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Clubs and Bars

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Hey /adv/,
I’ve been to clubs in the past, but I always end up not doing anything out of fear of looking really stupid or doing anything creepy.
What’s proper club etiquette? How are you supposed to ask a girl to dance? how do you dance at a club? Do you buy girls drinks or not?
>What’s proper club etiquette?
Dress nicely, no flip-flops, take a bath. Just don't overdressed, no one wants to see a guy on a suit & tie dancing around. Unless you're MJ or a male stripper.

>How are you supposed to ask a girl to dance?
Ask nicely? If that doesn't work go look somewhere else. A good pick up line sure helps. If she's dancing, you sort of have to follow her moves and try to get her attention. If she digs it, then you both will start dancing in sync (assuming you're not socially retarded enough to know when she's not interested).

>how do you dance at a club?
You just dance. Others are to busy minding their own business. Just don't go blasting weird moves. If you're not sure, try to feel the beat and move your head or upper part of your body along with it. Try to stay relaxed and don't over do your moves.

Learning some dancing moves would certainly helps. I met a guy whose sole purpose was to own the floor. He always dances at the back, but he have endurance and pretty damn good moves. The guy dance straight for an hour with little break and sips his water bottle. He is owning his space and having fun, so people excused him for that.

>Do you buy girls drinks or not?
It depends. If you really like her & have good pick up line to follow then it would be worth it.

Difficult question. If you have to ask I would suggest not going for it at all. The problem is picking up girls is difficult in a straight club ( assuming you are male ). Especially so if you come alone and/or are socially non top tier.

Also it depends highly on other factors like location and time. In my country good clubs are also packed with users which usually aren't interested in being approached. For that reason, say away from any days but friday and saturday and leave when you feel the club suddenly emptying around 2am ( all that is left after that is users ).
just get drunk dude
the rest will come naturally
and dont buy drinks for women
hahaha im so glad I don't go to clubs anymore
Not being allowed in is not the same as not going.
never ask a girl to dance.

She wants you to just grab her arm, hand whatever and just include her in your dance.

If you feel so akward even dancing solo, first practice that. Just let yourself be moved by the music. First practice safely in your room, just feel the vibe and let loose. Then do the same in the club and don't give a fuck. Seriously, you are way to much in your head, everybody else will have the same feeling and will hardly notice.
Thanks a ton guys. Is it bad to approach a girl in a group wih she friends?
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Not advisable! They act as a herd.
It's a matter of luck, mostly.

Being good looking and approachable helps.
'her friends' pal
bump same situation
I know you don't want to hear this but a club is a really bad place to pick up women. I would advise you to join some kind of social activity or look at colleagues or fellow students.
Partly bullshit. A group of girls works like an amplifier. If you already had no chance they will shit on you. Otherwise not.
Look really stupid and be really creepy.

Just look around you. The Guys who do well there are screaming like retards saying dumb shit and creeping on every girl. Theyre playing an odds game. Its rapey and predatory.

You just have some sense.
Its not your environment.

Also i disagree about the girls in a group thing, especially if its 3+. It takes balls to go in a group of girls and single one out
because those guys are different (not acting in an ordinary way).
strange = personality (balls)

Same for haircut and clothes
best adv in 2 words:
>be genuine
but that's a whole other tier ^

in a herd, pick your best shot, if that doesn't work. maybe try to see if one other ís interested, if not. GTFO.
seriously DON'T. EVER. go after too many girls in too little time. they notice, and see you as a meathunter and boom you're unattractive.

a good way to pick the good one is first having eye contact.
it realy works if you
>have eye contact
>have eye contact again
>smile or whatnot
>see how she responds (you're not socialy awkward so that'll go fine)
>confidently go her way, be genuine, try not to be too impressive you know don't douche.
>introduce yourself
>communicate, try to get close,
>do ya personal moves

I can get more discriptive but that wont help.
hope this'll help
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 2

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