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If you were in a relationship with a girl and you found out a

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If you were in a relationship with a girl and you found out a month before you began dating that she slept with a married man (a co-worker in fact) who told her that he was happily married and that there was no chance of a relationship and she willingly became the "other woman" because she was up for anything would that be kind of a deal-breaker for you?

Added to this - she carries herself as though she is better than other people and at the time she turned away a perfectly available single guy because she saw him as weak though he paid for a most of the trip for her while complaining loudly to people who don't know her that well that she cannot get laid. If she just wanted to get laid, no biggie but to act like other girls are sluts is rather hypocritical IMHO.

Now, the dude is scum but he was honest scum and told her up front the deal and she could have said no at any point but was willingly to stab another woman in the back to get laid.
I think it's morally questionable at best. I don't know that it shows that she's a cheater, necessarily, as those are two different sorts of calculations being made. But certainly willing to knowingly engage in sociopathic behavior.

I think I'd go with a wait-and-see approach.
I would have broken up with her the minute she told me.
Scum. She obviously has no problem with the idea of cheating. It takes two people to cheat and she's equally responsible.
I'm a female, and think anyone who either is a cheater or the "other" person in the situation is undatable garbage. you can NEVER trust them. ever. it literally shows how little they value the concept of relationships, why would you be any different to them?
good point. For the record I didn't date her but got caught up in her hot-n-cold attitude and got my feelings a bit bruised with not knowing if she liked me or not. I'm actually thankful that I didn't follow this up and find this out later.

I just found this information out when I was debating to get with her after we had a falling out over her flaking that I dared to contact her via skype to apologize for pressuring her to go to some events with other people.

She complained to me once about her vagina atrophying from lack of attention. This 2 months after the deed and if she was friendzoning me by confiding in me with this info why lie about it?

Weird chick.
yeah. Like I said the guy is equally to blame however he was at least honest and told her the deal that he was happily married and I believe she was the one who came on to him knowing he was already married.

I just thought it ironic that she was complaining about a lack of attention when she turned away single guys. I think Karma is paying her a visit.
She sounds like an A grade drama queen. I'd probably fuck her under the same circumstances (married guy) but I wouldn't consider her relationship material if I was single. Drama queens are too much work for too little reward.
>willingly became the "other woman"
>carries herself as though she is better than other people

She's obviously not a chick you want to be dating. Worst case scenario she has a personality disorder. Best case scenario, she's just a cunt and a bit of a slore.
And what about people who unknowingly became the "other"? Meaning they hooked up, or were in a relationship with someone, only to later find out that someone is in a commited relationship?
indeed. I'm just going thru the cleansing process of getting it off my chest and out of my head. Slore?
you should have called her out on it

seeing people like this squirm is hilarious
that's completely different, forgivable, and understandable. In that case the original cheater is entirely to blame not the unknowing other. This girl knew this guy was married and had a kid. We knew he was a roamer but she didn't as she had only worked there a short time or then again maybe she did as talked a lot to one of his female friends (who didn't sleep with him).
yeah I'm thinking about but I don't want it to be like me being angry that she led me around. I think even with me out of the equation she is still a pretty bad person as she has said some of the people at work are not good people and others pathetic.
>she turned away a perfectly available single guy
So what? She wasn't attracted to him.

Probably would break up with since she has poor values and takes advantage of people. Just because other people are shit doesn't give you a free pass to be shit too.
>would that be kind of a deal-breaker for you
I've got no time to waste on cheaters, mind games, PUA, any of that kind of stupid shit.
I'd probably be down because I'm deoserately and disgustingly lonely
with her or the cheating husband?
Well, since it sounds like you hate this woman, I would say no, don't date her.

Whether or not I would date someone would depend largely on whether I liked them. That comes before considerations about her sexual history.

So for the sake of argument let's say I do really like her (even though that seems unlikely), would this be an issue? Maybe. I would have a much harder time trusting her, even though I could see the appeal of having an affair like that.
if she was a no-strings kind of person and not judgemental I'd not think much of it though it's still kind of bad to willingly to do that even to a woman you don't know (and of course the guy is complete asshole).

I just find the irony rather delicious given her high-n-mighty tone. I remember her once saying she would never go to one of those Anti-Art School Burlesque events even though she sketches because it was sleazy (this is after the deed BTW)
If they were honest with each other, that it was just no strings sex, it's no big deal.
He has to answer to his wife, but that's none of my business.
Girls are MOST attracted to married men, followed second by men who are in relationships. Girls do not like single guys.
They are single because they are losers.

If she lied, that's another story. If it wasn't just sex, and she was trying to destroy his marriage and steal him for herself, then slap her on the wrist, but it's not a crime. She's not blackmailing him.

Single guys are losers. Get this through your head. No girl wants to be with a single guy.

If you're single and you want a girlfriend, go get a girlfriend, and girls will be all over you.
Don't hate the players, that's just how the game works.
>would that be kind of a deal-breaker for you?

Being a non-virgin would be a deal breaker, but this is beyond the pale
This has happened before and I broke up.
Also, she even made jokes about the dude's wife, absolutely disgusting.
She's got the morals of a rattle snake, tell her to fuck off. She'd happily fuck a married man means she has no issue with cheating.
If you date her you'll never be able to trust her.
Thread posts: 24
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