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Mental Ilness general

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Post along with the brain that fucks with you and ask questions: Just remember not to substitute this for therapy and to let your Ilness make you into a victim.

Hey /adv/.
Do you have any tips for living with manic/depressive episodes?

Right now I employ:
>Drugs (Mirtazapine)
>Trying to keep social

I've also been wondering if I should quit weed and alcohol all together since I'm taking medication.
You should also post what your diagnosed with because mental illness ranges from schizophrenia to social anxiety.

I'm diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I use weed as an ssri re uptake inhibitor. Colanzapam for anxiety, citalapram for the depression, doctors think I might be by polar but are waiting to see.

I try and work a lot, two jobs doesn't leave much time to think. I also talk to people who emotionally invest in me because the likely hood of them giving a shit and understanding is higher.

Other than that just hobbies and pets help.
>>17316179 same. hve clinical depression with psychosis, GAD social phobias. might be bipolar doctors also waiting...feel shitty been crying through out the day for the past 3 days. what do? my friends don't want anything to do with me, parents and siblings in California for trip
so im alone in my abode. know drinking wont help. been cutting though
bump this
Get out of the house anon. Take a walk, look at the sky, go to the movies.... I know it is not easy, and it seems it won't help but once you do it you would feel better.
>I try and work a lot
This is your problem in my opinion. you need to have a balanced and healthy life. Work to free time, healthy food, a little bit workout.
thanks anon. going outside sounds sketchy but ill make an effort
deff kick the devils letttuce and happy juice fucks you up even more
I have depression and social anxiety and although I'm in therapy it's tough for me to ask for extra support from my friends or even suicide hotlines when things are really bad. I always feel pressured to keep quiet about my illnesses and not burden other people with them, so even when I'm able to ask for help I end up lying and saying things are less serious than they really are. Is this common, and what can I do about it?
Bipolar here.
Been living with it for over 10 years.

The biggest piece of advice I can give is regularity. Have regular sleep schedules, food schedules, work out schedules, and fun schedules. Mania and depression will still happen, but they can be managed and lessened somewhat by vigilance in your regular living habits. When you have ingrained schedules it makes it that much more difficult for chemical imbalances in your brain to derail your life.
unfortunately anon it is. from personal experience, DO NOT bottle it up!!!!! bad things will happen!! My experience

>Be utahfag
>Be barely 20
>Be jan 2016
>Find out I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder
>Dont tell senpai or friends or boss
>It starts to affect my job and life severely
>Fast forward to April 2016
>It cullminates into suicude attempt
>Destroy my room (live with parents still)
>Brother and friend stop me from cutting my wrists
>End up in psychiatric institution for 2 weeks
>Diagnosed with clinical depression with psychosis
>Social Phobias and panic disorder
Now, july 2016.
>on meds, should have asked for help in the first place
>stuck with $12,000 hospital bill and now due to incident im unemployed.

NEVER keep quiet anon. you need to be open if not, you coulld end up hurting yourself or others around you
I've been diagnosed adhd, bipolar, anxiety, major depressive, at various points. I get mood swings multiple times a day (unlike bipolar), have engaged in dangerous behavior in the past (not very anxiety disorder), self-harmed (hitting, cutting), have struggled with drugs/alcohol (currently 2 years sober though). I have generally low self-esteem and very few friends who i have volatile relationships with, and all gfs have been BPD/addicts/crazy.

I mostly fit the wiki description of BPD, but I look at BPD blogs and they all seem to emphasize the splitting aspect more than the general emotional volatility that I feel, but maybe that's because I'm in communication with so few people.

Idk, not currently seeing a therapist or psychiatrist, just wondering what you all think. Feel pretty lost atm
I was diagnosed with "classic depression" about a year ago.
My biggest issue is my intense jumpy nature. I seem to constantly react negatively to physical contact. This makes sexual contact nerve-racking and a relationship a non option.

I have no idea how to correct this.
There is no real cure for a flawed mind.
Just die and hope for a better genetical lottery.
I have this weird thing where I constantly find myself changing or going back on decisions about pretty much everything.

That thing where people almost walk into each other, then switch places and repeat again or whatever happens to me everyday.

I can't even commit to anything that makes me go outside these days because I'll just end up changing my mind for some reason and backing out (my weak stomach/IBS might have something to do with this).

Anyways, I'm just not even sure if I have some other illness or something, I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety but my brother keeps joking that I have bipolar (which to my understanding is not the case).

Will be seeing my psychotherapist and psychiatrist once my 'family holiday' is done, any clue as to what's going on with me?
>Do you have any tips for living with manic/depressive episodes?
I was diagnosed with type 1 bipolar disorder when I was 15. I'm 24 now.

I refused to take medication for over 5 years now. I also dropped out of therapy about a year after stopping meds.

I have slipped up a few times. My last episode/hospitalization was when I was 20.

I've noticed kinda manic symptoms starting up with me again. Racing thoughts. I catch myself talking really fast and being on edge.

My first suggestion, which I also learned in therapy, was to start recognizing triggers and early symptoms. Mindfullness goes such a long way.

I started a new job, and I realize the stress is what may be triggering me to feel a lot more "up."

When I catch myself not being tired, talking fast, I kinda just stop myself then and there, and be like "Whoa me, its time to do something calming."

I have a lot of outlets for all this mania I start to feel. I pace back and forth and talk to myself or rapidly think when I'm alone. But, this is really not good for me, it's kinda what I automatically do.

I've found certain videos and breathing exercises help me sleep and calm myself. I watch Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere to get to sleep at night.

My biggest recommendation to calm manic symptoms is: Noticing it, finding the trigger, and combatting it with ways to calm yourself. Find mind hacks to sleep is KEY, too.

For depression. Again, it's recognizing symptoms and triggers, then combatting it. When I am depressed, I do nothing. I sleep too much, I don't shower, lose will to do normal things. My therapist always told me to get moving. Even if showering or going to the grocery store seems like something you just can't do, just force your body to move even if the mind doesn't want to.
Intrusive repetitive thoughts
Possible schizophrenia
Crippling depression
Eating disorder
I'm not hear to shit in your litter. But having a combination of disorders like this is likely a misdiagnosis.

The fact that you have PTSD listed there, means that PTSD could be the link that gives you a majority of your symptoms and that's the first thing you should seek help for.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 3

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