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Is there anything wrong with me?

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Hello there /adv/. Recently ive been having a really perculiar problem. Ive started to hear voices in my head telling me things i dont want to know and sometimes he even takes control of me when i space out. It all started last year when i started to feel more and more disconnected from myself and i went for a walk. During the walk, i got a migrane and after i regained composure, i saw the asphalt shift around and i got really freaked out. After this incident however, i started to feel lesser and lesser complex emotions such as guilt, desire for belonging and the same drive or love for life i used to have. This was accompanied by frequent voices in my head that began to speak to me at night and gradually made its prescence more and more known and in the end, he started to follow me around, constantly blabbering and stopping me from socialising. Ive also started to feel strangely comfortable being alone and that was when i realised that something may be wrong. Before this i hated and feared loneliness but now i find it so comforting. Maybe hes telling me to accept it but can anyone here tell me if theres anything wrong with me mentally?
Any /adv/ice would be largely appreciated
Yep. You're suffering from psychosis. A variety of mental illnesses can cause it. Best to go get it checked out, theyll assess what the cause is and probably put you on an antipsychotic and into therapy to help you get back to your normal frame of mind.
Thank you anon. I havent been able to reach any relatives or get any help but im very glad you could let me know
It would be good if you could. Get in touch with as many friends/ relatives/ close acquaintances who are understanding as you can. Good support will be really helpful in this. Other than that, its as easy as making an appointment with a psychiatrist or getting a consultation with a mental health care place. If you feel like you are a danger to yourself or others or can no longer function, check into a hospital. Many have short term mental health units or can refer you to one.

Go to a doctor
Do you think that theres any way i can get him out of my head. He has been telling me that he wont leave and i cant do anything
I quit smoking weed because of shit like this. I smoked it heavily (constantly) from about the age of 14 until around 23 and by that point I was basically having constant full on inner dialogue with myself. The dialogue was mainly focused on what a worthless piece of shit I was, how nobody liked me, how when I tried to be sociable it was false or fake and dishonest and nobody would like the real me. Anything interesting I talked about was exaggerated or made up, people knew this and just humoured me, I should just stay in and smoke weed on my own because it was all I deserved and I was doing others a favour, but don't be grateful oh hey maybe you should just fucking kill yourself because you are an antisocial paranoid potentially schizophrenic drug abuser unable to face up to the horrendously shit aspects of your life and personality unable to take ownership of this or act like a proper adult instead choosing to self medicate.

Read up on depersonalisation or derealisation. Yeah you might have some shit going on. I quit smoking weed and it went away, though I've had intense periods of depersonalisation and derealisation at various times since then. Mostly following heavy stress or psychedelic drugs though which is pretty usual. No other issues though.

I have a friend who developed schizophrenia. His progressed pretty rapidly and he is now exceptionally medicated and lives in an assisted living house. He was a heavy drug user, but I'd argue that he was self medicating his developing schizophrenia (came on around age 15 and was fully developed by around 21). I've another who developed it around 19 or so and he lives with his mother, takes a moderate amount of medication and is pretty functional if he stays on medication. I've another friend who developed psychosis around the age of 29 or so. She doesn't have schizophrenia, but has symptoms like you'd describe. She takes occasional medication during episodes.

Diagnosis and likely prognosis are related to age.
Thank you for sharing your story anon, ive listened and got in touch with my local mental institue and im going for a appointment soon. Thank you to all that replied to this thread
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