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Redpilling Women

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19 m, kinda fat but have an attractive face. I've been reading a lot of this red pill stuff and they never seem to clarify this. Does it only work for thin/fit men? I'm working on losing the fat currently, but a recent spike in testosterone made me horny and curious if this works for all men. I want to lose my virginity & randomly fuck and move from woman to woman like pic related.

Is it possible? If so, how do i do it?
>Does it only work for thin/fit men?
It doesn't work for anyone. The red pill is poison.
You would have to be autistic to write that much garbage, there's no way it's real, OP.
There is more evidence aside from this photo. It definitely seems like emotionally manipulating women by using sexual strategy works if you do it right.
>meet some Bernie cuck girls
>say trump is racist
>drop fucking mad facts down and get them to admit they were wrong about trump

Yeah right

Y'all niggas got that bronze tongue
"red pill shit" only works if you're female manipulating a male. sorry, it's true. give up.
gtfo femanon
Is /adv/ filled with clueless ledit normies like these idiots now?

Back around 2011 we had long helpful info threads. OP's pasta was always a classic, it was very helpful to me and certainly others.

And yes OP you gotta get fit. At least stop being fat, that shit is disgusting, unhealthy and only makes your life harder.

Also, if you're completely awkward/autistic socially forget about it. Focus on getting experience socializing and winning friends first, womanizing will come later.
You need to understand that although it's possible to make generalizations about the behavior of GROUPS of people, you are going to be interacting with INDIVIDUALS.

So from that perspective, no, your "red pill" attempts at manipulative behavior are not guaranteed to "work". Being a fat fuck is going to be a turn off to some (maybe a lot) of women, whereas being more physically desirable would make you more attractive.

The problem with this sort of "red pill" bullshit is that it's not a good foundation for finding a worthwhile relationship. The women who can be manipulated this way and the resulting relationship are mostly going to revolve around the manipulation. But honestly, the kinds of guys who end up with this sort of behavior are losers who aren't capable of maintaining a good relationship anyway.
I never wanted a healthy, long term relationship. I've been in one before, they're overly hyped
>not using the red pill to it's highest benefit
>not searching for surrogacy
>not investing time in self-improvement
>not even trying to figure the "WHY" out
what are you even trying to accomplish with the red pill?
here's what I can't stand about the redpill shit:
>guise how do I manipulate girls into liking/dating/sleeping with me
2 weeks later
>guise why are women such manipulative bitches
>hurr durr I will act like a turd to get women to sleep with me
>why are the women that sleep with me attracted to other turds as well?

You become a turd by acting like one.
As a guy who doesnt want to take the redpill and manipulate women into sex/relationship i can say that its very hard to get them to do it with no manipulation
The manipulating is to make them enter a relationship, sure you might see this as personal gain at others expense but is a relationship really that big a deal? seems like it considering how women tend to avoid it like the plague but my point is if you manipulate someone with a slight push in a direction with good intentions its not bad
>There is more evidence aside from this photo.
All of which is junk.

>Back around 2011 we had long helpful info threads. OP's pasta was always a classic, it was very helpful to me and certainly others.
No, you're not. You're the same bitter unfuckable manchild you always were, making up stories to drag vulnerable men down with you because that's the only way you can feel any sort of validation anymore. Just like your "others".
>No, you're not etc
How then, do you suggest one is to go about getting laid?
You bash these ideas so post some helpful suggestions or gtfo
>do you suggest one is to go about getting laid?
you pay a prostitute
Thats illegal in many places, thats not what we are looking for, wanting a relationship etc etc
So many reasons why this is terrible advice
You dont know shit man
What do you want? Getting laid or a relationship? A relationship implies emotional investment, getting laid doesn't.

Getting laid, simply getting laid no strings attached is actually harder because no "other" qualities safe for physical attraction play a part.

Getting into a relationship, you see all sorts of people do it. look on trains and public transportation at the amount of wedding bands and married people, and most of them aren't very attractive.
I want either but relationship is higher up
Please share some advice on how to land a relationship
>Please share some advice on how to land a relationship
Figure out what you value truly. What is on top of the things you want, not in a partner but in the relationship, how does your ideal relationship look like. How does your ideal life look like, how much money do you have, where do you live. Then when you date people you see if they would fit the life you want or not, you ask them questions about their future life and how they see it. Knowing what you want out of life, for a man, is very attractive. Wanting a woman makes her weird. Seeing a guy go after the life he wants is always more attractive than seeing a guy go after a specific woman.

Second of all, don't hold your partners to other standards than you. If you want an attractive partner who takes care of herself, you need to take care of yourself, it's called reciprocity. If you want someone with old school, conservative values as in a stay at home wife and children, be prepared to accept the flip side of the coin which is you need to be the breadwinner and a good christian father to those kids. That sort of thing. Don't go all r9k, expecting a virgin waifu while fapping to degenerate 2D and wasting your life playing vidya, if you get my drift.

Third of all, there are vastly immature men and vastly immature women out there who have no clue what they want. The equivalent to the princess who expects the world to be offered to her on a plate is the guy who expects to get a 9/10 princess at the end of the day if he does his best. The world is extremely unfair and there are wonderful people in my friends who have shit ends of the stick and complete douchebags who seem to only have luck. It hasn't to do with redpill bluepill thing. There is such a thing as confirmation bias and you will start to see whatever confirms your worldview inside of the world. If you start to believe in redpill crap you will see it everywhere.
You make a very good case, i must say
I know what i want in life, i got a plan for the future and i got a part time job aswell as my studies helping me achieve that goal.
I can honestly say what i want most in life is a sexually active caring girl who also likes to work out and wants to share time with me, this is something i bury deep inside because i agree with you. For a man to say he wants a woman is very frowned upon and causes women to vacate the scene quickly

The problem i see is how to get over this catch 22, i cant want girls since that turns them off so what do i do to overcome this hurdle?
Make sure your life is packed full of stuff that you don't drop at the top of a hat to meet a girl.

Have hobbies, clubs, friends, shit to do. You can want a girl and show interest, but if it is clear that you would be perfectly fine without her that is better.

Say that you get a date and you reply "sorry, not on monday, I have football with the guys, but Tuesday good?" that is the good medium between showing you are interested but also showing that you have your own life. She'll be invited into your life. You won't roll out the red carpet and be like PLZ GET INTO MY LIFE.
Do you get the difference?
I get the difference, ill keep doing what i am doing then and it will work out
If not, then ill be back here asking for more advice
>taking advice from a cuck
investing tons of time in self improvement lately, i just want to use it to bang multiple women at once.
idgaf if they're attracted to other turds, I just want to manipulate them into having sex with me
Start the appropriate lifestyle routine for multiple women at a time...
Guys. Ladies. It's the future. You don't need to trick someone to sleep with you. You don't need to be in a long term healthy relationship. There's a shit ton of gray in the middle.

Find someone of your preferred sex that wants to red pills their preferred gender too. Fuck each other all the time. Eventually you'll remember that you guys want to fuck other people too, and will just do it.

You probably won't even notice the years you two spend together doing this. Fuck around lovelies.
>I never wanted a healthy, long term relationship. I've been in one before, they're overly hyped

What? It wasn't a healthy relationship if you got into it when you never even wanted one.
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You are a fat autistic 19 yeard old virgin. Do you seriously believe there's anything you can read to turn you into a Don Juan?
No way dude, you need to go to clubs, parties, etc. Talk to women there, get rejected, try to be funny, get more rejected, until you fuck your first girl.
you misunderstand. I was in one before thinking LTRs were great and all but then I realized its all just a waste of time & broke up.
All of this works. But it isn't worth it.
Don't waste your time on bimbos or women who don't know what they want, OP. It's fun for a while but before you know it, you'll be too old to learn how to have a functioning relationship or even find the type of woman you actually want to be with.

It's a waste of time, energy and money. Invest it in finding a proper partner. Doesn't matter if you think those are unicorns. "Nothing worthwhile" and all that jazz...
i'll cross the long term partner bridge when I'm a bit older dude, i'd rather just fuck a ton of women while i'm still young then focus on that sort of thing
OP, I also believed in the red pill.
Now I refuse it.
Red pill is legit only if you are 7+ male. But, in that case, you'd not mess RP.
Looks are the only thing that matters.
If you're sub 7.. Sorry for you, it's over.
I lost all hopes of having a decent and loyal gf.


Why settle down with one person after you've hooked up with randoms?

Doesn't it invalidate real relationships since you can form that bond with anyone?
But 7+ males don't need to be redpilled to get laid.
Then again, the red pill is useless in my opinion
You can still fuck around a ton while doing it with the right people. I don't know what kind of American Pie fantasies you have about your 20s, but sex is kind of in the package as long as you look for relationships. Just never settle for women out of comfort and you'll be fine. Not to mentions friends with benefits, if you actually manage to get in shape.

In essence: Stop being a loser. Live life. The rest comes naturally.
i'll hook up with randoms for like 2-5 years then find someone to settle with while I still have time. I'll just know how to pick the one night stands apart from the possible real deals.
It's a tall order to try to attract someone and secure a relationship when you can't even get laid.

Most people 18-30 or so prioritize feelings of sexual attraction over most others. If you can't generate those feelings in people, you can't reasonably expect them to want to sleep with you. You create those feelings by physically being the type of person they look for, and then doing or saying things to create sexual tension.

I don't think fucking around is always the answer, but you do need to be proactive and go after what you want, especially if you're a guy.
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me and my mates regularly get laid with hot girls.

The key to success is simply working out, dressing fashionably and be social

that's all it is

forget this "redpill" garbage
Looks matter.

I'm a 270lb guy at 5'10. I've fucked about 15 women, I'm 28. If you define "chubby" as being like 20lbs over bmi, that isn't chubby. Depends on how you carry it. If you look broad chubby, kind of bear/masculine, you can get away with it. If you look soft/plump chubby, chances are you won't get female attention.

Forget Red Pill. The stuff you posted is about game. Game works when you got the looks to back it. But if you don't have the looks, you'll have to treat dating like applying for a job. And it wont be a case of finding one if you dedicate yourself. We'll be talking 1-3+ of solidly applying yourself. The more of looks you have, the less you need to apply for those "jobs"
look, if you want to get laid pay a hooker.

because otherwise, you will have to pay alot of money to fuck an actual woman.
now answer this, if both men and woman are equal in the relationship - how come the men have to do almost every fucking thing?
you do it for her because you want her to be with you, but the truth IS you afraid she might leave you for a guy that will pay for her dinners and tolerate her bullshit.
its just an endless competition and you are a sperm in a race for the uterus
THIS is the red pill
>I've been reading a lot of this red pill stuff
Take red pill articles with a lot of salt, they are anecdotes at best and lies at worst, but remember that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Improving yourself, doing things and socialising will make you more interesting and get you to socialise with a lot more people including women which in turn gives you a lot more exposure to women and lets you hone your interpersonal skills.

A chubby guy who is part of a cycling club will have way more exposure to women than a /fit/izen who spends his spare time working out at home and sitting in front of his computer.

90% of life happens by simply showing up, only so much can happen if you sit at your computer, don't be the guy who says creepy shit to people because he doesn't understand social dynamics.
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