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Dealing with rude people and or bullies?

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I'm in high school and i'm a senior 18 yrs old. I've always been the timid type of person which I think is a weakness of mine. Whenever people make fun of me I just can't say a word, I just basically endure it but at the same time it makes me frustrated that I can't do anything about it. I've always been prone to taking insults and whatnot, but I'm at the point where I feel like I should just burst out to the person who says those things to me or even worse hurt them. Just recently this sophomore is getting on my nerves during class and would be constantly say things to me which I find annoying. I didn't do anything I just took it and let him laugh and the others around them laugh. I do call him an asshole though, but I'm still the one who's angry. I don't want people getting to me and I feel like a beta when I should feel an alpha, I mean, he's a sophomore for crying out loud. How can I be more assertive or confronting. I really want to get back at him and other people who tease me. It's just that it's not in my nature to do such a thing. Should I really step out of my way of saying rude things? I feel like I would feel better after doing so because my mind is intoxicated with thoughts of negativity of these people, and these thoughts always get in my mind and I can't get them out of my damn head.
pic unrelated
You are probably an easy target. Get /fit/, fizz your posture, and just look alpha without saying anything, and people wll respect you more.
that's one way
Tell him he is an insecure fuck for trying to make other people feel bad.

Either that or tell him to shut his cock holster and threaten to beat his ass it he continues. Then punch him in his stomach or solar plexus
Anon the best advice I can give you is to use that negative energy and channel it into motivation to start lifting. Go to the gym improve your body and I'm willing to bet seeing the progress you can make will help you have more confidence and eventually you'll forget that loser who's bothering you.
I can't give you any advice unless you are more specific about the teasing.
No, DO NOT burst out. Trust me, that's the worst thing you can do. People find it scary and off-putting when you outburst (it's a human subconscious reaction to associate sudden outbursts of unexpected extreme emotion with mental instability). Just play it calm, do what I do and play along, maybe insult him and make his friends laugh. It always works for me (as long as what you're saying IS in fact funny yet insulting to him). Good luck. PS If you do happen to have this outburst, he'll leave you alone most likely, but the whole class will think you're weird/ messed up in the head
Teenagers are faggots. People bully less as you age and youll soon be able to choose your social scenes entirely.

If youre timid youre timid, nothing good or bad about it. Youre doing fine, dont worry about it. Dont become them. Youre so nearly free.
Dude the last thing you wanna do is let him see that it bothers you. Just respond in kind. E.g. if he pokes fun at your hair just reply yeah well i can get a haircut tomorrow but you'll always be a retard.
I like your way of thinking, I'll start lifting soon.
Thanks, I'll keep this in mind
No, don't burst out. But think of ways you could insult him that would be very, very offensive for him and make him see that you can bully him too in response.

You see, bullying works only if the bully can always remain the bully. What you should do is make a list of all of his flaws, then make the most cynical, hurtful comment straight in his face. Say it confidently. Others would probably start laughing at him and respecting you more after this.
forgot to append: and make a very cynical comment that would make fun of his flaws, also, dehumanize him in your comment, treat him like an animal - a sub human. That's what bully cunts like him are.

Here's an example of a good comment to make to a person like that:
You're very dumb. Not only that, but you're also preventing me from paying attention during class. I know that you will probably work at McDonalds your entire life - that's why you can afford making idiotic comments about others and not paying attention to class.
Personally, your behavior made me think of our mother Earth. You see - resources are scarce here, and are being depleted daily. We're running of virtually every resource - of oil, of fish, and so on. Not only that, but we're also polluting it and destroying vital ecosystems.
Don't you care about mother Earth? I would advise you to kill yourself by jumping in a furnace, so that you would stop consuming our planet's resources.

Then, if he responds, answer:

Are you offended? Aww, I'm so sorry. I know one should act more humanely towards animals. Yeah... what am I doing? I would never say that a dog or a cat wastes resources, would I? That makes me feel bad about myself. I think I should treat animals better.
I enjoyed reading this, lol.
Thanks for the comment, I'll save this for future reference.
Thread posts: 13
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