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How to cure from getting cheated on ?

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How to cure from getting cheated on ?

I'm blaming myself because I wasn't careful enough. They were signs that she was probably cheating but I decided to trust her because of my love for her. She got manipulated by a guy who told her lies about me and she trusted him over me... so left me to go with him. And she fucked him. Also, when we were together she was still seing her ex-boyfriend (whom i'm sure she had sex with but she's telling me she did)

Today is my birthday (and no one cared abt it as usual) and i'm destroyed hearing she cheated on me with 2 different men during our 6 months of relationship.

The only thing that could get this things worst is if I caught an STD as I know she sleeps without candoms everytime because "it feels better". I'm getting tested soon. If i'm positive, that would only be sad for my family as I don't care about my life anymore.

Any piece of advice would be helpful. Thank you.


(Insulting me will not help me so If you are angry and want to insult me fag or whatever, just move on to the next Pokemon thread)
I know it fucking sucks man. But at least you got that cheating piece of shit out of your life now. There's someone out there who is going to treat you right.
Time heals all wounds m8. definitely get tested and just keep your head up.
>She got manipulated by a guy
first thing stop deluding yourself completely right now. Second, next time do not ignore the signs and trust your gut but more importantly draw a line and if someone crosses have the self respect and self preservation to leave.

Otherwise cut all contact, give back anything that was hers, don't go anywhere you two frequented. Erase any and everything that can remind you of this hateful scum.
hey OP, first off, it's not your fault. it was your exes fault. you didn't breach trust or cheat, she did. i know regardless, it still makes you feel shitty, i've been there too, but over time, i guarantee you will move on if you can take one day at a time and not dwell on it.

and happy birthday OP. try to have a terrific birthday. you only get one day out of the year after all. try to take a walk or do a hobby that youve always enjoyed. just something to take your mind off things.

I'm not being paranoid, she's the one who told me this guy was telling her that I was lying about my job (she visited my workplace and office) and that I was lying when I said girls at work were hitting on me ... She heard what she wanted to hear.

She was always accusing me of cheating or talking to girls or random shit and that is usually the sign that someone is hiding something. I decided to be blind because i was hopping she'll give me back my patience.
This is the second time in my life a girl cheats on me so i'm seriously questioning myself.

Is giving someone trust and freedom a bad thing?? Should i be an abusive motherfucker to get her to be loyal ?

We don't talk anymore and honestly, I'm ashamed because my best friends also know her and he knows now i've been cheated on two times.

I can't really live with myself right now.

I let her take advantage of my kindness and patience.

I really need to heal because my self confidence is drawing right now :(
Got cheated on after 4 years relationship. That was a month and a half ago

Here's what I did

>cut contact completely. Also no inderect contact (like when you see a friend of her asking him what she's doing atm etc.)

>suffer. Then suffer some more. And then some more. You have to suffer a lot

>let it sink in that this woman you are grieving after, that you still love and long for absolutely and knowingly shat all over you. Let that thought get you angry, let it destroy that longing and feeling of need for her.

>talk to your parents about it. Talk to your siblings about it, call your close friends and talk about it.

I feel you bro. She texted me about her ccheatinf, I went over to her house, screamed at her from the top of her lungs and went home. I was screaming from pain and crying my eyes out for an hour in my fathers arms and i'm 24 fucking years old
It was not my fault but I decided to trust her and to love her so it's my responsibility..... Things were great at the beginning then she decided to betray me.

I told her so many times, I you want to go see someone else, just say it. Don't cheat. I would understand.

But no, she decided to go on my back and cheat.

I wasn't the best boyfriend ever, I had my moments, but i'm loyal as a dog.

I turned down so many propositions at the bar and girls because of my love for her.

You can't spot a cheater, it's fucking hard... really it is... I don't know where i messed up.

I'm sorry for you bro, 4 years, it must have been hard. These hoes ain't loyal.

I screamed at her at the phone and insulted her. I got crazy, i thought my heart stopped beating. I don't even know how to live myself.

I wanted to see her but she was giving some stupid excuse.

I will suffer, already am... I don't have many choices here.

The worst feeling in the world is knowing she will get away with it. She is still dating her ex boyfriend like nothing happened.

And here I am bitching like a virgin. Too bad I waited 24 years to give her my first time.. i thought she was special.

Today, i'm 25. Fucking birthday.
If she accused you of cheating she is probably projecting.
Happy birthday, man.
get wasted
drunkenly hit up some girl you had a crush on
hope it goes well
if not play video games and neet it up for a bit
Don't interact with that whore ever again and move on. It took 3 months for me to recover, so time heals everyhting
You can't heal from that..

We were engaged and she left me for someone else. It's been 6 years and my heart is still broken af.

Good luck.
outch ... get back on your feet man, she's not worth your anger.
now you've learned to never be loyal. congrats on levelling up

There are two kind of girls in this world :

1- Sluts with ugly hearts
2- Good women with a good heart

Don't expect 1 to become 2. It can only go from 2 to 1, or from 1 to something worst...

Once you've figured what kind of woman you're dealing with, it should've been easy to know if you should've stayed or left. My point being, if she was a slutty cheater, you should've been able to spot it from the beginning.

This is on you bro... so take that as a lesson and next time you have the opportunity to not getting hurt, take it.

Happy birthday.
I'm gonna keep being loyal because if you're not loyal to the person you want kids with then who the hell are you. I'm gonna move on even though It's hard as fuck.

I know what i'm worth. She'll never be able to have a guy like me. She ruined it and she knows it. I was loyal, honest, handsome, smart. Now i'm gonna focus on the getting rich part so she can regret it even more.
She's only gonna meet people who'll want her for her booty. I've predicted the future so many times, i told her this guy wants only one thing, to fuck you. And yet she slept with him. And I told her to talk to me if her ex boyfriend contacts her again, which he did.. but she hid it from me.

What can I say, one day i know i'm gonna meet a beautiful lady who will love me enough to be loyal.

>1- Sluts with ugly hearts
>2- Good women with a good heart

Finding sluts is very easy, finding a good woman is hard yes. She was nothing special after all. If she was loyal to me i would have said ok, she made the right choice and is now loyal because I actually make her feel good.

She's probably very happy knowing she destroyed my life. Some people don't know the word "sorry" or "regrets".

I've dated the biggest liar on this earth. And she will get away with it. Life is really unfair.
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> I got cheated on

Literally how does this happen to people?

I've had like 5 serious GF and never once been cheated on. For one I did not date a woman who did not respect me or was not loyal. The moment a chick turned out to be crazy or flirty with other guys I ditched her. The sings are like massive neon lights above a person's head that say, "I don't really care much for you and will cheat on you given the opportunity".

I'm aiming this at men and women. Very very very rarely is cheating a 100% surprise without warning signs.

furthermore, OP I read some of your thread.

Jesus cuck fucking christ.

It's men like you that make women think they can do whatever they want.

If you don't have loyalty you don't have shit. You might as well jerk off to tube porn. In fact you are literally better off staying home and jerking it to tube porn.

>Literally how does this happen to people?

Bad luck ?

I use to think like you, like yeah, treat your girl right and she will give it back. How can a girl cheat blablabla... but once it's happening to you, it's hole other story...

I'm sorry to say, this doesn't apply to some kind of women. I hope you'll never meet these kind of liars. You never know if a girl is honest or not. She can tell you all the pretty lies in front of you and you'll never noticed. I've dated +10 women and 2 of them cheated on me so it doesn't apply to every women.

So it really is about bad luck. I know I did everything I could to please her or make her feel good and wanted. I even gave her back her self esteem when she had nothing. I saved her from an abusive ex boyfriend. She should've been thanking me but all she did was bitching about how an asshole I am because i was asking to see my girlfriend.

Frankly, I should've stick with the same kind girl. Cute and loyal and funny. Instead of that I tried to be a hero... and that led me to lose my own self esteem.
My ex didn't sleep with someone else, but I noticed her talking to some guy a decent amount before breaking up, she hung out with him three days in a row then we broke up
Now I believe they've hung out a bunch since, we broke up last week
I texted her last night, don't care what anyone will say, I had to talk to her, after 2.5 years I wanted to make my feelings known
It hurts so fucking bad
>It's men like you that make women think they can do whatever they want.

Let me tell you something. A woman with self respect would never cheat. If a girl needs me to be behind her to tell her not fuck somebody, well i'm sorry but it's not a girl for me. She was aware of the limits and the things she shouldn't do, there was a fine line in our relationship.

My exgirlfriend can't do whatever the fuck she wants what am I Santa ???!I explicitly told her what not to do with men and especially those two guys. Yet she didn't listen and went with them. What should have I done ? Put her in cave and feed her with shit ?

We set up rules, I followed her rules, she didn't follow mine. I'm not the one to blame here, everyone is powerless in front of the unseen.

I feel you ... Yes... it fucking hurts. The pain is getting worst days after days ...

I don't have the power or the energy to do anything. I haven't left my room today and it's my 25th birthday.

You feel so much pain and anger. Life is unfair :(
It's one of the worst things I've ever felt, I've actually puked from being so heartsick, my dad called and asked how I was doing and I said fine, then he asked how my gf was (hadn't told him we broke up) and I just broke down crying, I haven't cried in front of my dad in years
I cried in front my brother and I couldn't tell him what was wrong.

I've never cried in front him in my life. I know exactly how it feels as i'm destroyed and powerless.

I puked so many times and i ended up in a hospital for that bitch.

So yes, it is the worst feeling in the world. You don't know how strong you are unless you experience someone cheating on you.

I gave that bitch my first time. She took everything from me.
I've been cheated on a few times (I had a bad run with women)
You can't blame yourself, you loved her and unless you caught her fucking you didn't do anything without being certain.

Here's my advice
Work on yourself, join a gym, a running club, a hobby club, start learning to play an instrument, go out and experience life, any of this is better than feeling shit because some cunt decided she wanted to fuck a guy for some pleasure/popularity/material gain.

Don't check up on your ex, I shouldn't have to say this, but don't check her facebook, don't call her, don't play xbox with her, don't follow her instagram, block her on every social media platform you have and don't speak to her, don't catch up, don't become friends with benefits and don't give her updates on your life.

Don't take her back if approached, I've made the mistake, I was promised blowjobs on demand, I was told I couldn't do better, I was told that I could make the rules and all sorts, it is short lived, you will get what they offer you for a few weeks, then they will expect something like a loving relationship or decide that you don't respect them or even ask for a compromise so there is a middle ground on the offer only you now have rules to abide by.

Don't get revenge, it will be tempting to tell her new guy that she is a whore, it will be tempting to let her parents know what she did, but don't do it, she has way more that can upset you, she has hurt you already and isn't afraid to add to it, this can be anything from "Anon has a tiny dick" to a false rape claim, only answer if asked, keep it short and sweet, if she kicks off, tell her that you were being pestered and didn't lie.
Money. So you can afford a PI.
>You can't blame yourself, you loved her and unless you caught her fucking you didn't do anything without being certain.

i'm certain because she confessed to me 2 days ago....

>Don't get revenge, it will be tempting to tell her new guy that she is a whore,

you just read on my mind ... everything you say id gold..
>Literally how does this happen to people?
>Changes in circumstances
I dated a girl for 2 years, she went to university and was living with single girls who were enjoying meeting new guys and getting free drinks, she was meeting new guys on her course and got a bit jealous that the single girls were showered with attention.
One night she ended up hooking up with a guy when she was partying with her friends and they fucked in her dorm.
After she told me she ended up fucking his friends as well because she was suddenly popular with a large group of friends, she was fucked by something like 5 guys in the group before she was branded a whore and there was a running joke that she slept with everyone, next thing she was calling me near midnight crying that she fucked up and no guys treat her with respect.

Yeah it impairs judgement, it isn't an excuse as nobody force fed her vodka + lemonades, but many women will get drunk and fuck a guy who she thinks doesn't look bad.

Like I mentioned, my ex fucked loads of guys in a group because she felt desired, she wanted to make others jealous of whoever she was with.

I dated a girl who claimed she went for dinner with a guy because she couldn't afford to eat, she then fucked him because she was grateful, needless to say there wasn't another date, I was surprised she shared that on the first date too

Yes, women can want to tick off a list including blonde guys, dark haired guys, chinese guys and the rest, they may seize the opportunity if they want it, even in a relationship
adding to >>17396169

>Very very very rarely is cheating a 100% surprise without warning signs.
Maybe to someone who isn't in the relationship, but when you are in love with someone, you overlook things or play them down.
Chances are that if you were in 5 serious relationships (assuming they lasted at least a year to get past the comfy stage) that you were cheated on once.
I was with an ex for 3 and a half years, she would text me who she was with and her instagram was filled with pictures of her with friends, she took photos at the gym, she didn't drink, I really thought I was on to a winner.
When I proposed to her she broke down crying and told me that when she visited her mother she would go and see her ex, she would spend an hour with him and then go to the gym, shower then come home to me.
She didn't text him or have him on social media, her mother didn't know that she was doing it (she called me to tell me that she never raised her daughter that way), she was doing that once a fortnight for most of the relationship because I never thought she would lie about how long she spent with her mother.

That said, the ex who met a guy out drinking had glaringly obvious warning signs, that night she just texted me "I'm home" then the next day said it was a boring night, then posted on fb that it was an interesting night, I knew before she told me.
Sorry, lack of sleep, not sure what I meant by >>17396127
>you didn't do anything without being certain.

You didn't make her cheat, she decided it was easier to fuck someone else than it was to just dump you and do as she liked.
Even if she says you were at fault, you aren't because she would have done something about it or the issue would have been raised.
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