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after death

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What do you think happens after death? (besides your body rotting away and getting eaten by maggots)

I believe (just a theory that I'd like to think is true, no science behind it) that after clinical death occurs, the dead person enters a dream state. The brain is alive for a few minutes, and when it releases dopamines (happiness hormones) in the dying body, it fills that dream with extreme amounts of joy and happiness, all your wishes and lusts come to "life" in a dream, after your body has died. Even after you reach physical death and you cease to exist, this dream continues forever, in a non-mundane way somehow, and you live in your own, perfect world through eternity.

What do you think? I really want to believe this is true, I've been through a lot of shit (who didn't, lel) and hope we will find serenity and be with our beloved ones in death, even if it doesn't continue forever, just those few minutes.
You'll need a living brain to sustain a dream. Sorry pal
No and no.
Like >>17395520 said the dreams are created by your brain. Even if a dying brain may possibly create a dream state (dopamine releasing and shit) it will cease once it is clinically dead.
And then, nothing is gonna happen, like time has stopped, even thought time has no meaning since this is a non-existent state afterwards.
Do you remember what happened before you were born? It's gonna be the same after you are dead.
If your brain dying makes you feel good then stroke victims must be the happiest people in the world.
Absolutely nothing. You're in a void incapable of thought or understanding. Every time you sleep you get a slice of the experience that death will be. Imagine going to sleep and simply never waking up or dreaming.
Your soul enters the particular judgement. It will be assigned to Heaven [very rare], Purgatory [uncommon], or Hell [common]. If you go to Hell, you will suffer forever. When the world ends you will see all the evils of the world ever committed, then suffer yet more.

If you go to Purgatory, then you will face a trial of immense suffering of various lengths, but eventually upon reaching perfection you go to Heaven, where you join the company of all those angels and God and the Saints. It is perfect eternal bliss and community based on holiness, and when the world ends you will find a new life on that world.

If you were never baptized but otherwise lived an exemplary life, you may be assigned to Limbo. You live a life of perfect natural happiness, much like the happiness we feel on Earth. You get to hang out with all the best pagans and aborted babies etc. Nobody knows what will happen to these guys. Its a true mystery.
I have this theory. Why are you a conscious being?. I believe that after you die, some how your consciousness survives since is not have a physical form, maybe you ascend to another dimension or you merge with a universal awakening state. Since it cannot just disappear, and because no one today knows what consciousness is there is still no answer to this question my friend. Just wait for your moment and live your life, pretending this is the only one we have, make the best of it.
I actually came up with a theory a couple of days ago it's like this- You've never had a memory before your first one right? So I like to believe that your life doesn't start until that first memory and through out your whole life you acquire new memories you live a random life since no one has ever had the same life (as in feelings, thoughts, and actions) So once you die that life is done. Your whole "life" gets randomized once again and you have no memory before your first one in that life
My theory...

Everything is made of energy... correct? We know this. We know that our reality is essentially the gathering of energy in a specific way. Our existence was inevitable, all it took was enough "time" for energy to accumulate the way it did in order for us to exist. So, my theory? We will repeat the exact existence again once the energy created us, eventually accumulates the way it did this time. Its really not "if" but "when". Our current existence was inevitable and the next one is as well.

This us what i hope for. I cant forgive a higher power for the things that habe happened to me
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