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Hey bros So my friend is currently living with me and my family

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Hey bros
So my friend is currently living with me and my family while he attends college, since it's a close commute.

However he's with his boring ass girlfriend 24/7. Like literally. Before he moved in with me, he was living with her. But this girl literally has no friends so the two of em are together 24/7. It's like she NEEDS him to be with her. She flipped s bitch and posted a lot of social media the first night they didn't sleep together.

Anyways. Now it's gotten to the point where he's staying out past curfew (still living with parents, and they have rules) and he sneaks his girlfriend in every fucking day. Like literally I'm not sure if it's just me. But I couldn't spend every fucking minute of my day with someone. Even my parents go do shit with their friends away from each other. But it's like, this guy cannot be a minute away from her without her flipping a bitch. And he always just runs to her.

I guess what I'm saying is. How do I get my friend from being a pussy. Becuase whenever the squad hangs out, she's the only girl. It's impossible to have bro nights. And how do I get him from not sneaking his girl in every fucking night. It's rather annoying.

I know kick him out, or why doesn't he live with her? Well her parents don't want him to stay long term. And my parents don't know yet that he's been sneaking her in every night.

What do? Please any views, don't really want to kick out a good friend of mine.
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Don't be a oussy and tell him he needs to man up and stop sneaking his obssesive loser gf into a house that wasnt even his. Disrespect.
Why does she even bother you so much?
First, he needs to apologize to the people who took him in for not being able to respect their rules.

Then he needs to have a conversation about his relationship with his girlfriend.

You, on the other hand, have two options:
>stay the fuck out of it
>tell him to leave
Let me guess: this is really about him not spending time with you and/or you're butthurt he has a girlfriend and you don't.
>without her flipping a bitch
>flipping a bitch
so she's making illegal u-turns?

also, seconding the other anons in asking why this is a big deal to you.

If they are with each other all the time by choice then let them be, at no point did you mention how your friend feels about the situation, if he's happy having his girlfriend around all the time then who's to say they're wrong?

But to be honest it seems more like this is an issue for you then it is for the couple you're talking about.

On the other hand if he has expressed frustration about his girlfriend always having to be with him then maybe you should sit him down and talk to him about it, help him set boundaries and nicely tell his girlfriend that he needs time away from her too to be his own person.
Yeah, he has told me how he he's always gotta be with her or she blow up on him. How do I tell him respectfully to do something about it?

I'm not jealous of their relationship, it's just annoying how she's always pushing herself to be wherever he is. She's one of those Emo, insecure girls.
>>17384265 Everyone in our friend group feels the same way, it's like an elephant in the room. She's always there, never conversates, and when she does talks shit about us or something else. Everyone in our friend group has a girl or a thing with a girl, but we don't have them with us 24/7.
Amen to that.

I admit, I don't have any close friends nearby but that was because I moved away from them to be with my other half and we wanted to live together and me moving in with him meant we could live in a flat, not him in a bedsit. Still don't need to have every living second together.

They need to find somewhere else to hang out. Ask what he is going to do long term as this Isn't working.

That or don't let them be alone together EVER and blank her when you are together. If she complains, say you never have a moment alone together to talk about guy stuff.
she is mentally ill and potentially dangerous
you should inform your friend of this. he is likely afraid of not being able to land another girl, but is he stays with this girl, he is in for a world of pain and suffering
My boyfriend has had prievous girls who have cut themselves and have threatened to do worse. He told them that is not on, told her family and friends he can only do so much but cannot have that responsibility/ guilt, threat on him constantly someone who was so unstable who was not willing to help themselves or seek help.

Staying with her wont change anything, he will be miserable and under threat all the time. If he wants to break up with her/ ease off a little he needs to tell her calmly like an adult and if she throws a wobbler its her fucking problem. It's not fair on him to dole the shit on him constantly.

If she indeed has some mental illness that needs to be addressed, she needs prefessional help and being attached to him 24/7 isnt helping either party.

What if he died? What if there was an emergency and he had to fly off for a while. What if he said NO to her once would she lose it? They need to act like responsible adults, he's staying in your/ parents house ffs
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