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Dating Advice for Short Men

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Any short men "5' 8" and below here who have any sort of advice at trying to meet women and date the ones you like as a short guy?

How much of a "problem" has your height been? How do you react when women challenge you or reject you because of your height? Are dating sites good or bad if you're a short guy yourself?

Little about me:
>5' 6" 120lbs
>some lean muscle and fat, look thin overall
>have OK facial aesthetics
>make a reasonable amount of money for someone my age, have a nice clean car and my own apartment
>seem to have a large enough circle of friends that appreciate my time and company that I must be doing something right when I interact with people in general

And yet, I have been told by people I know, both men and women, that my height is *definitely* a factor when it comes to how often I get rejected. I figured I'd state that now because I know there's going to be people who insist it's not my height, but my attitude that puts women off. Honestly, I wish I could fix my attitude and become as attractive as tall guys, but I know it's not like that at all.
Its unfair but what are yah gunna do?

You have to be comfortable with your height, no one else.
>>>trying to meet women and date the ones you like
You mean meet women and desperately take what you can get and hope they have some redeeming value, if not repeat.
This is what guys do whether short or tall.
Being more attractive just means more dumpy sluts will fuck you and some regular girl will be FIXATED on you for a short time.

You will NEVER get to just pick out a girl you like. Nobody does. They take what they can get and cross their fingers.
You are taller than Tom Cruise.

Google "successful short men"
go for asian chicks dude
Well I'm pretty OK with it, it's women who don't seem to like it. Unless I'm missing something, women do seem to vastly prefer tall men to short ones. I don't think this is womens' "fault" or that they owe me something - I do think there is an issue with how short men are seen and portrayed though, and that this possibly effects womens' attraction to short men. I think by default we're biologically attracted to people around our height, but this "nobody under 6 feet/nobody under X feet tall" thing isn't really that natural.

I guess it's true that women are more likely to settle for you initially if you have the looks they want. It's unfortunate though because it means the shorter you are, the more you get passed up. Oh well though, right?

Thanks, I think I will

Are you sure? No need to narrow the dating pool further, especially since being short means my prospects are already thinned significantly.

5'6" here. i honestly didnt know that height was such a big deal until 4chan. at worst it was somethign to make light hearted jokes about.

im 5'6" and bounce between 115 and 125. Its never really affected my dating. looking back a majority of my girlfriends were shorter than me, but some were taller (sometimes freakishly). my last girlfriend was 5'4". my current is about 6'0". despite having had tall girlfriends before, 4chan has made me more conscious of the height difference, and fucking her feels a little weird, but its going smooth so nothing to worry about.

i think you worry too much about 'how often' you get rejected. sure, being tall might help, but height doesn't really create chemistry. if you were tall you'd still get rejected a lot. all men get rejected a lot.

im not saying an attitude change will make more girls like you. i just dont think you realize that ALL MEN get rejected a majority of the time. in terms of human interaction these 'failures' mean literally nothing if you still have successes.

there is no cloaked man in the sky with a chalk board keeping track of how many girls said 'no' to a date proposal.
im 5'8 and its never been a problem, thought that is the average height here or just under. dating sites are shit for men regardless of their height. a women has never challenge me based on my height. you are way underweight for your height, you are the same height and weight as one of my friends and he is like a stick. gaining weight is easy for my height so it should be even more easy for you.
As a 5.3 ft female I would have to disagree that 5.8 is short, 5.4 ft is getting there but 5 ft is short.
yeah, i wouldent say 5 ft 8 is small, its on the smaller side but its definitely not short, its average. 5 ft 6 and below is small
>women do seem to vastly prefer tall men to short ones
Maybe they do but i have a theory that might make you happier mate
I think girls use the "no short guys" rule as an excuse, its not really about your height its about it being a "socially acceptable" way of rejecting you.
Im not saying there is something wrong with you but women are extremly flakey aswell as strict in who they choose to date and they have ALOT of options.
But this comes at a price, most people dont enjoy breaking bad news to people so how do you do it?

Dating sites/apps are shit for all guys, tall or short so dont take those seriously in any way shape or form and dont worry about being rejected.
All men get rejected, some more or some less but in the end it doesnt matter you need to keep your chin tucked in and keep taking those beatings

Its a curse we all share friend, no matter who we are.
girls don't hate short guys, they hate unconfident and over compensation. They also hate wimps. As long as you're respectable(people respect you) it's not an issue. you however do not need to respect other people for other people to respect you.
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Just my luck then that I'm short (5"6) and had my confidence annihilated for years on end.
6' 3 master race reporting in
I know this might come across as odd, but other shit is a lot more important than height.
You are more worried about your height than any girl you come into contact with.

Going on tinder and okcupid provides you a very skewed perception of what women are looking for.

So either be confident with who you are, and do what you need to like yourself or fake it til you make it.

>caveat I am not personally short, but I do have a few good friends that are your height and managed to land a girl and get married.

Keep in mind, anyone is insecure about something...You've been called short, I've been called a monster and a giant. I'm not sure which is worse.
most tall people are really lanky though and it looks even worse than being small. women are ignorant to fighting and have no idea who can protect them, speaking generally of course, obviously there are expectations.
5"6 here
Height was never a known problem for me, if women don't want to date me bcz of my height I never get it. Never happend activly. I don't like daiting sites bcz it all
>oh I'm no one for one night!
>what? No I only want sex

But my actual GF is 5"0 so she don't care.

whatever helps you sleep at night.

you know... alone.

dating site are toxic anyway. they are good if you use them for just one week, but anything longer than that then you've gone through all the girls who are REALLY there to date, and all thats left are the girls who are ALWAYS there, which means they arent as serious about dating as they think.
They are the ones who "always date the wrong guys for two years now gosh"
>But my actual GF is 5"0 so she don't care.
You lucky son of a bitch
Im 6'1'' and ive been looking for a girl who is under 5'3'' in height but shorter is better ofc
Grats bro
Thanks but I care more abt how she's good looking rather her height desu
I had taller GFs, shorter, as lottle as I care for my heigh I care abt her.

Oh, I was rejekted once bcz I was 8 month younger then her (I was 22 she 23 so no underage bullshit).
End of the day she sleeped in my bed so whatever. Just be yourself, srsly. Confidence counts more then actual looks or height or whatever
I got a thing for shorter girls , i like a specific type you see. Preferably below 5'3'', cute, fit with small breasts and good personality
Since the dating market is serverly lacking women i havent found anything even close to this, or anything at all in over a year of searching
Fuck it, work, lifting and hobbies are much more rewarding than chasing after a non-existing girl
But still, grats on beating the odds man
5'6 here, 140lbs, could lose a couple of pounds but it's all in my backside, get a fair few compliments about my nice arse.

Put on some mass, it'll balance out your height, short guys have an advantage when it comes to looking decent with very little muscle mass.

At the end of the day, any women who are going to reject you based on height aren't women you really want to be around anyway. If you want to just pump and dump go for some fatties on tinder or get the dregs who are still in the club after 2am.

If you're after an actual relationship, stop giving a shit and being self-conconsious. Just do your thing, either at work or in your social life, until someone takes interest in you, and go from there. Your height won't be an issue because they'll already know you as a person and so they aren't going purely off appearance.

Also don't be one of those twats who's identity is their height. Whether it's some tall lanklet who gets his rocks off being a twat to shorter people (clipped a few of these twats in the mouth outside of bars), or some guy with a chip on his shoulder due to his height (always posturing, go overboard with the gym to make up for their height, etc.)

If you're a virgin or are single, you just need to get over the fact you're short as it'll hamper your social life. As soon as you get laid or have a couple of relationships under your belt, you'll realise it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.
I am 5'8 and 200 lbs (out of shape, but working on it).

I have never had height be a problem for my game, as I have had girls close to my height (and extremely attractive) be into me.

It's only a problem for me in online dating, where the natural aspect of it is superficial. Even then, I am more fascinating and hilarious compared to many guys, so it works in my favor.
OP here, thanks for all the replies

Maybe the internet is fucking with my perceptions. I didn't use to care until I came online. And it's not just 4chan, it's all of the internet, online dating and etc.

In regards to my thinness, yeah I am pretty thin but I don't think I look bad. BMI is 19.4 which is considered normal range. I would like to put on just a bit more muscle mass though.

I do appreciate all the responses though, it gives me a fair bit of hope even if it means I'll have to leave the computer/Tinder crap and go meet people IRL like a normal person.
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 2

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