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How to be alpha

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my question is:
> How can I become an alpha?
simple as that

all alpha stories and advice are welcome
20% of being alpha is working out....

by being alpha. and also being born with some qualities inherent to alphas.

i think the big issue is that if you are trying to be an alpha, you arent going to be one. its like wanting to be cool. or popular. wanting to be those things is counter productive. its like asking 'how can i NOT think about penguins?' if ur thinking about not thinking about penguins, you already lost.

being alpha wont make you happy anyways. those people are happy because they are doing what they want to do. do what you want to do and you'll be happy.
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already do that
what if what I want to do is become an alpha?
> checkmate atheists

My real question here is how to I act like an alpha. Obviously there are things I dont have as much control over like my genetics, bone structure, voice, whatever, but I can change my attitude and personality.

if htats really you you're already where you need to be physically.

but again, the thing about alphas is that they dont act like alphas. they pursue what they want to pursue and have fun doing it.

>what if what i want to do is become an alpha

you're fucked? the reason i told you all this was because you cant become alpha by trying to be alpha. saying 'but i want to be alpha' doesnt suddenly invalidate that.

the fact that you're a hunky hunk of burnin beautiful man but still trying to become 'alpha' makes me think you need more hobbies (or a footrub if ur in socal).

life is not a show, dont bother 'acting' like anything, let alone an abstract idea. you're already ripped as fugg so make a list of everything you want to do and then do at elast one draft in private before going public.

if you are specifically asking how to get with ladies, being 'alpha' isnt a trait they recognize, so emulating an alpha would simply make them think 'why is htis guy 'acting' weird?'
You can change your voice though, gradually if you try to flex it out more, don't just try to talk deeper but focus on being less monotone. Attitude & personality is more subtle. Don't slouch ever, generally keep your shoulders back and back straight. Keep up to date on trending topics and have opinions ready on them, is Kesha a lying whore? or is she another voice not listened to. Mix your conversations with equal pop culture pleb shit and more intellectual things like how the political spectrum is switching from left-right to authoritarian-libertarian.
I was just using voice as an example, my voice is actually very deep. I lucked out with the genetic lottery.
what hobbies would you suggest?

also I'm from socal, but I'm in portland for college right now

summers coming anon. its not gay if you make me rub and lick your feet just sayian no homo.

>what hobbies would you suggest

literally any hobby of interest to you. to do anything you arent interested in as a hobby is the most beta thing. and i dont even mean that in a feel good huggy way. i mean that in the actual fucking 'wow that guy is so fucking desperate for approval that hes doing all this stupid shit just to impress people'.

protip: if you keep asking people what to do you arent being alpha. alphas are leaders. alphas do waht they want. beta's are followers. they do what they are told, or worse, just do what other people do because they are doing it.

if you want to be an alpha you have to break that mindset. until then you are just pretending.
sorry m8 I totally would, but I'm shipping off to basic training over the summer

god, /fit/s turned me gay
> n-no homo
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maybe i can be your basic training tonight.

either way thats a bummer. i would have been visiting portland this summer, thats where my parents live.
>How can I become an alpha
spend money on pornstar's wishlist.
y-you too

how feminine are you?

kinda feminine bodied. personality wise im just a generic geek, so i dont know where that falls to be honest.

>no response

Stop believing in some kind of alpha Easter Bunny character or some shit

Being alpha is acting the way you want to act, being beta is acting how everyone wants you to act

There's no switch, it won't be achieved through steps of getting fit or fucking girls, it's being who you wanna be.

Make your move, break it out, that's what life is all about, its your adventure.
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>how do i become an /r9k/ meme
There is no alpha.
You get what you want.
Want girls? Physically fit. Good looks. Charming. Confident. Know how to approach, talk, socialize etc.
Get rich? Find your passion. Pursue it. Plan your career. Make money.
Be intimidating to your peers? Work out. Know things. Do things.
These are all just hints. Obviously you need to know/do a lot of stuff to achieve things.
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Thread images: 6

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