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Texting advice thread

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>qt3.14: why are you not studying at an Ivy league?
>me: not all stories have a happy ending I suppose
>her: I mean it though, you shouldn't be here.

I have thought of two things that I want to reply with:
1. Lucky for you though. You got to meet me.
2. Lucky for me - I got to meet you.

Which one is better? i want to send the hint i'm into her, but the latter sounds too sensitive. The former however is cocky and kind of in-line with what she has come to expect from me. Also it sends a decent message of interest I think. Or maybe not. I'm incompetent at texting girls I legitimately feel attracted to. Which one should I send?
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Very helpful. Do you have any other suggestions? [spoiler]killing myself is already on my to-do list[/spoiler]
Try talking like a normal person and not looking like a desperate prick
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So just beeeeee mahself? :^) Do you have any actual suggestions or is vague advice more your thing?

Does anyone here have any actual advice?
Every socially awkward male wants to say some shit like this. Don't. You don't need to say something "smooth" just because you thought of something that you think sounds "smooth."

Really in texts the only way you can can flirt if you're not in a relationship with a girl is say something so fucking ridiculous that it's obviously a joke. As long as it's not creepy, girl might get a laugh. You probably shouldn't do this anyways you fucking aspie.

My question is why do you need to respond?

Sometimes that best text is not to text at all.
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Alright, fine. I'll just say "I know. I'm sticking around only because I want to fuck you". Is that better? I am starting to not care anymore.

She already thinks you're better than her. Don't fuck around with the texting. Just ask her out to coffee IRL, or to "study"

Dude fuck you, just ask her out on a date you fucktard.
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We already spent time together last semester. It's summer and I'm not coming back to the campus until early September. Besides, I've asked her out already, and she said no because she was dating someone else. Killing myself it is then. Alright, goodnight bois.

So you thought the way to fuck her was by saying that bullshit in OP?
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I already fucking did, and she said no because she was already dating someone else. Fuck my shit up senpai. No girl has ever wanted to be in a relationship with me, and i've only ever gone on one date. I don't know why I even tried this time around. I should just cut off my own balls.
>, I've asked her out already, and she said no because she was dating someone else.

Just make a move. Her continuing to hang out with you and texting you shit like "omg ur so smart and cool" is a good sign. Go for a kiss or something and if she says some shit like "No, anon, I have a boyfriend, this is wrong" just be like "Just let me worry about that" or "I know" and keep going. Either you get laid or get accused of rape. You were going to kill yourself anyway so why not
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Yes, yes i did. You know what? who the fuck gives a fuck what she thinks. I'm just gonna drop out of her life forever, fuck it nigger.

For an almost-ivy-league dude you're pretty unconfident. Maybe that's why Harvard rejected you, and why all women reject you
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For fuck's sake, don't you think I know that. The whole reason I've become more outgoing this past year and am even trying to start my own student org is because of how little I believe in myself. I am desperate to improve because of how much of a failure I am. As a result, I overthink these things to the point of insanity. I don't deserve to have confidence until I am objectively better than all my peers and people i've met throughout my life. Until then, I can't say I deserve to believe in myself. I just want this one success with this girl. I know it is too much to ask for, but it's too late to back down. I'm riding this ship to hell again i guess. Thanks for nothing anon.

You are possibly the thirstiest nigger I've ever encountered.

It's okay though, we got some IV fluids for your ass

First off, you need to realize that being the president of student org or making straight As or getting one date with a girl isn't going to magically give you confidence.

Your confidence took years to break down, and it will take years to build back up

I recommend seeing cognitive behavioral counselor to help you out. They'll guide your thinking and perceptions. Just so you're not running around like a headless chicken running for student treasurer or whatever gay shit you're doing
Lmao i'm not gonna go see a counselor. It's money that could be better spent somewhere else. Thanks for caring though. I rarely find someone that actually helps me address these issues. Regardless, what should I say to her this time? nothing?
Just write "Maybe, but atleast I got to meet u"

This keeps you in the context of being smart and you get to compliment her. At least that's my perception.

>just bee itself anon
Most of the people here cringe at anything.

Nigger,you're pissing me off. Just give me her number and I'll fuck her myself. I'll send you her nudes if you want.
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Doesn't that sound more wimpy than the second option? Regardless, this is the best advice i've been given on this yet, thanks man.

Fuck you nigger, fuck you. I'll fuck your dad and make him gay, then I'll dump him. His marriage will get ruined and he'll become sexually confused and proceed to kill himself. That'll fuck your shit up nigger. Watch yo' ass.

You can't troll me, parroting jokes from Louis CK. While you're parroting maybe you should've parroted your college application from someone that was good enough to get into an Ivy league. Maybe then you'd be plowing some Harvard pussyl right now instead of asking for beta sexting advice on a Saturday night from a Vietnamese cartoon chat room
I thought this was a fish curry recipe board. Thanks for making me laugh though. I needed it.

You're welcome. Seriously though, consider counselling, it's great.
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 9

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