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Important choice in life

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I am male 26 years old. My girlfriend is 27 years old. We have been together for 3 years. She is one of, if not the best, persons I have ever met. The house and kids-debate is getting real.

I often think about having sex with other people, both male and female. It bothers me a lot. The urge is strong. I want to have more sex, do some drugs and be free for a couple of more years before I settle down.

For me, life is about experiences. I don't believe in afterlife/heaven/paradise, so I want to make as much of life as I can.

Having kids is also a strong experience in life. I am sure my girlfriend and I would have a lovely family. But then I miss out on the sex, drugs & rock'n'roll.

If I choose sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, then I might find another person in the future to build a family with. But that is not certain. So this choice is a risky one. And I might not even be successfull at doing sex, drugs or rock'n'roll.

I have spoken to her about threesomes and having sex with other people. But she is definetly not up for it.

I could cheat on her behind her back. But I respect her, and I care about her so I don't want to hurt her.

I could break up. But she's a really good catch and I might risk not getting such a good catch ever again.

I could fuck other people and be open to her about it, like: "this is what I need to do, please deal with it".

And lastly, I could embrace the struggle of resisting the urge to do sex, drugs and rock'n'roll for the rest of my life and go all in for family life right now.
Fuck you.
i dont know this feel im living the single life and fucking sluts on the reg
You're a shitbag, OP.
burthurt virgins detected
Well, decide which thing you'd rather experience. No can give you the right answer, they can only give their opinion on what experiences they would enjoy more.

Life is about experiences, but that doesn't mean you get to experience everything. Some people want to find another person to build a future with, have something stable. Others want to keep moving, never knowing where they'll go or what they'll do.
Decide and stick with it

Dont prolong it if it´s not going anywhere. As a girl in that same age range, I can tell you, girls want men, who already calmed down (I had such jackass bf before, worst mistake ever).

Women don´t have time to waste years on relationship with boys, who can´t get over the fact they should be adult and responsible.
Sex drugs and rock n roll will also involve a high risk of std's.

Anyways, it's really up to you to decide if your relationship with her is not worth it, and that you would rather throw what you have away for a slight possibility of having sex etc with all sorts of people.
You should split up with her so she can be with someone who respects her.
Thanks everybody for your responses! However, we are all sure, as some of you have said, that there is no "THE ANWSER". I figured there's another option. I could ask for a break, take a couple of months off, be separated for a while. Let the loneliness sink in, taste the freedom, try to go deep into myself with all my questions.

Do you think that life is about love?

Yes. If I stay with her and try to be the grown up man I think I can be with her, there will be a risk that the young man monster pussy craver inside of me breaks out. If it breaks out, than the time until then we spent with eachother will be wasted. And she is 27, she is a woman, she wants to have kids. I want her to have time to find a new partner to have kids with.
K, I have yet another option. She does not know, even if she suspects, of everything that is going on in my head. So this option is TELL HER EVERYTHING and see what happens.
Dude bury that shit and build your life together. If you don't you will spend the rest of your life wondering what could have been.

PRO TIP: it's normal to get cold feet when talk of marriage, kids etc comes around. Don't let it rule your head and fuck everything up.
That's an option, but also gives the chance she'll move on, or she won't see you as a stable person to have a relationship with because you might change your mind again. And really, if one person brings up a house and kids, and the other person asks for a break... The SMART thing to do is kick that person to the curb. Regardless of gender.

From your posts it sounds like breaking up might be a good option though. You don't really sound that invested, like maybe you think she's a good person but you aren't romantically or emotionally invested. In that case.. you won't be happy staying with her, because your only reason to be with her is to not lose her. That's an unstable foundation for a relationship at best.

Or maybe you're just panicking at the thought of things being serious and your way of coping is wanting sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll. If you're as indifferent about your relationship as you sound though, staying will likely end badly.
Stop watching fucking tv shows op.

The party lifestyle is dumb and superficial, it's made for and by people that are sad and empty inside. Maybe you enjoyed it when you were 23 but now only the bad people your age are still in it now.

But it sounds like you don't really like her anyway since you'd rather have sex with some easy girl you don't even know now.

Also you can still take drugs now, if she doesn't want to see you high just take some lsd and go camping this summer.

I've been a musician in metal bands with all the sterotype that comes with it and settled down at 24. I don't regret it at all neither do all the guys that I know who did too. Those still in the scene after 25+ are people you don't want to be.


Well maybe not just like you...I'm Chad Thundercock and I have fucked more girls than I can remember. I honestly don't know my number.

I'm 39 now, and I'm currently fucking 4 different girls that don't know about each other. Varying in age from 22 to 34. They all think I'm 30 or 33.

I've been doing this since I was your age and it's damaged me psychologically. I don't think I'll ever be able to be honest with a woman.

I know you bitter virgins are thinking fuck this chad, but now that I realize I'm going to die alone, or I don't know maybe I should settle down with one of these girls. Some of them have really great careers and I could be a house husband.

But if I had stayed with that one Stacy...gotten married and a "real job" I would probably have a couple kids by now and be living the domestic life. Instead I'm going down the sex, drugs, rock n roll path until I die.

I guess if my goal was to fuck the hell out of a ton of hot broads then I did it, but part of me regrets not settling down.

I still have my sweet fucking body and bruce cambell chin, but for how much longer?

I'm gonna get gross and old eventually...

Marry your Stacy.

Have kids and a house and shit.

Don't end up like me.

Ignore this tool, I am the original Chadrick Thunderdong. Like my phony friend I have fucked my way through many women of all ages. Unlike my pale shade I married a great woman, had my kids and continued to educa whomever I wished but with discretion and care.

So my advice is don't rock out with your cock out now. Marry your Stacey, grow your life and if the urge beckons there's plenty of time to check out some strange.
Just cheat retard
>blubbloo b-b-but i don't want to hurt her

if you're gonna be a druggie bisexual heathen at least go all the way and just cheat on the bitch
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Thread images: 1

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