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ITT: Ask a Barbershopper

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A fellow anon wanted to know more about this in a hobbies thread, but I wasn't able to get to it in time to respond. Making an ama thread in hopes he and others might catch it.

I spend the bulk of my free time doing barbershop quartet singing. I compete and do gigs with a quartet and travel to several conventions each year. It can be a time consuming and expensive hobby, but it's a pretty fulfilling one I'd say.

So yeah, feel free to ask me anything about the barbershop world or just singing in general. Pic related, though its seldom what a quartet looks like nowadays.
Are you a barber?
I have no info on this stuff besides comedy tv series.
What's the requirement? What's do you even do?
Hey homie, that was me that was in that hobbies thread. How do I get started? I haven't sung since elementary school. Do I just find a local chorus and tag a long? There is a men's chorus near me should I start there?
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I am not a barber, though people often ask if I cut hair when I tell them I do barbershop. There really aren't any requirements. The vast majority of barbershoppers are amateur singers, so you don't have to be a music wiz to do it. As for what I do, I sing with a chorus every Thursday night and rehearse with my quartet on Sunday evenings. I can go into more detail for both of those things more if you'd like.

Joining a chorus is pretty much how everyone starts out. There are many barbershop choruses or "chapters" throughout the United States and Canada. You can find one by using this link (http://ebiz.barbershop.org/ebusiness/Public/ChapterProximitySearch2.aspx) or simply google "barbershop chorus in X".

Chapters are mostly all associated with the Barbershop Harmony Society of which I'm a member. You don't have to join the society to participate, but you do if you want to sing in a competition and get other member benefits along the way.

Be warned that not all choruses are created equal. There are some large choruses with a wide age range among its members as well as smaller choruses which are made up exclusively of old timers. I've sung with both and don't find the older, smaller choruses as appealing. At any rate, just go to a chapter meeting, introduce yourself, and go from there. Barbershoppers are a pretty friendly and welcoming bunch.
I want to know names of haircuts. Can you share a chart image listing the main ones?
what's your range and do you have a YT channel?
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As I said before, I am not a barber. Here's a chart I found on google though.
Tfw no haircut i like. But thanks op
My comfortable range is G2 to E4 in chest/head voice. I can belt out or "mix voice" G4 to Ab4, and Falsetto E3 up to G5.

I sing barbershop baritone, which in classical voicing is tenor I believe. The four barbershop voice parts from highest to lowest are tenor (lots of falsetto or full voicing), lead (this is the melody), baritone (which can sing above or below the lead), and bass (seldom sings above anyone). If you can sing a F3 comfortably, you are a barbershop bass.

I do not have a YT channel unfortunately. The Barbershop Harmony Society does, though
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Gonna go offline for a bit so I'll jump bump this in case anyone has any more questions. Here's a couple performances that give you an idea of what good barbershop sounds like.

>Bluegrass Student Union (1978 International Champions)

>Instant Classic (2015 International Champions)
I know who you are and I l've been studying your performances. I know what you can become I know how to make you stronger like myself. You know how to contact me you know where to find me I'll see you in the Lab
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