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(Not) going to university

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Britbong here, I'm in a dilemma as to whether or not to go to university
I get the feeling like I'm being tricked into it as no one ever seems to bring up any negatives
I'm academic and not vocational but I still don't feel like the debt would be worth it

I thought that uni only really benefits those who want to go into a specific career and make connections with people in the industry (eg. dentistry, engineering)

I don't have any career aspirations and would be doing a degree in classics and philosophy which seems like a waste of time/money as I'm not going to fill any particular needs

Would studying somewhere abroad where the course is free be a better idea?

What do?
I'm second year Uni of Aberdeen and I hate uni. That's mostly because I feel like I chose the wrong degree and as a result I feel like I'm wasting my life and now have no choice but to waste the rest of my life as well never being able to do any work i actually find fulfilling. I thought about not going to uni, but I was too afraid of the uncertainty, I would say If you know or think you know what you want to do then just do it, uni is fucking retarded a lot of the time dude and it really doesn't make you a more intelligent person. That said be realistic and mature about you ambitions, the reason for your decision, whatever it is, should not be based on expectations or assumptions about anything. Don't "choose to do something you enjoy" as a lot of people tell you, that is how I edned up where I am, you should instead choose to do something you feel is important and you will be much happier in the end.

Also don't do fucking classics and philosophy, just don't. Unless you're a hardcore autist, after 1/2 years you will be like me - sick of your degree and depressed
It might be different for Britcucks because I don't think you guys need to take out tens of thousands of dollars worth of loans to get your degree, but what I generally tell Ameribros is that they shouldn't go to college if they don't know what they want to do and how to get there.

Isn't University free in Middle East 2.0? Might as well go if it is, who cares that it may take you 6 years.
Tbf uni debts aren't that bad in the UK because you don't have to pay them back until you're earning a decent amount
Going is good not just for the degree but because it lets you network easier. Also some internships specifically ask for people only working towards a degree
I may be a bit biased though because I chose to go to uni
You will earn shit if you don't have a degree.

Even if it's in classics, having a degree helps.
If you have a preferred career path do a relevant degree
If you want to do law/medicine do a relevant degree
If you want to get pissed up and live with degenerates that you have never met before living together, go to university
If you have no ambition in life, do a business degree then work for a supermarket and get fast tracked to management
If you can manage at least a 2.2 you won't have wasted 3 years of your life on a "you tried" degree

Your student debt isn't like a debt as you won't have debt collectors chasing you, you only start paying it off at a rate of 9% of anything that you earn over £17,495 a year, otherwise it gets written off.

>Would studying somewhere abroad where the course is free be a better idea?
Other countries won't let you do a degree for free because you aren't a native *their nationality*

tl:dr if you have half decent grades and can get into somewhere AND want to go to uni, do a business degree, its pretty versatile and opens a lot of doors
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>I don't think you guys need to take out tens of thousands of dollars worth of loans to get your degree

Scots and EU residents in Scotland get their undergrad paid for. tfw I'll owe at least £40,000 once I finish university because I'm English.
>tfw I'll owe at least £40,000
Do you think you will ever get a job that pays it off?

Do you think you will ever miss the £X amount removed from your wages?

I have been at a dead end job for the past two years, decided the best course of action was University because it will give me everything I want right now. A social scene, intellectual stimulation and networking etc.

To some extent it's worrying because I know people who got nothing out of going to university employment wise, or who have struggled to get a career out of it.

I'm set to go to a good university with good networking, so I'm confident if I put my best into it and take all my opportunities then I will end up with at least some good career prospects, and in the worst case simply having a degree will get me interviews.

I'm a frugal person so I expect paying off the loans won't be an issue if I can comfortably pay bills, but we shall see.
BTW my advice is to think very carefully about what you want to study, where, and what the best way to get on the course is.

Also, study something you enjoy, but be rational. Studying archaeology for example would be awesome, but you need to know that it's a risk and something that's achievable outside of university. Similarly stuff like graphic design/art.

It's really a personal thing. Last piece of advice would be go to a university with a good reputation or excellent networking prospects.
Thought I should note I'm a 23 year old from Canada. Advice best applies for there but should still be useful to you.

Without post-secondary your job prospects are grim. Even below the degree level you could still end up finding work as a janitor, barista, etc.

You don't need to go to school right away, but I'd highly recommend going in the next 1-2 years. Otherwise you'll end up well behind your peers and at risk of never going to school at all due to complacency or adult obligations (bills, kids, spouse/SO, etc etc). If you manage to get a shit job that is somewhat above minimum and pays the bills, you'll also get caught in a trap that A LOT off people have difficulty getting out of; going to school and leaving the best job you've ever known, or staying in the same shit job for a long ass time (if not forever).

I'd say that waiting to choose the right degree/training is ultimately the best choice, but it isn't for everyone. It has some risks associated with it, and a lot of people get caught in the obstacles that time off creates. Ultimately the sooner you go to PS the better, but waiting can help you avoid choosing the wrong schooling wasting a lot of time and money. You may find yourself REALLY needing to wait longer than 1-2 years, in which case don't let the fact that you missed this mark deter you. If you decide to go to school in your late 20s, go, don't decide not to go for it because of your age or whatever.

Also a degree in classics/philosophy is a lot better than no degree at all IMO, unless it puts you in significant debt. The first degree I chose was a dud, but the passion I had for the subject made me grow so much as a person that it made me much more disciplined and prepared for the schooling thereafter. If you're really worried about debt work during school.
but are they free undergrad at really good colleges or shit ones? cause in america we get funding for college students with fafsa and tap
Don't think it makes a difference. The university system is fairly meritocratic, I've heard that in the US wealthy families can essentially bribe colleges to take their children.

Probably happens here too, but elite universities are pretty good at taking lower/middle class students.
Elite universities in the U.S are 40% legacy admissions from what I recall.. Which is sad.

However, what's worse is that our elite universities are literally *only* elite because they don't accept a lot of people. There's nothing about them that makes them inherently better schools except the fact that they're picky about who they let in. That's it.

The whole elite university thing is a big scam designed to keep the rich and powerful on top.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 2

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