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How to live the rest of my life single?

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Hey /adv/,

So I'm a pretty good "catch" on paper, tall, job, hobbies, not TERRIBLE looking, fit, etc. (I'm a guy entering my mid 20's)
For personal reasons I just don't see myself in a long-term relationship or married... Like ever, and I've had success with women. Nothing against the female gender, It's just I don't really see an incentive to hunt for a girlfriend or get married, financially or emotionally.

What are some things that people who stay single can do that married couples can't? Take jobs that require a lot of travel? Take more financial risks? Have more time for side-businesses? Living off the grid? My end goals are self-actualization, being the top 10% in some area of expertise (figuring that out arm) and to be rich so I can take care of my parents, my (much much older) siblings and other people close to me in my life (except a grill of course ;> )

What's life like without a significant other, say in your 30's and 40's?
Committing to a life of being single is dumb.

If you stay single and grow to dislike it when your older you are fucked.

If you date around and get sick of it at least you tried it and made the decision to be single after playing both sides.

Frankly i can't see the single life being very satisfying in the 30's-40-s. i am 35 married with kids and it sounds lonely as fuck.
>lonely as fuck

Well that's why I posted here. It seems from my 20s-mid 30's, that's a decade to get really really good at something. At be an amateur sport? Lots of athletes stay in the game till about 35-36 or so, even older if it's something like golf. Maybe be fluent in another language or two? A decade of work and life experience, without the time sink of a bitchy wife and children seems like it could be fun.
have a solid friend you can always rely on

have a weekly group ex. a Sunday MTB group
I know people who never really settled down until later in life. My uncle is 90, but really fit and healthy and has always looked young for his age; he married a woman half his age when he was about 50 and they're still married, and they've both lived full lives. There's not a fixed timetable on these things, no matter what the people around you feel the need to do.

I am in the same boat as you, more or less (25 here). I feel like a lot of people have this pressure to start a family or find a soulmate, like it's another stage in life you have to do to be an adult, and I'm just so burnt out on failed relationships with people who wanted me more than I wanted them that I don't really have any interest. I see it even on /pol/, there are dudes who are like "it's not that hard to find a wife" as if it's just this thing you need to get like a job or a house, and you just need to find one you can tolerate. Fuck that. I too am most interested in self-actualization, and it feels so good to be single and not have this indefinite commitment to someone else hanging over my head and pulling at all my life choices.

The thing is, you don't have to commit yourself to staying single for life. Why replace one pressure on yourself with another one? I'm still open to the idea that I might meet someone I want to date or marry or something, but I'm not making it a priority. Self-actualization and making the kind of life I want are my priority. Maybe somewhere down the road part of that will be wanting someone in my life, or a family or whatever. It sounds like you're asking whether trying to live the life you want is a bad idea. You don't need to ask permission to keep your options open, and you don't have to be in a relationship with anybody if you don't want to.

Just do you. You have the same right to do so as everyone else.
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