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So my ex asked for a divorce, then while I was at work he changed

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So my ex asked for a divorce, then while I was at work he changed the lock on my own bedroom. He told me he was kicking me out when I got home, and I pushed my shoulder through the door so I could get my stuff for work and be on my way, a few weeks later the rental company gave me a notice saying I was removed from the lease for property damage.

Can I fight this? I don't believe they have the right to just remove me. My ex told them I violently assaulted the door or something. They can evict a tenant for serious property damage but this seems like a different case. Here's a pic of it.
Bump bait
It's important to know that the day after I "broke" the door, he and his guests at the house began threatening to physically hurt me if I ever came back.

Then when I returned just to feed my pets and change my clothes, he trapped me in the bedroom and verbally and physically assaulted me and wouldn't let me leave, he'd pick me up and carry me back to the bedroom to fight with me. He had his new girlfriend videotape him fighting me and then edited out the parts where he is attacking me. They showed the leftover videos to the police and I was arrested, then he got a restraining order against me while I was in jail. I'm still waiting for my court date to tell the judge my side of the story.

I believe I will win in court and will be able to return to my house, but will the rental company actually have the right to refuse to let me return to my home?
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This is what the rental company sent me. Seems extremely informal. And they are listing "divorce" and "domestic residence" as a reason to have my lease terminated immediately....?
what did you do that prompted the divorce?

Oh, you'll never get back into the house without a court order and you'll likey be supervised if it happens. He should gather all your things, pack them neatly and have them delivered where you are staying.
You both sound like childish idiots.
>can I fight this?
What do you want to happen? Do you want to move back in?
I had $2,000 saved, so I used it on this apartment, we moved in together and within one month he began seeing women on the side, he wanted a divorce because "none of these women want to date a married guy so I need the piece of paper for divorce to show them I'm leaving you." Then when while I was at work he would bring them over and they'd complain that "your ex-wife is still living here?? Kick her out!"

I've requested a hearing to dismiss the restraining order against me, and I also have one against him as well now. He requested that the hearing (for the restraining orders to be finalized we both need to speak on court) be postponed until after fire season (he's a firefighter). I have no way of retrieving my things at this point. He is holding them from me as part of his revenge. He's mad at me for having a new boyfriend after we divorced. Even though he literally told me to seek someone new.

I've had a restraining order on him in the past for grabbing me and saying he was going to snap my arms like twigs.. Then he continuously broke the order anyway by showing up at my house and burglarizing my house... He wouldn't give me my things back until I dropped the restraining order. Then I had to move back in with him because my then roommate threw me out because my ex made her fear for her life.

If it's dismissed against me, I should be able to return to my house as if nothing happened, but I'm not sure what hell the rental company is going to put me through.
Yeah I paid over 2500 for this house.. And now my ex is occupying it with all of my furniture and dishes and clothes with his new girlfriend.
I just want to go home and not deal with this dude constantly terrorizing me.
Literally all I did was go to work and come home and just sleep. I don't think I'm an idiot for anything that happened except not leaving earlier.. But believe me it was not possible. He would not physically let me leave.
Do you want him to move out, or....
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I didn't care if he lived there, I was trying to make that work with him because it's a 2 bedroom, but now he would have to move out because of my restraining order.. He shouldn't be there with me anyway if he's going to be violent toward me. Verbal abuse is one thing but when he's trying to choke me out just for coming home to take a shower, Im just trying to live peacefully..
Go to the police and request an escort to get all your shit. Do not interact with this guy alone, do not contact him (let a lawyer do it through certified mail). I'm surprised with a violent ex you did all this alone in the first place. Divorce is really shitty, and I've been there. Just take care of yourself, op.
I have an advocate through battered person's agency and two different lawyers working on my case.. My ex is representing himself as far as I know.

The day I went back to get my things after my arrest, I called a sheriff to escort me just because I was afraid of my ex, but the sheriff ended up serving me the restraining order right there and did the "civil standby" at that moment.. I was told that in order to ever go back I will have to file new paperwork through the court to request a date and time. And even then it will only be about thirty minutes or less and I have large furniture. I also can't personally carry that all the way down the stairs. It is really shitty he stole my life. I was sleeping in the woods in my work uniform for several weeks.
hahaha this is the type of men women date.
The advocate isn't able to help you? I mean, at least find you a bed to sleep in at a women's shelter so you don't have to head in the woods. I'm lucky because I had my family to rely on.
At this point, I would say to cut your losses with your items. You can buy new shit, but you only have you.

Also please delete your couple photo if that really is you, this is still 4chan for crissakes
Holy shit what an asshole he is, I am so sorry, edited video should be taken with A HUGE grain of salt by the cops and courts, fuck them
nigga you need a lint roller in your life
All the shelters are full. I'm staying at some trap house in town now. Just three blocks down from my apartment. I don't do drugs but these are the type of people who let you stay for free.

Exactly what I told the officer. He asked me why I didn't just leave, I told him that my ex stopped me from leaving. The officer said that in the video he motioned at the door and told me to leave. In the police report it says that is where the video ended. Hmmm very suspicious. What happened that day is that he motioned at the door and I ran for the door and he tripped me and dragged me by my ankles to the back room of the house and cornered me, forcing me to push him away because he had his body against me.
im going to go out on a limb here and assume that youre both regular users of hard drugs

unusually solid banter for you
Hahaha choose better mates you dumb bitch you asked for this.
I can see why he divorced you. Grow up, pull yourself together, and move on.
>documentation of the restraining order and divorce.
Property manager fag.
The damage is basically just icing they added to the agreement. The restraining order alone allows him to have you removed. Just because you win a court case, a rental company does not have to allow you to rent from them. In this situation you were deemed unfit and so you were removed from the lease. They will allow you to get your stuff after the court hearing but you will still not be allowed to rent from them. Also police will probably have to be there.
OP two years from now on craigslist
>I've had my heart broken one too many times. Not looking to date and liars or cheaters, I'm looking for a REAL man who can take care of me. No manlets or anyone who makes less than six figures.
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