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I'll begin with some background. I am young, attractive,

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I'll begin with some background. I am young, attractive, tall, confident, and reasonably intelligent. I've been scouted for modeling as well has having graduated university three years early. I do not wish to brag, it is simply relevant information for my query. I do not have any particular difficulty getting dates with girls. I've never felt as if a girl was 'out of my league.' I'm very grateful for this advantage.

Of course, I was once very much reclusive and introverted. Not so much lonely, as my obsessions generally occupied me. I am generally skeptical of other people and their conventions. I've been on many dates, but never for more than a week or so, and of course have never had sex. I don't have a tremendous sex drive, I masturbate maybe once or twice a month. It's not a huge concern of mine nor something I worry about.

The greatest concern which holds me back is that of innocence. Not so much mine for my sake, but for a potential girlfriend. As I feel I've seen both 'sides' if you will, I generally value loyalty over hedonism.

It doesn't matter a huge amount to me, for my own individual sake, if I have sex or not. What I wish to make sure I do not violate is the potential trust of a girl in the future. If she is a virgin who was waiting for a marriage or lifetime relationship, should I be able to honestly show that I feel and felt the same?

I've recently been invited to a threesome with two beautiful women. It would be one hell of a story for a 'first time,' and it's honestly quite tempting. This isn't a conventional 'how can I' lose my virginity thread, but rather should I? In the future I could just as well find a virgin who wants a long term relationship and truly value that, but would my own behavior showing otherwise risk that relationship with her? It's only hypothetical, and indeed rather subjective to the girl, but if anyone can provide some insight into their general experiences and opinions on this I would appreciate it.
The first time is always awkward.

My first and I were in a relationship for the [seeming] sole purpose of getting our virginities over with. We did it in an unfinished house (under construction). It was quick (though hurt, and therefore felt like forever--I'm female) and kinda whatever.

Sex is only good with someone you actually care to be with, but for your first...I don't think it matters too much.

So many people would disagree with me, but whatever.

I kind of think having a threesome for your first time would be a great story to have under your belt.
Though it depends on your values...and after actually reading your post, you seem pretty conservative and want someone in the same thought-pool...so do whatever you think is best--this is your life.
>I am young, attractive, tall, confident, and reasonably intelligent
You are none of those things, hate to break it to you.

Now leave.

I wouldn't call myself conservative. I don't abstain for any religious reasons. My only potential motivation is to demonstrate restraint and how I find another person special.


I'm simply self aware. I'm sorry if you don't possess those traits.
You can simply avoid the 'finding another person special' bit by admitting to your 'one and only' (down the road) that your first time was just for experience so you wouldn't fuck it up in the future. If you regret it down the road then, well, welcome to life.

You sound young...if you're not into this idea then don't go through with it. Whatever you do, don't think too much about it, or you will think yourself in circles.

Also, if this is a test to your self-restraining capabilities, then I think you know the answer to what you should do.
>I'm simply self aware
If by "Self aware" you mean "insufferable and full of myself," then yes.

I think I'll give it a shot, if I do regret it I'll just tell those potentially worried about it that I regret it. Settled, cheers!
You are full of yourself and your writing is insufferable.
Holy fuck I swear to god I did not read this first but I just posted the exact same thing
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