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Should I or should I not start smoking.

I want to hear peoples opinions.

Do you smoke? Do you wish you could stop or do you enjoy it? Do you regret starting? Do you like smoking and recommend it?
might as well ask us if you should or shouldnt start slitting your wrists. Smoking is stupid and a waste of money. Im assuming youre over 18 because LAWL RULEZ so any person that makes it to adulthood then chooses to start smoking is a retard. sorry to sounds like your mom but who asks if they should form bad, addicting habits?

if you are going to ask a question this retarded, you at least have to provide us with why you are asking.
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try harder b8meister
no it will ruin your life. 20 years later can't quit, hands and feet always cold, wheezing going up stairs, and all that money down the toilet. not worth it
i smoked for about 7 years
would not recommend
if you like to smoke, have a cigar once in a while
I know it's a retarded question. I expected to be flamed for it.
Lots of reasons and they're all pretty stupid.

I can't related to most people my age, because they all smoke and I don't. I'm left standing around with my hands in my pockets. I hear smoking calms you down when you're stressed too, not sure how true that is.

But I just feel like why the fuck not, we're all dying, we're all going to walk down that road eventually. Might as well go out doing something I want instead of waiting around for death to come to me. Edgy I know.

classic peer pressure moment. people almost always regret giving into choices like this and when it's a choice that is going to be hard to fix, even more so. How would smoking help you fit in and relate better? Does this group constantly talk about smoking and the best brands? accessories? vaping? Because thats the only way smoking would help you relate to them. You don't need to smoke to have a conversation about non smoking topics.

>i cant relate to people cuz they smoke

thats not a thing. unless they all only talk about smoking while smoking, you're sounding pretty dumb. smoking wont suddenly make you fit in with them. most people dont smoke. you just see smokers and assume thats 'most' people. its okay to stnad with your hands in your pocket. no one looks at OP and says 'OH EM GEE, ANON DOESNT INJECT HIMSELF WITH LUNG CANER? WHAT A FUCKING LOSER LOLOLOL'

and if they did, you wouldnt be worrying abotu their opinions would you.

if you want to smoke go do it, but you are telling yourself 'im going to die eventually right? so i might as well die sooner because i really do want ot sit there and cough adn age fast and smell gross and feel gross al l thetime, i really do what that'

I wouldn't start, simply because of the costs money wise
I smoke while on vacation, one or two at night adds something to it.
But people smoking at every opportunity of getting fresh air are disgusting.
If you ask me it's possible to just smoke sometimes without getting addicted, so then just smoke when someone offers instead of spending god knows how much on these things that make you stink
Being this aggressive over something that has no influence on your life is really not helping.
Fierce anti-smokers are terrible people, fix your personality, fuckwit


no. go kill yourself. you seem to intend to anyway.
What a pathetic person, do you always get this worked up on the internet?
It's really not healthy, being this mad about someone (potentially) making a bad decision in life.
But continue to tell people to kill themselves and keep calling people retards, if you need that to feel good about your wasted time on here.
I have many smoker friends, sometimes they offer, but those smarter would kick me in my ass if I did.

Smoking just to "fit in" is a good idea on its face, but it won´t make you fit in, except with losing money.Fitting in is about sharing interests, hanging out (which can be done without smoking) etc.

I´ll skip all the health problems and money problems that come with it and get to other points:

Some people become addicted very fast and I´ve seen just too many unable to quit to support even "short term" thing. Plus if you then kiss someone, it´s just horrible (seriously, tastes as an ashtray smells), it diminishes your taste for cca half hour afterwards, you smell by it even if you try not to (clothes, hair, furniture, breath etc etc) and the list of the negatives goes on and on.

Honestly, even I have thought about it from time to time, sometimes I have one (once every few months, seriously not any more often), but that´s about it. But I have pretty good resistance to any addictions (well as of yet). Yet I wouldn´t risk it if I were you.
I started smoking when I was 15.

>my mother smoked when pregnant with me
>she & my father smoked around me (in the house, in the car)
>I gave them hell for it (complaining all the time, telling them of various hazards, planting 'truth' ads in their belongings)
>be 15 yo me
>riding in a friend with car, her sister was smoking
>I missed the smell, took a deep inhale
>went home, took cig from mom's purse
>smoked in bathroom
>hated the taste
>out with friends a little while later; aforementioned friend was smoking to fit in with the sceneXkids
>I start smoking because I didn't want to be the weirdo
>smoked for 10 years
>quit about two years ago, though have 'relapsed' a couple of times

During the years that I smoked, I was constantly waiting to have another cig. It was always on my mind. I smelled like it, and when the taste would leave my mouth, I'd be left with ashy drymouth, which I would yearn to replace with either another cig or food of some sort. In this way, it increased my anxiety, and the only relief I received was within the first few inhales of a new cig.

Even today, I'll think a cig might be nice. Admittedly, the first drag is always nostalgic. Then I end up disgusted with myself (can literally feel the toxins in my body for two days thereafter).

The Cons
>harms lungs & body
>causes you to be smelly
>shortens your life span
>makes you feel depressed (physiologically)
>it's a fucking distraction to the extreme

The Pros
>easy conversation starter (with others running away from their own demons)

My advice: find a real hobby.
>riding in a friend with car
heh...riding in a car with friend -.-
I do smoke, and enjoy doing so. I smoked cigarettes for seventeen years, and I've been smoking a pipe for six years. I lately quit the cigarettes altogether, but I still smoke my pipe. It's a fuck of a lot cheaper, and tastes and smells lovely. I constantly have women (and men) compliment the smell of my tobacco.
God, I love smoking.
I smoked for four months when I was 15 in my sophomore year of high school. I realized pretty quickly how stupid it was and it wasn't hard to quit at all. Every now and then I might bum a smoke off one of my friends but I usually get half way done before regretting it. Don't know how people can keep this awful habit up for years.
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I'm about 2 and a half months into quitting, and I still have to work my ass off towards not feeling suicidal. I'm legitimately scared that I'm falling into another depression. Should I just fucking smoke? If not, when the fuck am I supposed to feel better?
Ive been smoking for nearly 7 months now, used to be great then it became a habit. However when I changed brand things went back to good. I wouldn't recommend it though, especially of you're like me and your friends hate it. That first cigarette before college is fucking great but other than that it's pointless. I still don't plan to quit tho
Old guy (40s) here.
I smoked heavily for a lot of years, back in the 90s when it was still a lot more widespread, a lot cheaper, and still maybe a bit more associated with "coolness." You could smoke indoors in a lot of places. You saw it on TV and in movies. Etc.

I felt cool (stupidly, but I was young) for about six months, then spent around nine and a half years and thousands and thousands of dollars wishing I'd never started.

It fucks up your lungs, it kills you in half a dozen unpleasant ways, it's expensive, it looks trashy, and it's hard to quit when you get hooked. It also makes you smell like garbage from 100 feet away, although I never noticed how stinky I and my room were when I was a smoker (your olfactory receptors get saturated, and your sense of smell and taste both decline). I can't stand to be near smokers anymore and am shocked by how much they reek.

Not cool. Not pleasurable (Pretty quickly, nearly all of the pleasure that comes from smoking isn't really pleasure at all--it's just the relief of the symptoms of addiction). Not a sign of sophistication or intelligence--in fact, nowadays it's more or less exactly the opposite.

I can't tell you not to do it, but I can tell you you are a fucking idiot if you do.
not that guy but you're doing the same thing

OP don't do it, listen to >>17012262 and >>17012393

as for personal experience: my parents both smoked when I was growing up, and every winter I'd have constant colds and bronchitis all the way through high school. as soon as I moved out, it stopped. and they both smoked pipes, which is "cleaner" tobacco.

eventually they both quit, which is nice because now I can go over to their house or ride in their van without needing to crack a window.
I started smoking when I was 14. When I hit the high school I've had a pack like for a whole week and sometimes even more. I had a smoke before and after school with a friend of mine. Usually smoked a whole pack when I was somewhere drinking but that was pretty rare.

Now I'm in the first year of uni and this shit is getting out of hands. I smoke a pack a day, sometimes even more while we are hitting bars at night. I'm not aching to quit yet, smoking is great when you are a smoker. But it is absolutely in vain to start this late in your life.

I'm not feeling any changes with health but that's just maybe that I don't even remember how I felt before I started smoking. Smoking is expensive as fuck though...
Biggest mistake of my life. Breathing became shit. Coughed up black shit every day. Got to the point where I was so addicted Id buy a 50 cent cigar and roll it with papers since I had no money. Switched to vaping(yes I know its not 100% healthy) and now I gotta deal with people calling me a douchebag left and right just because I was sick of tobacco and wanted to try something new.
It's an expensive hobby, especially once you've reached the point of addiction. It's also quite unpleasant and it stays in your clothes for a long time.

What makes you want to smoke in the first place?
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Holy shit I'm pissed off. My ex girlfriend who I recently ended things with last weekend has now gone completely off the rails and is cutting herself and doing other self destructive things. Her fucking landlord just called me because she was worried about her.

All of her family live overseas so all of a sudden it's all on me. What the fuck? I know it's hard and she's not coping but that's emotionally manipulative to the extreme.

What do I do? I agreed to talk to her tomorrow but I don't want this burden. She's not mine anymore.
>what makes you want to smoke in the first place?
It wasn't entirely my decision, I had a gf that smoked when I was 17, I didn't want to risk not looking cool to her.
bumping for /adv/ice
Google says 8-12 weeks, so keep it up! If things don't get better see a physician.
I'm a smoker and regret having started it. Now i want to stop but the addiction is stronger than me
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Thread images: 4

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