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Is there really even a cure for anxiety, or do therapists just

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Is there really even a cure for anxiety, or do therapists just train you to act like you don't have symptoms?

What difference does it make whether I'm doing mental exercises and breathing counts or cutting and raping myself if I'm just going to feel just as bad anyway?
I'm being denied something I seriously want and need in life because these people think that I couldn't handle it emotionally and that my anxiety would make me a danger to myself. I don't know if they're right but to be perfectly honest I don't fucking care.

So what I'm asking is if there is a cure for anxiety at all, or should I just pretend to buy into the placebo and learn to hide the symptoms and coping methods better?

They don't check me for cuts or consult my family about it, so any idea they have of my life is self-reported. I can fake a recovery if necessary.

What are they denying you? There's no "cure" but there are treatments that can be helpful. I would not suggest "cutting and raping yourself" but at a certain point, you might need to just ignore the doctor's warnings and live your life if you feel they're being overly cautious

You'll never get it to go away completely, but you can learn to manage the symptoms and work your life around it
A sex change. They agree that I am genuinely transgender, and that the anxiety is a separate issue completely independent of it, but they still feel that I'm too crazy to be allowed to transition.

What's the point of treatment if they're just going to teach you how to hide it better? If it doesn't actually make me feel better, I don't want it.
Here it is.

Therapists can't cure anything. What they can do is make living in this bullshit world less painful for you. They help you compromise and make it by. It's shitty for everyone, but that's what they do. They help you change yourself so you aren't in as much pain. Faking your way through therapy is stupid. Waste of everyone's time. Also, they totally know you're doing it but also know calling you on it won't get them anywhere.

If you put in a real effort to follow the advice, you will notice an improvement. But you really have to do it. Not say you did. Not pick and choose which things you agree with. Really do all of it and give it a fair shot.

A sex change won't make you feel better, either. Really what you need is to find something external to focus on, instead of constantly obsessing over yourself and your feelings. A career, a project, SOMETHING. Something you can work on and feel like you're accomplishing something. That's what always makes me feel better. You need to get out of your head, or at least USE your head for some interesting task instead of constant self-reflection

It's a cliche, but cliches are often true: Idle hands are the devil's workshop. Not on some religious shit, but I mean ANYONE can drive themselves crazy if they just sit around thinking about themselves all day long. At a certain point, I feel therapy does more harm than good, because you're just pouring too much time and energy and money into "fixing" problems that might just be a natural part of your personality

Work. Do something with your life. Stop looking inwards. Come up with a way you can be helpful to other human beings
They started it. I wouldn't be wasting their time if they weren't wasting mine. I just want my goddamn hormones.
I don't have the fucking energy to focus on anything. I get up, I go to work, I work 8 hours, I come back home, lay in bed for 16 hours and then get up again. Putting up with my family and not killing myself is an achievement enough.

Transitioning is hard, you know that. Doing it while you're a fucking mess isn't going to be good.

I get that there's that shitty feedback cycle of "I feel like shit because I need to transition" "I'm not allowed to transition because I feel like shit"
But I do believe that cycle can be broken, you can play by the rules, and get your hormones.
but is there a cure? Do they HAVE a cure or is this another game to waste my time? Their way of saying "no"? The anxiety has always been there, what can they do to make it stop?

"We can clip your nails once you stop being a lizard."

I think they're just trying to avoid telling you the truth, because you're clearly not the type of person who likes to hear it: Transitioning will not save you. You won't really be a different person. You will feel exactly like you did the day before you transitioned. Nothing will change, except for the way other people treat you. And they're very worried about what's going to happen to you when you go through all your procedures, and you realize the grass really isn't any greener on the other side.
You think people waste time with goddamn sex changes because of some vague fucking abstract pursuit of happiness?

I don't expect to be a different person who feels and thinks differently. I expect to be MYSELF and look like myself. I expect to be able to look at my own body and not cry with disgust, be able to see my own face in a mirror and have it match what I pictured it would.

I know it's not going to magically make my life perfect, I'm not a fucking moron.

In case you didn't read the thread, it is a professionally aknowledged fact that my gender issue and anxiety are separate issues.

If you knew someone with cancer and a rotten tooth, would you tell them to give up because having that tooth pulled out won't make them stop having cancer?
maybe they are afraid.

if you're this much of a bitch before getting pumped full of estrogen, I'd worry for the fate of humanity when you reach your full potential.
Thread posts: 13
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