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Has your ex ever come back after no contact?

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>dated for 3 years
>knew her for 7
>Huge argument and we broke up. It wasn't a gradual break up, more like a giant explosion of anger
>Tried winning her back for a week
>Went NC
>Been two months, thought I'd talk to her but she has a new guy now

Idk, I kinda want her back but she jumped into a new relationship instead of working on herself. I've kinda lost respect for her.
I found out 2 months ago that this girl i've been dating with a year slept with a former best friend 4 times

we opened up about everything, about our feelings, how things played out, etc.. leaving no stone left unturned.

dumped this girl have since and then tried to move on and had sex with 3 women multiple times off of okcupid. still currently seeing one...

anyways this girl still wants to date me and is begging me to stay. she bawls and had initially even attempted self harm (ate 30 klonpins). she's leveled out though and is in treatment.

saying i still don't have feelings for her would be a straight up lie. but my anger and resentment outweigh those.

what are your guy's general feelings on getting back with a cheating partner/ex??

would getting back with a cheating ex later after going ones separate way still make you a 'cuck'?

i've come along way but still feel angry and humiliated still.

just trying to get a general sense for personal reflection. ultimately i see no hope in this..

any experience here with cheating?
anyone take back a cheating ex??
ignore her man. she doesn't sound as invested in you as you are.
She doesn't owe you anything.

You left it 2 months to sort out? lol
I tried for a whole week but she wasn't having it, I felt as though continuously bothering her would just make me seem desperate.
It's weird man she spoke about getting married to me literally a few days before the break up. I don't know, we were best friends and knew each other so well
How much time she needs to move on to someone new has nothing to do with what you need, or what you think is right. Everyone processes things differently.

No one cares if you don't respect her. Least of all, her.

Stop moping around in your past and improve yourself for someone new, rather than worrying if your stupid ex is improving herself.
Its a rebound man...chillout, she'll be back eventually but dont take her, fuck this shit.
Had this happen, talked to her for a bit, she started crying and she came over to my place 5 minutes later and we made out.
Wow you made out! Thats so hot! NOT. But to OP, dude fuck her. You dontwant that pussy not that some other dude has plowed it. No way bro. If she ever comes back take her out for a nice date then say your going to the bathroom then drive home. When she asks why you did that, dont reply for 2 months then tell her to go eat a dick. Fuck yeah.
this whole thread is me, I left town for a week with my non technically dating gf but we did everything that would make us that. while I was gone she met someone and now is talking to him kissing him and he holds her hand and shit. i came back last night and slept at her house and fucked her and she wanted to fuck me. tells me she loves me too which doesn't make sense.
>even attempted self harm (ate 30 klonpins).

Video related bro, video related....
women always have new dick to sit on. nothing new

the real question is why havn't you fucked somenes else yet?
In a situation right now where I'm hoping to fix things but it might have to go to NC. I fucked up really bad and hurt my gf time and time again and took her and her promises to be with me for granted. She now seems unsure about what she wants. I'm hurting bad. To me she was the one for me. And I don't think I could ever love the same again. If it does go to NC I'm just hoping it will work out eventually because I want to be with her for my life.
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