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Thinking about it again

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I think I'm gonna kill myself. Not sure what else to do with my life
You can move to another country or city and start again. Suicide is for gays and women.

please leave the gays out of this, that was so 2014. suicides only for women these days.


literally anything?

this is how retarded your logic is
>I'm not sure what to eat tonight
>so i might as well never eat ever again
Or gay men who think they're women.

Either way I'm just trying to shame OP into living it's what Christ would want.
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and we all know christ hates women.
Please don't do anything rational. We all get lost sometimes. You just gotta get shit figured out. You only get to live once, so take the initiative to try to fix things. I love you random stranger.
I have no idea what you're trying to say but biblically speaking that crucified nigger actually does.

i hadnt looekd at the gif before posting it, assumed he made that face the entire time
That gifs older than Christ niggah how can you not know how it ends shieeet
Nope more men actually kill themselves. Woman have the higher """"""""attempt"""""""" rate then men.
Death is a doorway through which you cannot return. Crossing the threshold is more difficult than anything imaginable. Does it take more courage to leave this world, or to stay? Think of what you would be leaving behind, in favor of nothingness. The void is majestic in its infinitude, but colder than anything you have ever felt. Any afterlife beyond the most metaphorical is pure fantasy.
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You don't know what to do with your life OP?
So your great plan is to put a stop to it?

That isn't doing something with it dude. That is the epitome of doing nothing with it, to just cut it off short.

At the moment you may be just stuck on a plateau in your life.
Your stuck doing the same thing, day in and day out. Your misery and depression is your bodies way of telling you that it needs a new stimulant.
Your body is just letting you know that it wants to play and try some new things.

And your response is to kill it?
Like a child asking to go to the park down the road, because he sees it on his way home from school everyday, and you responding by slitting his throat in the back of your car because he had the audacity to wonder beyond the everyday humdrum of life?

You just need change.
A change in your life.

Don't make the mistake of thinking death is just another part of life.
Death is the end of it.
And your body and mind still want to play.

So stop fucking fighting them. Put your ego down and experience new things.
Your body will tell you when it's ready to settle down.
This might help... People are going through the same thoughts as you

> don't do anything rational
This is pure gold
Anyways op, I was at the same spot about 2 months ago. Had the set up to go and everything. I mean, I still want to kill myself now but that's just because I'm a selfish little prick who doesn't want to own up to the responsibilities of life. Although I feel a little justified in thinking about suicide because I never asked to be alive. My parents just decided to fuck one day and 9 months later I was forced to exist. It's okay to feel suicidal op, but it's another thing to do it. I sought professional help and you should too. Just get on some meds to stabilize you, if only to find out what you rationally think, since suicidal tendencies are rarely rational. If the thoughts persist, even after 2nd and 3rd line treatments, drop off the radar from your psychiatric help, cause they'll try and put you in an institution real fast, and those places are terrible. No one else can stop you from killing yourself, and I have yet to see a convincing argument against it, except the emotional toll on those close to you. So if you can die with that, go for it, but it does seem a touch too selfish, even though it is almost pointless. Best of luck on reaching the inevitable blackness of death at the end of what can only be described as a pointless, inexplicable series of events in which you played only a next to meaningless part in and you had almost no control over. Wether you chose long and torturous or short and torturous, life is truly suffering, even if you have a good life, the only thing that can make you enjoy it is ignorance.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 3

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