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Should I go through with 23 and Me?

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I suffer from ADHD and none of the current FDA approved medicine can treat my condition thus I'm seeking alternatives and my life is at a halt right now. If I were to gets parts of my DNA sequenced by 23 and Me it could allow me to quickly and effectively treat my condition through supplements, meds, and Nootropics. I'm very concerned with what will happen with my data, I.e. being sold to insurance companies, advertising companies, government angencies, etc. Does anybody know of an effective alternative for DNA sequencing to treat my ADHD that won't sell away my data? Will it even matter if I use 23 and Me since when gene data is relevant entities could get your data just from a family member? I'm really conflicted with 23 and Me aiding in my treatment and my privacy
If you feel like this could be beneficial, what could actually happen if your data got into someone else's hands?

What could they do with it that would impact you? Because I assume the answer is "absolutely nothing"
For example, let's say black women over 40 have an increased risk at developing breast cancer, insurance companies could raise the cost of insurance for all black women over 40 based on this genetic occurrence
As long as you don't mind Jewish lizard people sequencing your DNA to create new neurodegenerative preservatives in your Cheetos and 7 Up, go for it!
You'll get cloned in the future.
And what if someone gets ahold of all this info about you?
But that would happen regardless of your decision to use this service.
I'm looking at the website and I'm not really clear on how their report is going to help you find ADHD treatments. Can you elaborate please?
Have it too, never was on meds. Got calmer around the age of 12 all by myself (it´s natural if your parents don´t screw you over with meds) (also excersise like tai cchi and finding interests which you like help)

Anyway computers can be hacked and that´s that. You may say it´s nothing when someone obtains your data, but in this day and age, you never really know anything for sure ;)
>>16943872 here again. The more I read their website, the less I feel like the report is even worth $199. But then, I'm not looking for my ancestry, nor am I going to be passing on any diseases.

Seriously though, they act like it's a big deal that the report can tell you whether you're lactose intolerant. You can do that test for the price of a pint of milk (and maybe a pair of pants if you're not fast enough getting to the bathroom). And the traits are almost all stuff you can tell by looking in a mirror.

I'd be less worried about your information being stolen than about the probability that the report is a ripoff.
Basically they give you a thing called your raw genetic data which you can then input into 3rd party services which will translate the raw genetic data into a more practical form, I.e. maybe my dopamine production is shit therefore this would make it more efficient to identify a form of treatment. If that makes sense. Tldr: 23 and Me doesn't do much by itself, but you need the data it gives you to access the stuff you need. Sorry if all this sounds jumbled I'm on my tablet.
Hey customer here. Used fake name to get it done.

Got my full dna profile and you have to use 3rd party analysis tools to get at the juicy stuff but that's fine.

They let you download the data.
I learned I'm

which is cool.
also I've got one of the Shitty MTHFR heterozygous mutations.

perfectly happy
Thread posts: 11
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