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Strange fetish(?)

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Hey /adv/
First time poster here. I have got myself in a weird situation. I realized I was gay when I was in 7th grade. But thats not the problem. The thing is my taste in men is going downhill from as long as I can remember.

I always liked older men. Even when I was a kid, whenever I saw a man of my choice, I would imagine him as my dad or uncle. As I grew older i started to like them in a sexual way. Over time the "type" of men i liked also changed. It changed from cute fat man with salt and pepper hair to literally ugly men. Men no one in their right mind would find attractive. And its not like its this one ugly man i am infatuated with.

Today i saw a man and the literally the first thing i noticed and liked were his yellow/brown smokers teeth. I tried to talk to him and reeked of ashtray and sweat. Suddenly his sweaty clothes also looked good on him.

How do I stop liking such things......
Why do you need to stop liking something?

It's not a fetish that's hurting anybody else, like rape or childporn. It's fine and legal and whatever, so I'm guessing you want to change your own behaviour because you're ashamed or something?

Liking something weird doesn't make you a lesser human, it just makes you a bit odd. You can keep doing your fetish shit. People can't smell it on you, it doesn't write itself on your forehead if you have sexy feelings about something freaky weird.

If you think stopping liking something that you like is going to make you happier, then you're a dingus, friend.

ugh i feel ya bro im the same way. came out in 8th grade, was already on nifty.org reading all the father son inces.t still watch father son porn daily. i meet up wtih guys off craigslist and grindr and make them pretend to be my father and that they are raping my mouth.

theres this bar near where i work i go to soemtimes. i dont even get drunk but ill make out with as many old guys as i can (its a gay bar but its almost exclusively men over 40).

fatter, uglier guys, cuz it makes me feel like im the cute guy being used. theres a humiliation factor to it. when i watch porn if its two attractive men, it does nothing for me. it has to eb a really attractive young guy being used by bigger, preferrably older and uglier men.

ill even go to the porn theater and just get passed around letting different old dudes fuck my mouth. best day i had was like 6 of em surround me and play with my body and they all came on me. even really old grandpa type guys are starting to turn me on. the thought of being a disgusting little slut for dad(s) turns me on to no end. even the idea of grsos homeless men using me turns me on. i havent done it yet, but i tried to pay a homeless guy to just feel me up.

the saving grace herei s that im also REALLY into young guys. i think i proxy myself into both sides, and its actually easier for me to be with younger guys cuz im more dom and a total top (other than my mouth) so its just easier for me to have sex with younger guys and essentially imagine im the ugly old man


for guys like us its not just about being ashamed, its also just about not being able to have normal functional relationships. we cant just date someone our own age and do things we'd like.

you cant take the fat disgusting old man to play laser tag or just to the beach or whatever. they wont do it.

i thankfully also like young guys ( >>17167640 ) but it makes it hard to balancei t out. we feel liek we have to keep our dirty old man fetish a secret from them
post cute gay twinks
>tfw discovered nifty as a horny 13 year old and read stories about 13 year olds on older men

>developed a dad fetish I still have

> 25+ and still can't get off unless I pretend I'm friggin 15

>Still have a taste for those stories and struggle everyday not to read em b/c it feels wrong

swap fetishes with me OP

I'm a masc bro and I date other bros. I feel twisted as well man.

im the same way anon. though lately ive been wanting to pretend im more 9 or 10 years old. it flips around.

when im with a oyung guy im pretending hes young. and to get off i have to do a lot of groping, playing, and preferrably doing things like hooking their m0outh or licking them in ways like they are just a little toy im in control of. doing traditional sex type stuff just makes it all seem so... normal. gotta feel like im a depraved man absuing a boy.
Thread posts: 8
Thread images: 1

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