though what you mean by "moral superiority" and what about it makes me edgy
Saying "normie gossip" betrays you. You give an air of being above such trivial things. This is a classic case of edge lordism.

If you'd really like to meet a philosophy major do you think you're going to meet them hanging out at the mall or kwik e mart? No, you don't want to put the work in to be like them and you know you have very little common ground with them. But somehow you know you're superior to those "normies". Classic narcissism my friend.

Get over yourself.
I dated a philosophy PhD student when I was in grad school. Biggest pretentious time waster I ever met. Was neither interesting nor intelligent. I'd recommend you avoid this.
As a girl I can detect your fedora from just a few sentences. You seem like one of those faux-intellectual elitists. It sounds like "normal" girls bore you because they're not talking about the "deep, philosophical" stuff that you seem to know about or whatever. Idk how you can get over that, I suggest being more humble and less elitist.

You dont

99% of girls are vapid whores that dont know shit all about having interesting hobbies

>girl: lol im such a GAMER GIRL!
>oh really? have you played Subnautica? Oblivion? Deux ex?
>girl: um...what are those, theres only three video games- Halo, Zelda and Mario

>girl: i like to cook!
>oh really? have you tried your hand at making Gnocchi? how about making a neopoltan Pizza? or baking a variety of rustic breads- Sour Dough, Rye, etc
>girl: um...i just make Mac and cheese, one time ti tried to make cookies and i burnt the house down

>"talking about music"
>girl: guys i LOVE music!
>what type?
>girl: everything!
>no like what bands?
>girl:um...brittney spears....uh....Beyonce....uh

the reason they are boring is cause they half heart everything they do. They dont WANT to do anything interesting; its just an attempt to get near some cock in a hobby
Tell us about the girls who hurt you anon.
Look around you and realize how many guys there are who don't care about anything in life beyond playing some games, drinking some beer and getting laid from time to time.

Most people do not have interesting hobbies that would look good to an objective viewer, just things they use to relax themselves. That is not remotely limited to women.
Tell us more about how interesting and how much better than everyone else you are. You certainly are convincing us
yeah, like this person said.

no one likes mountains, anon. be a knoll. everyone likes knolls. people have picnics on knolls. let them sit and eat on your face, anon.

and that inner screaming chasm that grows louder with every pointless conversation you have? that's your fault. your fault for existing. that's what you get for being you. you should like those conversations. they should satisfy you completely. tepid tap water should satisfy you completely. yum yum! YUM YUM.
ye there are some guys who do the same, but if you compare the number of guys that do it to the number of girls the ratio is staggering

ive met ONE GIRL that actually gave more than half a fuck about her hobby- (Sewing), she went around the country sewing, learning new techniques. Atleast it was SOMETHING

The key is if they can hold a conversation about it for more than a few sentences. Most girls cant- like my music/cooking example. i took a trip to my families native country- Ukraine and the girls there get very happy to talk about their cooking skills and what not if asked.

Here in America if you can heat a grill and boil a pot of water you are above average for a woman
I don't really agree with the rhetoric, but I think that there's some truth to it.
Guys are more likely get very into something and obsess over it, in my experience. I've noticed it with ALL my boyfriends and most of my friends, while it never happened with a female friend. Even if the guys shared hobbies and interests, but they were 10x more interested in me in a specific topic.
I am not American but I have had at least 80% female friends throughout my life and have never even befriended a girl who could tell me as little about her primary hobby as what you quoted as hypothetical conversations. That it happens that someone makes a fleeting interest sound like more thorough than it is, sure. But that's a far cry from not having more serious hobbies.

I am actually inclined to say that part of it is probably that it is easier to weed out the interesting people when it concerns your own sex, or that the negatives make a bigger impression there. Most girls I've met were far more interesting (in the sense of self reflection, number of topics they can converse in depth about and what they invest time in) than the guys I've met. And this is also mainland Europe but I find it hard to believe that somehow in an overseas place people no longer have an inner life and drive.
I only say it like that because honestly the rest of my friends have no interest in gossip and such.

I have no clue where people are getting this assumption that I feel superior to others. Is it due to a stereotype of liking philosophy that I dont know about.

Do you guys think "oh he thinks he is so smart because he thinks he can talk philosophy" or something? Because its not like that. I find it interesting as you might find Football interesting.

I know my limited intelligence is limit. Nowhere in here have I said I feel above something or that I am smart of superior or whatever other narcissistic signs you are pulling out of your ass
Maybe if you're boring and oathetic and hang around other boring and pathetic people.

I'm involved in the local music/arts scene and I know for a fact that there are women there that put more effort into their art than you have into anything in your entire life.
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