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How can I meet women for a relationship?

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I'm 19 and currently in my second year of university and have no romantic or sexual experience and feel like it's time I had a girlfriend or something.

Some people say to meet girls with hobbies but I don't think that works for me, I like reading, writing and drawing which are all quite solitary, I also box but that's very masculine and there aren't girls where I train. The non-boxing gym I go to too is quite old school and small and girls don't go there, I wouldn't want to change because I love the place and am friends with the owner.

Tinder doesn't work on my phone for some reason and I haven't got many friends here because I'm quite shy, but I've been working on it and improved my social skills a lot.

I know there's nothing wrong with me, I have friends from back home who love me to pieces and I figure I must be at least above average looking from interactions I've had with people.

Can anyone help me? I can't figure this out and really feel like I need to start having romantic relationships with women
Women are like the Tao, only those who seek them will never find them. Focus on yourself and your life, don't try to get validation from women because they can smell it like a bad cologne
Come on man, don't give people unhelpful advice like this, do you just think people should sit around and wait their whole life until women magically fall into their lap?
19 year olds? I am guessing in the same classes you have.
Nightlife? clubs bars?
Grab a book about pickup artists, and read up about approaching.
It will also help you with your shyness.
There's maybe about 20 people in my class so I wouldn't want to because it would get awkward, I think most are taken anyway.
I could go to nightclubs and stuff but whenever I do I always forget about girls completely because I'm having fun with my friends, and I don't know about pick up stuff, it seems like a creepy community and I don't think I'd want to be involved with it

There must be some other way to meet girls outside of nightclubs and class

1. Don't try to meet girls.
2. Don't even try to meet people.
3. Try to find interesting and fun things to do with your time that are not solitary. Join a club, take a class, do volunteer work, etc. etc
4. There will be other people doing the same thing and you will already have something in common with them. Chatting will be easy. Someone will suggest a drink/coffee afterward. A bunch of you will begin to hang out. Some will have other friends who join you. Some of them will be girl-type friends.
5. Within the expanded group, while just hanging out as a group, you and one or more of the girls will hit it off. Spend time together. Ask her out.
6. What do you know? you somehow seem to have got a girlfriend!

Not telling you to become a pickup artist.

Just read up about approaching:
It does tell you a lot about human behavior.
And you learn to interact with other human-beings. Not just females, most of this shit apply to interacting with males as well.

Personally i was a shy fuck. I was so shy it got awkward around people, so i worked night-shifts, least amount of people then to deal with.
Now i work as a front desk manager, just by learning how to interact with people in a none threatening or awkward way.

Its simple obvious shit as well, only it was not so obvious to me back then.
Ask open questions, like: what kind of music do you like, not: Do you like Nirvana
How to appear confident.

Just the ABC to become a likable person.
They probably teach most of the things in self improvement seminars or leadership seminars.
Don't be so salty. That's actually spot on. Women hate thirst.
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