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How do I muster the energy to get out of a stressful living situation

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How do I muster the energy to get out of a stressful living situation that saps me out of all my energy?
Does a suicide attempt count as a medical emergency? Can my employer fire me for missing work from being put in a mental ward?
Someone please, I am desperate to get out of here and my job is the only thread of hope that I have. I need my job to get out of here and I can't lose it because I can't stand living here.
if this thread is real, you need to go see a professional make you feel better person, in fact i'm sure they will have given you some advice and pamphlets and shit at the mental ward

but this doesn't sound real at all

if it is real, try providing a lot less scattered and vague posts and some actual information. like is the problem that you have a job, got depressed and stopped going to work and now you are afraid you don't have a job?

i don't even know bc you can't even fake a plea for help that makes sense
This thread is real. I'm just distraught.

I moved back in with my mom this january and I live with my family now. They aren't abusive, they just don't understand that I am much more sensitive than them and that living in an isolated trash heap with all of their problems and being the only one who cooks, cleans or tries to keep things together is bad for me.

I have a job but I need my mother's car to get there. In order to get out of the house, I would need to buy my own car, and I don't understand how to do any of that. The only person I could ask for help or advice is my mother and she doesn't want me to leave.

I am so desperate to get out of this house that I am contemplating cutting myself badly enough to be put into a mental ward for a while( it has worked before) but this time I have a job, and I am afraid that I would lose it if I miss work for several weeks.
ok so you have an independence problem, so tackle that first? what don't you understand about how the money from your job can be turned into goods and services (i.e. a car)?

you know what you need to do but its hard, stop being scared of it being hard and push yourself to get the car that will be your first step to not being so dependent on people you don't like depending on. come up with other steps. take those too. cutting yourself so that you get time away from home in an institution...

seems like a really really shit plan for getting a break from your family
I don't know anything about cars. I don't know how to fake knowing anything about cars, and if the car salesman can smell that I don't know what I'm buying, he'll sell me garbage that will fall apart in a month and cost four times its worth to repair and I am stuck with one more garbage heap and no car.

I was scared of ending up in an institution the first time but it was such a relief and a safe refuge I keep thinking back to. It was so clean and quiet in there and I didn't have to fight anyone.

consider your logic
>you do not have the energy to get out of a stressful living situation
>but you think that you can find a way to get out of the stressful living situation
>but if you dont have the energy to get out of the situation, how will you have the energy to muster the energy to get out of the stressful living situation.

the only way to do something is to do it. htere are not cheatcodes that take away the stress or give you the energy (other than drugs in certain cases, but they end up making your game glitch anyways).
Have a few cups of coffee and use the caffiene to do everything before you come down off it
The energy thing is a bit bullshit, it's not about energy it's about will.
>I am in a situation that exhausts me too much todo anything
>I know how the way out of the situation but I lack the energy to go through with it
>I do not have the energy to get out of the situation that takes all of my energy

I don't see how to pry anything helpful out of your reply but if I can't find any other way to ease the situation soon, I am going to the ward.

Being overpowered and paralyzed by stress hinders one's will. I hate myself too much to be able to do anything.

>i dont see hwo to pry anyhtign helpful out of your reply

thats cuz you're an entitled little prick. case and point, you know how to get out of it but ur 'too tired' from the situation itself. you're like thsoe people who complain their jobs suck but never actually apply for new jobs cuz tehy are tired during their off time.

life wasnt meant to be easy. there is no cheat code that will give you the energy. you do it despite the energy.

when you're alone in the fucking woods and tired and hungry you wont have the fucking energy to chase down that fucking rabbit and find a way to cook it. but you fucking do it anyways because you have to.
Do you think I should kill myself instead?

obviously yes. there is literally no way to change your current situation and therefore death is the only option. so sorry it came to this.

i stubbed my toe once and thought it was the end, but thankfully my doctor told me it wasnt permanent.
I lack the resources it takes to make my life tolerable. You tell me these resources are imaginary and the reason why my life is intolerable is merely because I am a bad person.

Then you mock me for wanting to put an end to a life that is inherently and irredeemably intoletable, and feel good about being so good at giving advice.

I am sorry for being such an oversensitive person, I'm sure you did not mean to be cruel or go out of your way to be unhelpful. People don't go to /adv/ to upset each other on purpose, this is just all in my head.
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>its impossible to just move out and start over

no. you are wrong.

>im sure you didnt go out of your way to be cruel or unhelpful

i was blunt. then you were retarded. so i was mean. so yes, i did.

>or unhelpful

i was extremely helpful.

just because im honest that there is no magic cure doesn't mean im unhelpful. on the contrary.
I lack the energy and courage to do what I know needs to be done. Calling me stupid for being incapable of doing something we both know needs to be done does not benefit either of us and does actually not make the world a better place to be.

Congratulations on being blunt. That must have been so hard for you.
you seem well beyond help because its obviously imperative to you that there is no way out

but imma point out how stupid your response is anyways.

>things are so bad right now, if only i had a car
so get a car?
>i can't get a car guy on the internet bc i don't know about cars. i cant even fake it
if only
the internet were a place where one could quickly and painlessly get some basic info that would allow one to fake knowing about shit

sadly its not. better an hero or at least get thyself to that ward


if you can't be bothered to google "how to avoid being ripped off when buying a car" and read some of those results, then refine the search terms some, read a few more results, take some notes. then go get a local paper, and google up some local lots, and make a few calls to get your feet wet on talking to slimey dealership fucks...

and so on and so on. point being. you've identified a not-retarded first step. the first hurdle in the way of your first step has such an obvious solution that i can only conclude you don't want to really take that step.

you are fucked. you don't have the will or spine to help yourself and clearly your family is too fucked to help. so might as well throw yourself at the mercy of social service type help or kill yourself
All I need is some support. Someone's hand to hold to go through with it.

How do I obtain that?
>you're like thsoe people who complain their jobs suck but never actually apply for new jobs cuz tehy are tired during their off time.
That's cause they get stuck in "survival mode" and just "get through the day." When that is your goal, all hopes and dreams of a better future go out the window, because you don't plan for anything beyond the next day. It's not entitlement.
Tell your parents that you want to get a car so you're less dependent on them but don't know anything about buying one and ask them to help you so you don't get ripped off.
I've told mom I need a car to be able to move out. She just goes "aww, you don't HAVE TO move out." She can't handle my sister on her own.
How impossibly fucked up is it that you go to an anonymous advice board and ask for help, and people literally tell you you're weak for asking for help?

What you can infer from this is that there are those who deal with the stresses of life by deluding themselves into thinking they are "stronger" than those who admit they are hurt and need support. Let them live with this delusion and ignore their attempts to, apparently, make you kill yourself. I can't even believe we've gotten to this point in society, however virtual it is.

OP, you are being depended on by people who do not lack the ability to properly support you, and that's a shitty situation to be in.

Yes, going to the ward may be necessary, but only you can determine that. No, your job cannot legally fire you, but if it's not a salaried or permanent position, it's possible that they will take the chance on doing so in the hope that you will lack the energy to find an attorney and sue for wrongful termination (which would still be a long and arduous process and take resources you do not have).

My suggestion is to tell your family you are on the verge of a mental breakdown, and suggest that you *all* go to a family therapist.

I know it sounds extreme, and I don't know your family, but there are a lot of free services out there that you should look at together.

You can't be the only one to fix things, and the people who need to help you the most are the ones you are living with.

Your first step is to draw clear boundaries. Make a schedule for yourself that you can live with and present it to your family, and simply tell them "this is all I can do. Period. Please help me." If they try and guilt you, just explain that it's out of your control, and you know your limits (having found them before), and they have to respect them as you respect theirs. I know it's not fair, and it shouldn't even have to be said, but they probably don't know the degree to which you are suffering.
>All I need is some support. Someone's hand to hold to go through with it.
This is a really bad metaphor. "Hand holding" implies you need someone to walk you through it, with a patronizing context; and for an adult to need hand holding implies you're not to be looked at as an adult (And you've just opened yourself up to a lot of hostile posts on 4chan.)

Read some guides about buying used cars. Join a car forum and ask them for advice.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 2

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