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Holistic Healers a Scam?

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I really don't know where to start. So I've been with this girl for 5 years and she's been sick on and off with fibro. I'm one of the few people to believe that it's not all just in her head. She has trouble getting up, finding energy to do things and has random bouts of depression at times but she hides it well. The last few months she's gotten into holistic healing and energy crystals and stuff and she seems to be doing better. Well one of the people, an older lady, she visits apparently talks to "angels" and does tarot. Now she's buying into all this seeing into the future stuff and it seems like everything I've done for her means nothing because of what these psychics are telling her. I understand "self-love" which is something she talks about practicing but I didn't know "self-love" means abandoning everyone else. Bottom line I don't trust these psychics. I don't think our future can be summed up by a deck of cards. It just seems like she latched onto this since her symptoms subsided and this happened to be the thing she got into at the time. I don't know, am I being unreasonable? Am I actually being selfish? I've tried talking to her and reasoning but she thinks I'm trying to sway her away from it. I see how much she feels better but I'm also seeing how she's losing her humanity and basically becoming a tool for these people. So I don't know. I debated coming here and typing this but I just don't know anymore. If anyone has had experience with these holistic faith healers I'd love some input. Pic almost related.
I think the answer to your every question can be very concisely answered with a picture of James Randi looking disappointed.
What exactly is she doing that's abandoning everybody else? What are the specific issues caused by her listening to them?
Try to objectively evaluate the situation. Are they charging her absurd amounts of money/is she neglecting more important things in favor of this? I don't believe in psychics in the slightest, but if they improve her situation with causing any real harm then I don't think it's a problem. What about it is upsetting to you?
Even the most conservative and orthodox medical authorities will acknowledge that psychology plays a big role in fighting physical ailments, and the "placebo effect" (when a patient thinks he's been given a drug and gets better as if he had) has been proven.

So, while holistic and spiritual healers are almost certainly quacks, if the patient believes in them, the patient might actually feel better.

I stress "feel better" not "get better". Faith healers won't cure cancer or heart disease or fibro. But they might make some of the worst pain and symptoms reduce for a while - just because the patient thinks they will.
That's pretty much it. She thinks she is actually getting better but she's become more judgmental of other people without really knowing it. She's on this "love myself first" thing which I actually do get. You can't love anyone unless you love who you are. But she's taking it to the point of "I'm this new life path and I can't let anyone hold me back." She claims to be more in control of her emotions but really has just become distant and cold. She's now obsessed with "the universe" providing and that all our lives are predestined and that we chose to be who we are before we were born. Personally I think she's tired of the pain and this has become an easy out for her to latch onto by pretty much escaping reality. She thinks there's some great plan where things are "meant to be." I keep trying to tell her the only thing meant to be is what you make of it yourself then she gets mad and says "I'm not on her path" or I'm being negative. So now being realistic and sensible is somehow "hurting her soul." If this is what it means to be spiritual, to essentially turn into a shell of a person and put all your energy into some metaphysical reality then I don't know how to deal with it anymore. I love her a lot, I really do but I've had this much anxiety with anyone before. This is my 4th long term committed relationship and I'm getting tired of hitting a 5 year point where a woman has a "major life changing moment" that I need to either "be on their path" or we're not meant to be. What fucking path? Life is life. I don;t get why the over complicate things. I know who I am and I'm sick of getting with women that keep having to "rediscover" themselves. It's exhausting and mentally and physically draining.
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