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Constantly daydreaming/fantasising

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I'm constantly self inserting myself into heroic stories etc in my mind. It's so autistic and is affecting my work. Is there a medication I can take to stop this?
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Yes, it's called testosterone.

Although you can try a large glass of bleach if you want.
I do that too op- I've never told anyone about it but it's a great resource to prevent myself from being bored.

Is it affecting your work? Having an imagination like you do is really great for creativity.

I find that the only thing that gets those thoughts out of my head is if I replace them with other things. The more social you are, the more you'll start to think about that instead. You'll go to bed thinking about your interactions with people and playing out potential situations instead of imagining yourself in place of the hero of an anime or something.

As someone who's had both, I honestly prefer the dumb autistic stuff better. It's more fun although you're right that it's a secret you'll take to the grave

Write a book.

>Is there any medication I can take to destroy my imagination and be a more productive worker?

Are you Chinese or something?
I'm in business so there's little point in creativity. I've also hated 'creative' subjects like English in school even though my teacher said I was naturally talented.

I'm already on a cycle
It's hard to quit since I'm the hokage, stronger than Goku, a powerful villain, a handsome jock, the avatar and a Jesus who isn't against violence when I think that way.
I do that too. Mostly with scary situations.

I work at a school and sometimes we have lockdowns because it's ghetto. Sometimes I have dreams in which I have to hide with my students, or attempt to fight a gunman.

I also have daydreams about fighting people off if they break in my house, or getting mugged, or witnessing an attack and having to fight or flight.

For some reason, when I realize I'm having them, I can't stop thinking about it until I finish playing out the fantasy in my head.

I think they are rooted by anxiety (which I already know I have from clinical diagnosis). The ways I personally combat anxiety is by feeling ready or prepared for something, anything, to happen. Which is why I'm always on edge and tense. I think by having these daydreams, I finally get to act out all the things I have planned for if something bad were to happen.
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A menstrual cycle, maybe.

Like a diet of the mind, not indulging yourself with childish fantasies is a matter of discipline which will hopefully become second nature in short order, when you come to the realization that you're being a fag. Don't be a fag.

>I'm in business so there's little point in creativity

This sentence sums up perfectly why the world economy is propped up on a bubble. Too many businessmen without ideas, tripping over each other to do the same bullshit jobs, finding increasingly sketchy, fraudulent ways to turn money into more money because they have NO IDEA how to offer an innovative product or service.

Fuck you, OP, and fuck this thread. I hope you find the brain-destroying pill you're looking for
Hello liberal arts student

MBA with an intense loathing for 85% of my classmates, both undergrad and grad
Stop giving those thoughts attention. They're sucking the nectar out of your life by never allowing you to be where you are.
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Go be autistic in r9k
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