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11 year old sister is a pervert?

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/adv/, I'm scared and I'm worried. I don't know how to handle this situation.

I'm 22, just moved back in with my parents. I have an 11 year old sister. And she's...
There's something wrong with her. Or, rather, how she's been raised.
I've found, in her room and things (I'm staying in her room right now while I do some apartment hunting), writings. She likes to write, but the subject matter is disturbing and way beyond what she should be doing.
>"My dad wanted one. Since I've never done one, my blowjob would be sloppy. He wanted sloppy, not a perfect on like my mom. The sloppier, the better."
Just the first one I found hiding in one of her bathroom drawers. She seems to have a fixation on father/daughter incest. She's fucking 11.
She spends all of her time on the internet - before, it was a computer, now it's her smartphone. She has a facebook, instagram, snapchat - I don't ever have a fucking instagram. And my parents don't monitor a thing she does online.
I borrowed her phone to look something up online while we were out a few weeks ago, and her entire internet history is
>rule 34
and it's all fucking furry porn. All of it. Spyro the Dragon, FNAF, Undertale, all of it. Fanfiction, smut, mostly just porn. Both of my parents work full time so she's usually home alone, but now that I've moved in, I'm not going to let it happen. I don't know how to talk to her about this - my mother and I have spoken to a degree about it, but she's very innocent minded and unsuspecting.
I'm thinking about taking her to a therapist, but I have no idea what kind of consequences that will bring.
Does anybody have any advice? I just want to help my sister. I think she may have been abused, or she's met people, something. 11 year olds don't act like this, man. They're fucked up, but this is a whole new level imho.
You need to find the source. But with all that social media use it could be hard. If you don't cut off her contact with the source it will just continue. You could try blocking sites on her phone/computer. If she goes berserk about that then its time to take her to see a therapist.
>11 year olds don't act like this, man
yeah they do.

are you male or female yourself OP?
>the source
I'm sure it's all the social media, I'm not prepared to cut off her internet obviously, but she's going to lose it. I know she is.
I, myself, am seeing a therapist.

>yeah they do
Yeah, 11 year olds get curious and look at porn and shit but this is habitual, every day, CONSTANTLY. This shit isn't normal for anyone.
I'm a female. Wasn't sure if it was worth mentioning.
Do you think your dad is molesting her? Did you approach her dad about this?
Definitely not. That's just not who he is at all, and all they ever do is argue and bitch at each other, honestly. Lmao. He is also worried about her and tries to get her out of the house, but doesn't know about the sexual aspect. My mother and I don't know how to tell him because he's really, really protective of us (he has only daughters) in general and we're afraid it's going to hurt him.
>Wasn't sure if it was worth mentioning
well, i'm female too and i was A BIT like your sister at that age. that's why i asked. might haven been that you are the "older brother" and where a late bloomer or whatever.
i think that "dadfixation" is a common occurence. and shit, if i had constant and unatended access to the internet at that age, god knows how that would have ended. even with my restricted possibilities i managed to be pretty oversexualized.
however, i was never raped or molested. i was just always a naturally very sexual person and still am, many years later. you might want to have a talk about not metting up with strange old guys from the internet with her...
I'm also a female, and I am a sexual deviant/pervert myself. I had inklings at that age, we all do. The dadfixation is common, what I'm saying is that she shouldn't be this embedded into sex at such a young age - I was molested as a child by a neighbour, so I was exposed to that bullshit early, and it still fucks with me to this day. _That's_ why I'm worried.
I also had unrestricted access to the internet, and while I got curious as all kids do and looked at porn, I was not constantly glued to it all the time.
But not all people are fucked up because they're just 'born' that way. I'm exploring the possibility that something is/was happening to her.
>The dadfixation is common
well if you're bent the same way, it sounds like you two have one hell of a sex machine for a father & should be proud. I sense no danger here
I kinda think you're over reacting. as long as she isn't doing shit like meeting up with people or sending photos of herself, I'm not sure intervening is worth it or would even do anything
i think you have a right to be worried as you are her sister but i think you also have to take into account that some people become sexually interesting at a young age. my ex gf lost her virginity at 12. i think the best thing you can do is explain to her the worries of sex, pregnancy etc and also tell her not to meet up with anyone from the internet
We don't share the same father. We're half siblings. He is my step-father and raised me from birth.
>should be proud
That man will have a heart attack and die are you kidding me
Sorry but this is sounding more & more like your meticulously crafted fanfic
Yet as carefully cropped are the corners, this bait will strike many as too ideal
The problem is I don't -know- if she's doing these things. You're telling me you'd have no problem in my situation if you found out she was talking to someone twice her age about these things?
Which is. inevitably, what she's doing.
She has a _snapchat_. The possibility and chance of there being nudes of my fucking sister are stupidly high.
People don't explore these things alone most of the time. I'm not a stranger to abuse or the internet.
>sex machine for a father
kek, hell no
it's just that a dad is the first impressive male in a girls life. and some girls develope strong sexual fantasies about their dads when they start to hit puberty, simply because they already love (in an innocent way) their dads so much. they also discover the power they might have over males. especially if they are "daddies little princess" who can get everything by saying "puuliiiese" and making puppy eyes.
but eww, now i remembered how i used to fantasize about my dad. hell no. fuck that.
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Just because I've spent enough time on this website and I'm not fucking around
All three of us are spoiled to fuck and back - I've never fantasized about him, though. Neither has my older sister (we've spoken about this). But both of our significant others look like our father.
Get her to meet people.
In my experience as a denizen of the web, furry porn is a lure for people that have sexually mature feelings but are socially immature and can't mesh the urge to get laid with the capacity to be around people. Furshit is a way to distance oneself from the pressure of interpersonal interactions while keeping the sexual stuff.
>look like our father
maybe you two just dealt with that in a "healthier" way. when did you start to have an "interest in boys"? when did your other sister?
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kek wtff are you sure she's 11 and even your sister lmao
Thank you for this - and I think you might be right. I noticed that a lot of my own darker fantasies (I'm repulsed by furries kek) started to wane and eventually die off when I became more social in college. Maybe I'll look into getting her into some sports or art or something outside of school.
My sister dated when we were younger (11, 12, etc) but dated one guy throughout middle/high school (6 years) and then another in early college. She's marrying this last one.
I thought I was a lesbian and had no real sexual interest in guys until I was 16 or 17 - but I had a few crushes. I was very cerebral and spent a lot of time reading, writing, drawing. I was really smart so most of my time was spent in school or in clubs. Once I hit 19 and was out of the house I started exploring and having sex on a fairly regular basis.
fuck if i know dude she's fucking weird.
Fair enough.
In that case, we could probably just chalk it up to modern life. Kids free to expose themselves to whatever the fuck they want via internet, TV & music glorifying sex, drugs, and feeling like a bad motherfucker, most commonly held values tend to place shallow & individualistic goals above everything else, physical isolation & mental redundancy every day in the form of schooling whose rejection to any degree only brings parental shaming... This 'civilized' living really does have a knack for grooming people to be sick & depraved sonsa bitches, and i can't really blame the people that swallow all that negative influence so readily.
Your sister is "normal", because the society that groomed her does that to everyone.
Healthy? No
More standardized & reinforced every generation? Seems that way
do you know FOR A FACT that your sister didn't go trough a similar phase?

my sister was a bit later thatn me with her sexual developement too. but still fairly early. 13-14 i'd say. i started at 10-11. at this age this can make a HUGE difference, since nobody expects you to already be a sexual being and threat you like a little girl, whilst all this sexual energy is already raging inside you. so you start to search for outlets all on your own. that can get ugly quiet fast...
Thank you for an actual input - if anything, I can at least explore what may be going on. I actually just got my degree in psychology (double majored in math and psych) but I was not interested in child development - I actually focused on abnormal and criminal psychology, and that background leads me to believe she's been abused...
I don't know, man. I was a pretty girl and I'm a pretty adult. I had 'older' men interested in a lot when I was her age. I just don't want her to get hurt.
My older sister and I are very close - she is not a deviant. I've told her everything about me, things I haven't told boyfriends.
If it's any solace, I had fucked up thoughts possibly on an equal par near her age. It seems the more intelligent/sensitive someone is, the more susceptible they are to swallowing all these mixed societal messages with contradicting fine details. "I want to be this, this, and this, and the fact that they don't mesh are lost to my naivety. I want this because I'm taught to." I made a real turn around coming of age, but I can still look back and see the potential I had to be a completely fucked up human being.
Whether or not she's been abused, you're probably a better judge than I, but if it's any more solace, I was never "seriously" abused. I was told by my brother at 20 that he tried some minor sexual with me when I was 2 that I don't remember, and when I was about 5 I visited a doctor that examined my balls for a good 10 minutes while kneeling in front of me, but I didn't ever think back and realize what happened til much later, so I'm not sure where that could fit in to my mental development.
At any rate, I hope your sister isn't being subjected to abuse, but just remember that total acceptance & willingness to help can do wonders for a person in need. As shocking as her behavior can seem, you can't truly help anyone that you even partially reject
They get addicted you retard. I started looking at porn when I was 10, and I'm 20 now and still do it. God bless man, this is what happens when you give kids unrestricted access to the Internet. Kids get sexually curious. That's normal, but what's not normal is seeing a fist going in a ladies ass before you've done your first book report.
I love my sister to death - I don't reject these things about her. I may not like them, but I love her. "Hate the sinner, not the sin" like christians say. I just want to be able to help her - I, likewise, had the potential to be fucked up and I am, honestly. I just don't want her to be, too.
I just really hope she's really fucking weird. I don't care if she wants to be a sparkly blue unicorn dogbird because that's who she wants to be - but I do care if someone is putting it in her head or has been grooming her.
So? Leave her the fuck alone and her privacy, it's not like she's acting on it. I went through that too and fantasize about shit.

You're the fucking pervert for going through her shit, loser.

Let her be.
Everyone looks at porn you fucking mongoloid, there's no reason for a preteen to be fapping to furry porn instead of riding bikes with her friends
Yeah, jesus christ, my worst nightmare is people seeing my porn history and thinking I want to do that shit irl.

Leave her the fuck alone, this thread makes me fucking mad.

Also op is fat, look at her pic. And a female.

OP is a bitch.
She asked why she looks at porn so much and I'm hypothesizing that she's addicted
porn addiction is not real, its just something christian fundies who got sad about having boners made up
>Giving a child the privacy and autonomy of an adult
Let me guess, you think having child porn isn't a jailable offense either
>oh b-but I was j-just looking, I don't want to have sex with them!
She'll be fine. Half my friends were like this in middle school. Most of them were virgins until college because their sexual standards are so warped that they aren't even attracted to boys their age.
lmao that isn't even the same thing?

it'd be a diff issue if she was putting pics of herself up or recording lmfao idiot
I'm an atheist and I've not been able to stop (permanently) looking at porn for the last 10 years, nice strawman attack though mr fedora
>implying she hasn't
okay sure she's just looking at porn alone and has phone numbers from people ACROSS THE COUNTRY that she says are 11 and 12 years old
And I'm supposed to take her at face value
ok champ
Mental addictions are very real you dumb fuck.
This is why a lot of people have problems with weed. It's not physically addicting but they like the way it makes them feel so they do it over and over and in excess. Same can be said for porn or anything else you use as escapism. Video game addictions are very real as well.
First of all, your worried-middle-aged-woman fears are pretty funny considering you're on 4chan. You can't be this naive and sheltered, it's not possible.

>11 year olds don't act like this, man.
Yes they fucking do, many girls have already begun puberty in earnest by 11. Especially in the US and other places where child obesity is high.
As a dude, I can tell you that by age 11 most of us have seen a substantial amount of porn (at least going by the guys i grew up around), and we start puberty significantly later than girls.

The incest shit is disturbing, sure, so make sure she's not being abused.
If you're sure she's not, then just relax. Only start worrying if she's fantasizing about hurting/killing people or endangering her future (eg by posting nudes of herself on /b/).
I remember being 12 and sexually curious as fuck. I looked up really stupid shit because I was incredibly naive at the time. Like, I wanted to see girls my age type of shit when I think back I'm like "wow thats fucked up" but when I was a kid going through puberty it was a whole other thing.

by then I had seen porn videos. I found them enticing but everyone was soooo oldddddd. didn't exactly have the internet back then though.
by that I mean porn sites were incredibly slow and required paying. It was 1998.
>Yes they fucking do
And I've already stated that they're curious and apt to do these things later in the thread - it's the severity to which this is happening that I'm concerned about. I'm worried that she's being abused, because I cannot reasonably see an 11 year old going from video games, gymnastics, and being social to being cooped up and on the computer looking at porn all day long in the matter of a year or so. I mean, I get it. I went through puberty recently, too.
Asking me to turn off the motherly instinct is nigh impossible at this point because I'm worried about her. Like I said, I don't care if this is just her expressing herself at a young age or whatever, cool, great, my sister is a furry, whatever.
But I was molested and abused when I was a child, close to her age, and that's when things changed for me. Just based on my experience, I want to make sure she's okay. Child molestation is kind of a serious thing.
I should further elaborate and say she just turned 11, and this has probably been going since she was 9.
It's just too early for me to feel comfortable with it. Maybe it's just me being an older sibling. But something isn't sitting right with me about it - a bad 'gut feeling', if I may.
and we're supposed to care about your situation? This is about your sister, not a sad sap story and desu no one gives a fuck that you were abused/molested goodforyou :D

just leave her privacy alone as other people say
shes either being abused or was abused in some sort of fashion and she does not know how to cope but her sexuality is flourishing out of control on the internet. She will tell you shes fine and okay probably because she doesn't want to face the reality. videogames, computer, if she has limited autonomy in your household she may also not feel in control of her body if she was also abused. Try talking to her, start looking into therapists, somethings wrong

I'm 21 years old and i'm just now getting help for all of my shit but i was very sexually deviant through all of my teen years from abuse i chose to ignore and poured myself into the internet and i would sell nudes and my parents never gave me autonomy so i was abused and didnt want to bother anyone with my shit and also just wanted to do my own thing and do what i wanted with my body.

I got my period at 9 and my only coping mechanism with a lot of things was heavy masturbation when i was 11 i was watching porn religously

get her help dude get her help NOW
getting her help will fuck her up even more and for life knowing her family outed her because she likes to masturbate?

lmfao you're all so str8 edge and I feel bad for your future kids.
oh shut the fuck up
Sorry to hear that. Hope you're alright now.
We can't do much about the possibility of abuse over the internet: gotta investigate that on your own.

Please make sure you have at least some reason to believe she's actually being abused before bringing her to a therapist.
Having her sexual tastes revealed to the world, scrutinized by strangers, and condemned as so deviant, disturbing, and disgusting that they could not possibly be the product of a normal mind?
Not likely to do wonders for her mental health either.
Yeah, that's the thing. I don't want to put her out there like that. I'm not even worried about the furry shit.
I'm wondering if I can talk to her, one-on-one, and just ask if she's okay and get the truth. If she likes that stuff, whatever. She's still my sister, I love her. I just don't want her to go through what I went through.
Thank you though. I'm seeing a therapist now, things are getting better.

(And just to note, her having a daddy or a furry fetish doesn't mean she's been molested by my father - I was molested by an older woman when I was 8. I'm straight. So I'm wondering if it's stemming from another source.)
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I had a vore fetish as a kid, even though I didn't know how to masturbate. I thought the idea of being eaten whole was arousing, for some reason, but around 10-12 I grew out of it.
I was very early to hit puberty too, I remember getting erections really early on, might be why I took interest to such a strange fetish.
Never was abused or anything, just a little weird growing up I assume. She may grow out of this and it might just be a phase, but you should seriously talk to your parents about this. Children should be monitored on the internet, no matter what. If she continues that behavior, she's going to end up isolated and alone in her later life, if she hasn't already.

>"My dad wanted one. Since I've never done one, my blowjob would be sloppy. He wanted sloppy, not a perfect on like my mom. The sloppier, the better."

Kid needs to talk to someone about this asap, incest fetishes aside, for an 11 year old, that's pretty fucked.
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>Children should be monitored on the internet, no matter what.
Yeah, otherwise they might end up like us, eh?
kek, exactly anon.
kek that's the irony here. I just don't want her to end up like us fampai. That's all.
>Children should be monitored on the internet
Honestly even in today's age, I'm seriously concerned about kids on the internet. Especially young girls. It's easy to fall in love with the attention men give you, and there are some people out there, man.
I know because I've talked to them.
[disclaimer: "not all men" "not all adults" whatever she's still 11 and there _are_ people out there who will prey on her for that fact]
she actually just got suspended for a day for punching out some kid who kept making fake facebook and instagram accounts and harassing her on them. This isn't just out of the blue - I've known about these things but haven't said anything because I thought she was just exploring her sexuality and I know how fucked up I am, so I figured it would sort itself out. But the way she's acting out and the circumstances make me feel like it's not. I don't know.
all you realistically can do is talk to her about it. scare her with stories of girls getting their nudes posted online and harassed in real life because of it if you have to. or that if she's talking to someone, they could be put in prison and in serious trouble because of it

I was a bit like her, and started sexting and sending nudes early. no matter how many times my parents took away my devices or took my stuff, I always found a way around it and went back to it. you can't realistically control her, you just have to try and make her understand your concerns

and yes I have issues I know
We're all fucked up dude. It's all good.
But will fear tactics even work? I mean, if someone were to have told you anything at that age, what would you have wanted to hear/know? What would have stopped you, or made you think twice?
well, I think they're more likely to work than you just trying to shut her down, which will just make her push back harder and want it more in a way
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The Oedipus complex is strong with this one.
Tell your mother. I'd be hesitant on telling your father, though, he might be deeply disturbed by the things she wrote.
It's not much to worry about if she watches porn because it's normal. But what I'd be worried of is her sexual fantasies about her dad. That's disturbing as fuck.
Monitoring her on the internet after who knows how long she's been using it freely isn't going to help now unless she's actually being preyed on by a predator.

I don't really see a need for the fetishes to be brought up though. Especially to family members. I had a very early sexual awakening and unlimited internet access at around 10. I did a lot of the same stuff your sis did, had a lot weird fetishes I grew out of, porn on the daily, etc. I think i'd be mortified and scared of my own sexuality for life if some of them were revealed to my family to be scrutinized before I even had time to grow out of them and decide what I actually liked on my own.

If you're worried about predators, give her a talk that doesn't relate to you finding out about all this. Most parents have this talk with their kids anyways. Don't assume she's doing things, give her the benefit of the doubt if you want her to trust you.

Just keep an eye on her, let things run their course. Would you be this worried about predators if you didn't discover all the fetish stuff?
Speaking from experience...you may want to consider the possibility that your father could be sexually abusing your sister.

>"My dad wanted one. Since I've never done one, my blowjob would be sloppy. He wanted sloppy, not a perfect on like my mom. The sloppier, the better."

That's...a fucking red flag.

Speaking from experience, I wish my mother or sisters would have picked up on similar behavior when I was a kid.

Seems like you're in denial.
When I was age 10 I used to write short poems with (for my age) inappropriate morbid themes. (One for example was about how I loved this type of flower so much I would never pluck it, but it didn't matter, as I would eventually see it's roots some day.)
My parents where really worried when they found out, but it was just "fun" for me and I turned out completely normal. Neither was I ever suicidal. I guess it's the same with your sister, just on a different topic. You shouldn't overthink it.
holy fucking shit, it is just fantasies, dont worry about it.

Americans are such prudes.
Block all those sites in the router assuming shes using wifi.
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