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So, here´s the thing /adv/
>I´m a Law student in a shity country
>Some friends, no so bad grades, etc.
>Shit happens and my family gonna move (mum & lil´sisters)
>They´re moving to New Zealand and for some reason they told me to go with them
>I accepted ´cause my mother pays most of my shit. Friends are supportive of this.
>I started searching universities there, but i´m getting real frustrated here, ´cause the academyc requisites, grades no bad, but no good either.
>The language its another problem, my english its shit & i lack a certificade.
Please help me /adv/, any advice or help in the matter would be greatly appreciated i think we´re going to Wellington btw.

I don't know if they have community college where you're going but I'd suggest spending at least a year in one to improve your English and get comfortable in a Western country.

You can do the prerequisites for a real university there and it'll save you money. Also enjoy leaving a shitty country.
I'm from NZ, I can try to answer some questions if you're still around.
Really? i´d be a great help, im pretty much in nothing right now
What do you want to know? I'm a law student too.

Btw, I might pop off to have a shower in a bit, but I'll be back
Don´t worry i have time to spare at least
Yeah, about the univerities, how can i earn an admission? here it was a general test without any other requisites, my grades aren´t so good to apply for a transfer either.
There is any public with an international course or something?
I will be taking the Cambridge exam for my english certificade, but What level would be the apropiade?
Thanks in advance for your reply
Please, pardon my bad english, it´s my third idiom and i really didn´t have any interest in it until recently
What country are you from? Depending on that, you might not be able to transfer what you've studied so far over here, especially the law stuff.

Also have you looked into any universities? There are only about 10 or so (and only 6 which offer law), so it's not a lot of research. I think each of them will have their own entry requirements.

Also your English isn't too bad
Thanks, i have been trying hard to get it.
I´m from South America (please, don´t make specify the exact country, its Peru), i don´t really care if i can´t transfer my credits, i was preapared for it anyway.
I searched for Victoria, Massey & Lincon, but i kinda got confused with the admission requirements for international students, and the fees
If you want to keep studying law, the only one of those that offers law is Victoria.

Here are the links to the pages that tell you what you need to do for each of them

There should be contact email addresses that I recommend you get in touch with, I don't know much more about entrance for international students than what's on those pages.

As for fees, you'll be looking at significantly more than a domestic student. As a domestic student at Victoria, I pay about $8000 a year. International students pay at least $30,000 from what I know.
Fuck, thats something. i though it was public
Thanks for the links btw, it appears i need a minimum of C1 in CEFR scale for english
>i though it was public
What do you mean?
fail engrish? thats unpossible!

wellington has victoria university or you can join massey (has campuses all over nz) also depending on what you want to study too.
wellington is very windy there. and about now we are getting into our wintertime. summer isnt until nov-december.
dont worry about your bad english, most of those are taxi drivers...
Got confused, here people don´t pay jack-shit in public services (except to bribe workers there)
...Taxi driver?
In all honesty, i have half my mind in Lincon or Victoria, seem nice.
Tertiary education isn't free here. Also Lincoln is very farm-y, there's a big focus on agriculture there. If that's what you want to do, go there, otherwise Victoria is where you want to go. Auckland is good too, but Auckland is an extremely expensive city to live in.

In the end, the biggest factor is what you want to study
yes most taxi drivers are indian an pakistani as they dont complain and dont know their way around and have to rely on the GPS...
the 3 expensive cities are: auckland wellington and christchurch everywhere else is a lot cheaper. our economy is 2/3 dairying 1/3 tourism
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