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Brace yourselves college is coming

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Ok guys, I want you give the best advices about college, especially for the freshmen.

You can also tell us stories about college you wanna share.
Going into my fourth year at uni.

>Live at the dorms your first year
>Go to house meetings, keep your door open during the time you are there, go to any event (99% of them are free)
>If you have a lot of reading, start early and just do small chunks everyday, pad that shit out
>Don't feel bad if you no longer like your major and want to change. The vast majority of people don't know what their field is actually like and also have no idea what they really want to do
>make friends in the first couple weeks

It is significantly harder to make friends after the first couple weeks of college.
I remember showing up to the first meeting of a club I signed up for and everyone was already in groups of friends.

I haven't made a single new friend in four years, don't be like me.
>if something seems sketchy, get out. pussy/weed is not worth jail time
>use your prof/t.a.'s office hours if you have questions
>most everyone else is kind of scared and looking to make friends during the first few days/weeks
>don't go to college with your gf/bf
>ldr's suck dick
>use the fitness center/gym often, you paid for it
>don't be in a rush to declare a major if you are uncertain
>don't be afraid to change your major if you happen to change your mind, but it's better to do it earlier than later
>however, if you are a year away from graduating, just tough it out
1.) They are cheesy and stupid and dumb as fuck, but FUCKING GO TO THE FRESHMEN ACTIVITIES. All those dumb little "get to know me!" events, go to every single one of them. Fuck I haven't made a single friend in the 4 years I've been in school because it's just not as acceptable to make them outside your freshman year. People will group up fast, take advantage. I regret that I blew them off as stupid and awkward.
2.) Challenge your teachers. No matter how small and insignificant, if you feel you've been cheated on even a single point, call them out. The worst they'll do is shut you down and refuse to change your grade. I've argued so many points out of my teachers, and it's boosted my GPA to no end. Go ahead and be petty, if you think you have a strong case on why you deserved that point they took off, you might as well try. Hell I've had teachers just give me the point for putting together a thought out argument on why I should get it.
If you feel you've really been cheated and they refuse to budge, don't be afraid to go above them. My second biggest regret my freshman year was my English teacher, who took all of our essays but never graded them until the final grades were due, giving me an F for the class because I had no feedback or idea how to tell if I was improving or even doing the assignments correctly. She refused to meet with students, discuss what she was looking for in papers, or do her fucking job at all really. I took that F thinking I had no power to change it. I wished I would have challenged the school to at least remove the F from my record, if not refund me for the course, since she didn't even teach us anything. Do not let them walk all over you, you're not in high school anymore. You pay them, if they aren't doing their job, you're giving them free money.
Number 3 is fucking huge.

I had a prof that refused to go over a mid term a few days before the final because it was too close to the end of the semester.

Called him a fucking idiot, walked into the deans office and got an email from that professor 15 minutes later.

Don't let them walk over you, they work for you.
A lot of this advice is pretty dumb. I joined very few clubs and met people all 4 years and still talk to them (we're a group of friends now of ~20).

1) Don't ever buy books until after week 1 or 2. Most of the time you'll never need it and going to Office Hours >>> Blindly reading texting books

2) Find people who share your interests. I met 3 of my friends because I saw that they were playing 3DS in our lounge area. Another girl I met because she was in 2 of my math classes. Her and I inadvertently ended up taking classes together every quarterfor 2 years. You have no idea how easy college is when you take classes with a friend.

I'm by no means a social person. The only thing I did was join a "learning community" which is just a group of freshmen with similar majors and credits. I talk to a lot of people from that still also.

I'm rambling, but my point is, don't be afraid to meet people wherever. Hell some of my friends I met in labs. Oh, and it also helps to introduce friends to friends so you build your group. Also, try and have a hsng out spot on campus. We had a room where there was always at least 3-4 of us chilling/sleeping between classes.

3) Don't ever skip class. I've seen so many people fail "easy" classes because they just stopped putting in effort. The only time I wouldn't go is if it had no impact on your final grade which should rarely happen.

4) For each class, buddy up with either the professor or the TA. I talked a lot with my Linear Algebra TA and he got to me and my proof style so when he graded my exam he gave me more partial credit than if he hadn't known me. His notes for a problem: "While this isn't correct I see where this is coming from". Partial credit is a godsend.

4) This couples with 3. If you struggle with concepts, hw, labs, anything for more than 2 hours of studying, then it's time to go to office hours. Being alone with a ta or professor has so many perks.
Let me also add that I never stayed in the dorms. Don't do it if you can. Waste of +$10k a year. Understandable if you don't have a good 4 year uni close by though.

>Went to community college for two semesters.
>Used the money saved on hookers and cocaine.

The only downside is there's nothing but old people and poor kids at community college so I can't sell my Adderall to anyone.

Plus far less drunk sluts to fuck.

It's a trade off, I suppose.
Is weed during college not a good idea?
Kek, I missed class for a cold, but my teacher had some policy on having a doctors note for anything. I wanted to make up the assignment, and told her I had never missed a day of her class before, and I cannot afford to go to the doctor over a 2 day cold. I accused her policy of being classist and if she didn't let me do the work I'd take it up with the department. She got nervous and just let me do the damn assignment.
>learning community
These can be good and bad, depending on the people. My college did this thing where we all lived on the same floor and took the same classes together. Unfortunately, I'm in a degree that is 90% women, and nothing is more awful than getting 30 women together and forcing them to spend every moment with one another. Especially barley out of high school women.
Within a week, there were already 2 factions formed, Girl A and Girl B's. They started a twitter feud and if you talked to anyone from one group the other shunned you immediately. I holed up in my room all year just to avoid stepping foot in the drama, literally the floor was a catty girl battle ground which only intensified when the single dude joined our floor and all those thirsty bitches wanted to claim him. If anyone talked to him you'd get nothing short of burning crosses on your door the next day. One girl got some dude to give another chlamydia, I wish I was joking.
Shit was horrifying and I was desperately seeking a way out but all the rooms were filled for the year. I literally lived on the set of Mean Girls for a year and it was the worst experience of my life.
This. Unfortunately nearly every school I've ever seen requires it your freshman year unless you're married, have lived in the city for over a year before attending school and can prove it, or are older than 21. My fucking school demanded 2 years and it was the biggest bullshit ever. I bought a 60K house cheaper than 5 years in the dorms would have cost, and I rent the spare rooms so not only do I live free, I actually profit off it.
Depends on the person/level of discipline
My freshman year I dicked about and didn't manage my schoolwork and drug habits well, ended up pulling ok marks and being rocked every day.
I just finished my sophomore year, got high as fuck every day and pulled the best grades of my life, I think a 3.8 average overall for sophomore year. Weed can be a bad idea for some people in college, but it really depends on your relationship with drugs and your work ethic.
Do NOT get involved with a manipulative/crazy woman. The stereotype is that men are the ones who use and abuse women but the opposite can happen and it will bug you forever.

So I'm an international student, and a high school girl from my home country happens to be going to the same university abroad. She suddenly starts showing romantic interest in me when we find this out and while young virgin me was cautious, I eventually started reciprocating it. We went on dates, traveled to our study country, and went on one date there. She suddenly started ignoring me/being distant (we lived in different accommodation and different campuses) and when I brought it up she INSISTED that she was just busy with moving in, reassured me, "I love you" etc.

So we had agreed back in my country that we'd be each other's date to the freshmen's welcome party, I got myself a tuxedo, she got me some sort of mask to fit the theme, the party was on her birthday. I got her a small gift, and I took the long train (different campuses) and gave her the gift. She thanked me profusely. I immediately made friends with her flatmates and we took a cab (she took a bus due to some vague excuse) and we arrived at the venue/club. When she arrived I was shocked. All this time she had convinced me that "nothing was wrong" and that she loved me etc. turns out she suddenly has another date. She's kissing this guy and dancing in a borderline pornographic way with him while I just look in shock. She has somehow suddenly convinced her flatmates that I was some obsessive suitor or something and they tell me "hey leave her alone" etc. I am utterly ashamed and cannot bear to stand there and immediately fuck off with an expensive taxi (it was too late for public transport.)

Later, I discover from her ex-best friend of over 15 years that she had a history of severe mental issues and compulsive narcissistic/lying behavior, which was what prompted her to end her childhood friendship.
Being competitive is good for a while, but if you get too competitive you might suddenly become aware of what you're missing out on. You could have stellar grades, professors throwing research opportunities at you left and right, scholarship offers that you didn't even know existed. You do well your first year, that could all happen and you may become inspired to keep it up. You'll definitely secure a living once you finish.

But you know. Shit. Don't be too overzealous and end up spending a summer in a lab on a nearly empty campus while everyone else you know is out there fucking around (literally or figuratively) and having a good time.

I realized that just as my sophomore year ended, so I'm probably going to be pushing myself less this autumn. Opposite what the general case should be, I'm going to do more social events this semester - stay out late and fuck up a midterm once or twice and give myself some slack.

Apparently I was not the first guy to have this scenario happen to him with the same girl. Apparently the girl was SERIOUSLY fucked in the head with anorexia, bipolar, and according to her ex best friend "not feeling anything." When I was talking to her before, the crazy bitch insisted that her best friend "just suddenly stopped talking to me for no reason" and I fucking bought it. She texts me saying "oh I was drunk I don't know what happened." Cut her off immediately.

Today I've had a proper girlfriend for 3 years and am happy in every sense of the word but to this day I cannot get over how in my virgin naivety and stupidity I allowed myself to literally be cucked in the most submissive position I have ever been in. I have no one to blame but myself.

Worse things have happened to other people. Universities (esp. freshers) are hotbeds for depravity so IMMEDIATELY run away if you see any warning signs: drama, any hint of craziness, sketchy behavior, etc. Maybe my advice is hyperbolic but please heed caution in any sort of romantic relationship.

Good luck
Spend as much time on campus as you can
Read the syllabus and put all the dates in your Google calendar
Use condoms or don't have sex
And do what the other guy said, do the reading.
this will depend on the housing market in your uni city/surrounding suburbs. my dorms were cheap (roughly $250-300/month when divided over all the months in a semester) in comparison to the rental options in the 3 surrounding towns ($695/month for a single bed being the cheapest without roomies)
This is also important:

If your university is in a empty rural area, with seemingly nothing to do, DO NOT STAY IN HOME ALL DAY. I repeat, DO NOT DO NOTHING. Find something to do, ANYTHING, to occupy your time. Play an instrument, become a gym addict, fucking herd sheep if you want to, as long as you never let yourself fall into the miserable trap of idleness. There will eventually be a point of time where you get only one or two or no lectures per week (pre-exam mostly) and if you have nothing to do you will wake up from a long mental hibernation feeling absolutely shit and worthless. Try to find a job, even if the rural area seems to have 0 opportunities, at least apply to the occasional openings in the library/university office.

I'm not exaggerating, I know people who became clinically depressed because of an empty rural university environment. Don't let it bring you down
Prepare yourself; go in fully prepared and ready to knock shit out of the park. Don't wait until the last minute or any book deadlines to get your shit, have it all ready to go. One day behind will cost you two, two days behind will cost you 4. Keep that as a general rule of thumb and try to stay AHEAD of your work.

If you know a cool event is coming up and you won't be able to study with a hangover, go to your professor in advance and ask them to allow you to turn in hw/labs/quizzes early so you can enjoy yourself and treat the event like any other goal. Work to it, build up to it, and enjoy that shit.

I will echo other's sentiments, do not allow a professor to dock you for late assignments while not returning your papers to you so you can see where you went wrong. Hold them accountable like you one anyone else. Coincidentally, I had an English professor like >>17382714 and he literally did not grade/return 75% of my work until AFTER the semester had ended. I emailed him 4 times prior him doing so requesting the material, and he never came through. I requested a refund for the course, got that, and the instructor tossed an A on my transcript.

If you know of any peers doing exceptionally well in a class and you're struggling. Chances are they do tons of studying and can guide you in the subject like there's no tomorrow, and most often they do it for human interaction.

Never settle for crappy grades. If there are ways offered to get extra creds, do them, especially so if you are struggling. This will help keep your GPA high and you can make literal bank off this. Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships. If you aren't on some full-ride, but your GPA is good, you can literally take a day or two and submission scholarship apps and make $20-30k by submitting the same horseshit to different cohorts. Go to financial aid, ask from them, go to professors and ask them, and finally hit the program directors up and ask them.

Unless you're going for STEM, fuck it. Go into skilled trades instead.
I'm one of the teachers who gives you the point if you can somehow convince me that you knew what you were talking about well enough to justify giving you the point, right or wrong.
How much does high school really matter? Going to be a senior this semester and although I'm in top 5 on my class and have a bunch of other things, I found that my lack of awards is kinda sad, but to be fair, my school is a shit public one so they don't have many opportunities outside of stem, which isn't what I'd like to go into. I'm going to try for economics, and I think I made it look pretty clear that that's what I wanted to do since my sophomore year.

Will good schools hold the lack of awards and such against me? Worries me
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Cheer up anon, not all is lost except your knowledge of STEM!

Econometrics and Quantitive Economics are both STEM degrees!

Woohoo, you like STEM fields after all and your school has opportunities. Yay!
Well yeah but not like hard core physics, that's all I was referring to.

I guess I am overthinking it. Will my commitment overcome my lack of awards?
Yeah. All that crap in high school is overplayed. Unless you are trying to hit up some Ivy League school, I wouldn't stress it at all.

Bachelor's programs are a wash anyways; focus on doing well in your 4-year and rack up recommendations and internships that will get you in a good grad school.
I'm 24 and thinking about going to community college. I am inexperienced to the max, can someone offer advice? I have over $3k saved up, but is it true I can get a kind of loan from the government and not have to pay it back?

What can I expect? And I want to study something that will lead to a better job
Dropped out of college six years ago. Went to university for three years and a year and a half later tried a semester of community college (didn't work out).

First advice: Don't go if you don't know what you're going to do. Going to college is my biggest regret in life. However, my second biggest regret is dropping out, so second advice: don't drop out. It really feels like shit having to pay for an education I didn't receive.

Anyways, as other said, make friends. It wasn't that hard for me and I was a fucking loser who didn't drink or smoke or party or anything. That being said, drink and smoke and party. Don't be afraid to change your major/minor. College is about trying new things. If you see a class on a subject that seems neat, take it. Get out of your comfort zone as much as possible. You don't have to join every club on campus, but I would suggest going out and giving them all a shot.

Make sure you know how to get around your college town. I had a bike and there was free public transport (later cheap transport), but I wish I had a car. Though I did have several friends with cars, at least.

Regarding papers, rough drafts. If a paper is due in two weeks, pump out a rough draft within the first few days of being assigned the paper. Work first, play later.

As I already said, make friends. Not just for social purposes, but also for connections for your future career. Start reaching out whilst in college to places you'd like to work after college.
Go to parties, do everything social.
Don't avoid or push it to later because College goes quick.
It went by in a flash and next thing I knew I was graduating as a virgin who only went drinking once.

Now that I have a jog it seems I am spending my 20s catching up with drugs and whores.
Anon I don't know what to do, so what do you advise? The only thing I want to do at college is learn a skill that will help me move on from retail jobs
I am not the guy to ask. I'm 27 and working an office job.

How old are you? What skill would you like to learn? What career are you looking for?
I'm 24 and really dunno. I'm at a very lost point in my life right now, grasping at anything to pull me out of this rut.

I HAVE an interest in automotive stuff, and I definitely don't mind getting dirty, but can you really trust a girl to be a mechanic? I'm not sure if it's something I should pursue

Really I just want almost any skill that will lead to knowledge and prospect of a better job
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>can you really trust a girl

If you have an interest in automotive stuff, pursue it. I hate to be a stupid dildo and say something corny, but you only got one life (maybe (probably)). If you don't pursue this interest in automotive stuff, ten years from now you'll still be thinking, "I ought to pursue my interest in automotive stuff." Do it. If it doesn't work out, at least it won't bother you. If it does, congrats.
Yeah, not without ruining everything. Trust ruins things. To trust someone is to predict them. To predict them is to insult their humanity.
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Too true, Lucy.
Then again I'd probably be better of being someone's apprentice and learning with my hands and learning by doing & fucking up (how I do best). Some guys I know say you can learn basic auto stuff from YouTube videos
>drink, smoke and party

But I don't want to fuck up my body at a young age.
tip toe through life only to arrive safely at death
I have a bit of an issue.

I've tried to do UK university twice, and both times I've had to withdraw for health issues. First time I got depressed, second time I suffered from exhaustion from I don't know what of an illness.

I think it's just this country. I fucking hate it. It drains everything about me. I want to go abroad for university instead. Is it doable without an enormous amount of money?
Well i flunked out of college the first time. I was one of the smart kids in high school. I received a full academic scholarship.I never learned how to study and it bit me in the ass. I panicked and couldn't cope. I eventually made my way back to school and im doing better. 2 semesters left and i have a 3.8 gpa in my major. Here is how i got through.

>Do the reading
>Wait a bit before buying books
>Find out what organizations your major has and get involved. This connects you with upperclassmen and professors.
>If you are stuck ask thought out questions. Dont go to your TA or Professor and just say IDK LOL. Tell them how you approached the problem and where you looked in the reading for clarification.
>Try to work in a group. Usually if you don't get something another person did or vice versa.
>kick any procrastination habits you have from high school
>As you get further along in your major try to make more friends in your major. These will be industry contacts.

That last one is kind of iffy depending on how common your major is. I mean there are only 7 schools with accredited programs nation wide that even have my major and only 3 of those schools are considered highly. It is metallurgy if anyone is wondering. I know quite a few people now that have graduated and went to work. Now i have contacts all over the place. If you are going into something more common a lot of it gets drowned out in all the noise.
I care about aging well though, and I have a fear of becoming a raging alcoholic because almost the entirety of my dad's side of the family became one and it royally fucked up their life for the worse.
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My uni has communal showers/bathrooms
When am I supposed to beat off?

whoever you are, don't make the same mistakes as me. Even introverts need to meet people and make friends, even if you already have them "back home"

>freshman in college
>very introverted, socially awkward
>tried to meet people in same major at first but didn't bother to KEEP interacting with them
>this made me regress to stranger status with the people I had come in contact with
>was too homesick and worried about survival, didn't care for social interactions, just wanted to seclude myself at home after classes and browse 4chan
>end first year as a loner
>"that's okay, 2nd year will be better"
>it wasn't
>tfw going on my 3rd year and still friendless while everyone else already has their friend groups all set

the key is to start as early as possible, interact a lot with people as often as you can until it "sticks" and you can't go a couple of days without interacting with them.
For me it's no use at this point. Everyone already has their groups of friends established, no one's at that "I want to meet lots of people" phase anymore, and I pretty much have already established myself as that person who does not look like wants to meet people, even if that's not really how I feel inside. If starting interactions with people was already hard before, now it's even worse because everyone has closed themselves off to their own groups. Any interaction I may have is only temporary.

I fucked up my chance of making new lifelong friends, of living the college experience.
If you don't get a gf after a while of being there then go Elliot Rodger
I'm going into Uni with my bf, how bad of an idea is this?

>his ex gf is going also
Dude, fuck the UK. Fuck 9000 pound fees. You are so much better than that, public universities in Germany for example literally cost nothing with the exception of small administrative fees for each semester and your accommodation. Brexit hasn't been negotiated yet and it is unlikely educational connections will be affected by it. Go to the freedom of Europe
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Was already the plan (desu) though I have no writings or videos. They will have no idea what set me off
I'm pretty much in the exact same situation as you are, I fucked up badly. Listen to this anon's advice, if you try to connect to people later on you don't really connect with anyone, that could just be me though. Your friends at home will probably move on from you too, the only reason I still keep in contact with them is due an activity we sometimes do where they need x amount of people, and I'm the xth person they need.
I was thinking Denmark but I don't know if they give the support allowance to non-Danish people, but yeah our education system is a rip off.
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What if I really feel like I want to be left alone?
Interacting with people is just such a fucking chore, I wouldn't mind leaving school without any attachments
Will I come to regret this?
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I know that feel way too well. Being with people is a chore, getting to know them is not enjoyable because for a while you aren't allowed to show who and how you really are, and you might even have to fake being interested in others to get to know them. And why bother going through all that work when there aren't even *guarantees* that you will hit it off nicely and become friends, right?

Why commit to something you do not want to do, leaves you exhausted and does not imediately guarantee friends? You enjoy time alone, afterall, so why bother?

Don't think this way, as tempting as it sounds. Before you know it, you are avoiding people not because you enjoy being alone, but because you no longer know how to interact, and you're afraid of it. You sound a lot like me anon, I'd even say that you are, in part, afraid of interacting with others, and are hiding behind the excuse that you like being alone better. Which might very well be true, but in life you should never have too much or too little of something. Even as an introvert, I've come to learn that I need some amount of extrovertedness in my life. Doesn't mean I have to be loud and constantly meeting with people, just don't seclude yourself from people.

Living and enjoying life is about balance. You will come to regret not having met people, trust me. Notice how I am not the only anon on this thread calling attention upon the importance of making friends, and as soon as possible, preferably. It's worth it
I just want to add some comments to the "make friends" advice. I was a very solitary individual in 2nd year and simply made no friends and felt perfectly fine with it.

But one day, at the end of exams, all of my housemates threw a party. I noticed some people I had started a conversation once or twice with in the past, but I hadn't bothered to push it. I wasn't invited.

One of the worst feelings, made me regret my whole 2nd year of university
Hell, I read the whole board and now I'm fucking scared of college, specially the "making a lot of friends" part. My social skills are shitty, in my whole life I've never had a friend but rather acquaintances who eventually forgot about me. I know the whole thing of "finding people who share the same interests as you" but that never worked for me.

From elementary school to highschool I've always been in classrooms with only 10 students maximum, which each year I was labeled as the weird/nerd/loser kid. There was never diversity of people with different likings due to the lack of students. And now I have no idea how to deal with college with my lack of social experience.
Then you're poised to break out of it. Colleges are big. At this point, you are free to revise your character however you like or not at all. It's an eventuality that you'll find similar people. If you do something stupid, there's so many people around that it'll be forgotten. You could literally run stark naked across a campus and show up to class the next day and have people forget or wave it off as an initiation or drunk episode.
Shit you don't have to do all of them all at once. You don't even have to do any of them. Just find a way to enjoy yourself
When you're at your gfs place and disappoint her.

It's some sort of trope to do it into a sock when your roommate is out-idk how accurate that is.
Depending on where you're going, it could be risky or it could be a guaranteed relationship suicide.

The opposite has had better chances in my observance. A girl and a guy who were mutual friends in high school went to different universities and actually started a relationship midway through.
Why live at the dorms?
(My parents/family tell me to not to because of religious reasons.)
Smoke weed
Do all your work and turn it in. You don't want to have low grades. This is especially true for some careers, like academia, more so than others.

Speaking of academia, as someone leaving said field I do not recommend.

Make friends in classes and in your dorm early. Go to all of the social stuff at the beginning of the year. Yeah, half the people you aren't going to have much in common with—but that's okay. You can still be friends with people you don't have much in common with. Especially if you have circumstances in common with them—say there's someone in your dorm that you both hate, you can gripe about them together. Or if you're in the freshman dorm and some idiot burnt their popcorn at 3 in the morning AGAIN and this is like the fifth time this year that it's happened.

Speaking of freshman dorms, avoid them like the plague. Also try to find out ahead of times what the dorms to avoid at your school are. My uni it was the two freshman dorms (well, the two biggest, there was a third but no one knew about it) and the party dorm.

Keep your options open. Have at least one alternative career planned if the one you really want doesn't pan out. Mine didn't and now I have barely any experience in the field I am switching over to.

At the same time, college is a waste of money if you don't know what you are going to major in, but if you're on this thread then that advice is probably too late for you.

Also don't go into too much debt, especially if you are getting a job in a field that has high unemployment and/or a fairly low wage—which sometimes go hand-in-hand. It may already be too late for you though, as before.

Learn to cook if you don't know how to already. At the very least simple stuff so that when you are up late working and there's no food places open you can make yourself something to eat.

Learn portion control. Avoid the Freshman Fifteen.

Don't go home too often, especially not in the beginning. Stuff happens at school and you don't want to miss it. (I went home nearly every weekend to see my girlfriend, and although I think that was more enjoyable in my case there was a lot that I was missing.)

Don't break laws. This should go without saying, but then people do so anyway. You'll get caught and it will make life harder for you.
Moving into a house with 4 girls that i know quiet well. Should be interesting i guess and they gave me the largest room. Everyone says i am crazy but i just want a good story for my last year at my college.
>religious reasons

It's just a good idea to because you are right in the middle of everything. Keeps you social and easier to make friends since you are by people all the time. Leaving off campus can be more pricey and sometimes hard to get a close place which makes it a little difficult to stay active in social events.
I'd say rewards are a case by case kind of thing or that it doesn't matter. I had more rewards than a girl who received a full scholarship. (And then there are people who get rewards just to be douchecanoes, it's not good character and will probably manifest itself.)
My family hears a lot stories about people screwing their lives up -- pretty much the only reason (new) people go to church anyways -- at college.

I've been sheltered a lot, so social reasons probably wouldn't make much of a difference. Que sera sera.
If you attend full-time working towards a degree, you may be eligible for up to $5700 in pell grants, as well as $4,000 in opportunity grants.

On top of that, you will be given opportunities to apply for Scholarships, will can greatly increase the funding to pursue an education. In the end, and if you study hard enough, you could feasibly have all of your living arrangements (rent, car, insurance, bills, food, etc) paid for and have enough left over to save.
From my experience this is mostly true except I started a gaming club my junior year which led to me meeting a bunch of people my senior year when it got popular. I'd strongly advise joining a club and looking for new clubs regularly even after freshman year. You don't have to go back if you don't like it and if you do like it you'll end up meeting a bunch of people with common interests.
File: 1469248494884.png (157KB, 516x440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Because of money reasons I will not able to start college on a normal cycle, for some reason my future uni starts a new cycle every semester. So I'll start college in January

Am I fucked?
so don't go into uni at all? is that what you're saying...sorry...
No, but how money issues prevent you from going now and not in January?

Are they wanting payment for you for Fall that you can't pay, but can pay in January, or are they withholding scholarships/grants until January?

I don't think you're fucked, yet. I need more details. Also, starting in Spring isn't that bad, I guess. But it seems odd to be forced in a Spring schedule, inherently delaying your graduation for an entire year.
It's complicated, my mother (single mother) got fired recently, dispite of this sounding pretty bad, the termination was in bad terms so she is suing the company, everything is in her favor in the case but bureaucrasy happens and we'll have to wait a little until this thing it's solved, probably by November this year. She's also looking for a job but the lawsuit it's the priority now.

Because of this I'll have to wait, I don't mind it, really, I'll take this time to get /fit/, probably get a job and learn a new language or something. It just worries me going to college when everyone else has a semester of advantage. I guess I won't be the only one but still.
I'm starting university this fall...
I don't have a license, I might be able to rides from two or three friends?
I don't know know whether I want to keep majoring in the major I chose...
I am having an interview this coming Monday...I was thinking of just dropping from university and working and then may be going into a fast tracking/trade job/ vocational school instead...
Should I give it a try or at least try for one semester...
I tried looking for apartments or roommates online...I haven't found a few, may be one, but then I'd have to get a job there...And I don't really know if they'd really give me a chance...
Please I beg for advice or help....!!!!
That's weird...

You can "screw up" your life regardless of whether or not you live in a dorm. Could you give an example? Because it's not like you don't have self control or that dorms are some vehicle for vice or whatever.
Ahh, okay. You're not fucked then. If you don't mind the gap and can find meaningful things to do until then, it's not going to hold you back much.

Go to college. I'll never point anyone in a different direction, no matter the age or circumstance.

People who "drop" university to "work" usually get pulled into an endless cycle that eventually comes back to haunt them. Even highly successful people who never went or left end up going back (not all, but a lot).
I agree. A dorm?


Frat house, maybe. But a dorm, pshno.
Relationships aren't relatively as important as your studies.
I fucked up getting a loan. I thought my dads VA benefits would cover it but hes not eligible due to a retard reason of not using his other benefits.

How fast can i get a student loan to cover just fall semester? It starts August 22.
don't let fear stop you, anon.
Here's a piece of knowledge/advice I wish I'd been given when I first started out.

First of, you have to get it in your mind that anything you do or should be able to do is a skill, therefore it requires practice. It's something you get better at through trial and error.

Being shy/not social usually results from being afraid of having others judge you, and then you get used to being silent and not putting in effort in dealing with others. In overcoming it, you have to face the fact that you're gonna have to put yourself out there, little by little, and that you will face many embarrassing or awkward moments. But that's okay, it's part of the process. Much like with any skill, you have to mess up to understand what you could be doing better, otherwise you'll be stale forever, you won't be able to grow.

The key then is to try to move on and forget the embarrassing moments and keep doing it. You'll find that with time you'll get better at it and more used to opening up and facing people.

I am very reserved and it is not unusual to proceed in weird ways without realizing it. The advice I just gave, I did put it in practice before, and it did start to work. The only problem was that I never bothered to stick to it, to force myself to interact with people. So eventually all my progress faded. I'll be a senior this year, and you bet your ass I won't stop trying. This time, I will get it right, and I hope you follow suit.
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So, due to circumstances out of my control, I will not be able to attend on campus until the second semester (my first semester will be online) of the first year. I can still make friends, r-right?
Step One: Focus on your grades.

Step Two: Get a part time job in your field.

Step Three: Have a plan for when you graduate.

Good times and academic success will come to you, but only if you follow these three simple steps.
Any advantages or disadvantages to starting college in the second semester? I'm not worried about friends- I don't care about people anymore. For personal reasons I most likely won't be able to attend College during the Fall semester.
Guys pls
Been a few years for me

>go to college in a city. College towns offer little outside of class and partying
>going to a CC and transferring is a wash cost wise for engineering majors. You miss out on a year of working because it took you 5 years rather than 4
>drink and smoke to your content. Avoid pills
>work a job, any job at least 10 hours a week. It fills your resume and gives some spending money
>take at least 15 credits a semester
>when you need an easy elective, find out what the football and basketball teams are taking.
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>Be 21, finally save up enough for college
>Realize I spent all my time working and not socializing.

How do I make friends and win over cuties?
I don't have personal experience with your situation (yet) but I've heard that students in your case will clump together. You're likely not the only one who'll be coming in January. It'll be a smaller group so make the best of it. Of course, it isn't impossible to make friends outside of that but joining a club or two you're passionate about should help.
What I mean by "yet" is that I plan on transferring fall of junior year (I'll be a sophomore this fall). I attend a private university but want to transfer to a public one for financial reasons. Anyone have advice regarding this?
Thank-you, lad.
Dont do a me and go to a uni you don't like doing a course you don't like with no friends at all. And have to repeat a year along the way from dat depression.

Thank Christ I finish this shit show in June
>Going into second year

I don't really want to green text


College is a completely different place and the way you choose to act your first year can really reflect what kind of person you are or who you want to be. If you want to be the person who goes to college parties and is very social, then you truly need to live up to it. That is the way to be happy with this lifestyle. You need to leave your doors open and go to most of the events offered no matter what it is. If you don't care about the social aspect of college, then don't move on campus if you don't have to. If you lock yourself in your dorm room, you'll end up losing your mind and racking up debt.

>Your major

I know you want to be a nuclear physicist and an investment banker but be careful. If you struggle with calculus or accounting principles, you're going to have a hard time. It's great to make goals that are hard to reach but your major is not one of these. As someone who changed their major multiple times, I know what it can be like. Your first year, take some cores. Most degrees need Calculus, Composition, Economics, and a History course. Don't take that mechanical engineering course unless you're sure on it.


If you're in a math class and you're lost during a lecture, make some marks by the problems and ask your professor after class. Figure out the name of the problems and go study that immediately. You do NOT want to get behind in any math course. Don't be the kid who needs to pop an Adderall to write a paper. Most unis have writing centers which will greatly help. Don't be embarrassed to use them.


Your school has a rec center, use it. Get in the gym and lose weight or put some mass on. Learn to build your confidence through productive means. Lifting weights will make you a new person.

Start reading. If you're new to it, find some easy science fiction or fantasy. If you're not new to it, it's time for philosophy and big boy literature.
Choose your friend group wisely It is so easy to get sucked into drugs it is insane. I've seen countless people who never even touched weed in high school do mdma, coke, and xanex almost every day of the week and it is ruining their lives.

Read book of pook and start talking to a lot of girls. Freshman year is where you make good first impressions on the ladies and it will eventually ripple out to other girls that you are cool and you will get hit on like a rock start (no brag...ok a little brag).

Fucking go to class and study. Don't be a retard and spend your time doing stupid shit. University is a place to learn about the world and explore. Treat it like how a kid treats a candy store but with more respect.

What you do during these times will effect the rest of your life. Live it well.
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