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Used 5 years of my life going after one woman

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To this day, I still believe I have a chance but she friend zoned me a long time ago. I want to just FORGET about her but I can't. She was perfect for me. We had things in common, I could actually be myself around her and not feel like I have to hide things or put on a facade.

Now all I do is try to get her to change her mind or look for another girl EXACTLY like her.

I fucked myself over. I am now in my late 20's and I have never even had a girlfriend. The girl I am talking about is perfect(for me) and I am deeply disturbed about being friend zoned by her because I honestly don't think any other girl is like her.

I will now be stuck in this weird limbo of looking for a carbon copy of her so I can get a second chance. What the fuck is this life? How is it that I can come so close to being with perfection but yet so far?
Seriously OP; you are doing this to yourself.

1. She don't owe you shit.
2. she aint perfect, she shits, farts, pukes, etc.
3. Start loving yourself instead of some fantasy in your head. Please for yourself, MAN THE FUCK UP.
for a guy in his late 20s you sure as hell have some basic concepts to grasp.
She wasn't perfect. Not for you, not for anyone. If she were perfect for you she'd be with you right now.
The only reason you think she's perfect is because you developed a crush on her. Yes, it's not love, it's just a crush. But because you never let go of that crush, because you kept clinging to it and trying to make it work it became an obsession.

Cut all ties with her. Tell her you don't want to interact with her anymore, tell her the truth or give her a bullshit excuse, I don't care. And then delete her from any social media you have, from phone, from everywhere. If she's working with you or something change jobs. If you keep bumping into her move in other town/part of city. I wouldn't normally recommend something so drastic, but it's been 5 years already, if you don't do something about it you'll be miserable because of it for the rest of your life. And yes, if you cut all ties with her you will get over it. It might take time, since you spent so long sniffing her farts, but it will eventually happen and be free again. And hopefully you'll have learned a lesson.

I understand all of that. The problem is that time is running out. Once you turn 30.. it feels like you die. Like what would a 30 year old like me do? I fear turning 30 a great deal. I know I have a few years left but god damn. I feel like I am wasting away with no option. I pretty much only like girls like her.

and it feels like girls like her only come around once in a blue moon. I missed my chance.

I understand... but honestly, would being "Free" even help me? I am just looking for a carbon copy of her anyway. I want that comfort of being free to be who I am and someone liking me still. She was the only woman I have met thus far who I could just be me with. I hate having to wear a mask.
Congratulations, you're a loser
>I still believe I have a chance
You don't

She was not perfect. You just thought she was. You love the image for her and what could have been, not what is. It's not love, it's lust

>things in common
Who gives a shit? There other people who like things you do

You're developing one-itis, OP. You're just going to become depressed and disappointed. .

Keep in mind that if you get friend zoned, it's your fault
You do realize that you're "wearing a mask" because of you and not because of others, right?

Nothing and no one is forcing you to act differently around people, you're doing it because... well I have no idea why, what the fuck do you have to prove you faggot? You just got used to doing it and now you're crying that you can't be free because of it. Yes you can, you're just afraid of doing it.

Whatever you found in that girl can be replaced. And more than that, it's your mentality that needs to change. And yes, being free would help you. The only reason you're looking for a copy of her is because you're obsessed with her. So yeah, cut all ties with her and stop acting like something you're not when you're around other people. It's stupid.
The ultimate issue is how long will I have to wait? What if I turn 30 and I am still fucked up like this? Then what? You are basically dead once you turn 30.

Gee, I don't feel that dead.

>turning 31 in September
I met this girl that gave me a feeling I've never had from anyone else, and I am by no means a forever alone. No girl before or after her has given me that euphoria I got from hanging about with them. She was perfect for me in looks and personality, and interests.

She was into me but I fucked it up from not fucking her and putting her on a pedestal; her words. She's had two boyfriends since. I was in a really bad place when I first met her you see.

The way I see it OP is that you also probably met your person but messed it up as well. What we need to do is learn that being with someone isnt a big deal really and that being happy in other parts of life can make up for a mediocre love part.

We both know that any other girl is just going to be settling, and that's ok
keep doing whatever you do
the less competition the better for me
she will change her mind, anytime now friend
keep waiting for her
The only thing that ever trumps determination is free will.
Thread posts: 13
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