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How to save my relationship?

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>after years of tfw no gf finally manage to get a gf
>we have been dating for 4 months
>I live alone, she lives with parents and usually stays with me
>we're both shy and introverted
>she took my virginity
>had our first fight an hour ago
>fight started because I didn't want to go to her step brothers wedding
>her step brother and father have both told me they don't like me on more than one occasion
>one of her ex boyfriends is also going to be there
>this causes me a lot of anxiety
>fight got very heated we were both raising our voices
>told her to just go with her ex boyfriend instead of me
>after a little back and forth she said "he's more of a man than you anyway"
>replied "I know"
>she picked up a pen and slashed my face with it, storming out before I had even looked up
>drop to the ground and start crying
>crawl to room smash my phone and keep crying
Don't know where she went. Now I cant even call her I'm so stupid. What am I meant to do. I really love her and I don't want to break up. She's the best thing in my life whole. I am so confused. It wasnt even that big of a deal it's just a wedding. How can I fix this?
>first half of story
Ok all good
>reply i know
Dude what
>she slashed my face and left
Double wat
>smash my phone and cry

Both of you have massive mentalproblems and issues and should probably not be together
I get that emotional stress can cause you to do crazy things but I think your biggest problem here is not keeping a level head. Women come and go dude but when you smash your own phone you're only hurting yourself. Work on that.

Women are really good at using words as weapons and your gf's worked perfectly. You need to realize that switch when they shift from logical conversation to attacking. Then you know there's something deeper going on in her mind that she's not telling you about. At that point you have to ask her why. Maybe she wants to show you off to her ex so he feels jealous or some b/s. My guess.

Aside from that, she's cray cray man. Move on.
>How can I fix this?
Jesus christ. Your girlfriend just assaulted you and that is not ok, it doesn't matter how much you love her or if she took your virginity you do not stay with an abuser.

It's not going to be easy for you but you have to fucking end it because your relationship isn't going to work no matter how hard you try. She will do it again, no ifs or buts.

Take solace in the fact that you have had a girlfriend, there are plenty of good women out there and you will find one. You dont need this bitch.
>>she picked up a pen and slashed my face with it,

she's a skank. get a new gf.
>replied "I know"

Are you Han Solo?
Ok but I want to stay together.

I know. I regretted it as soon as I did it. I guess so.
Her ex wouldn't be jealous of me, no one would be, I know that. I really don't want to move on, I want to fix this without having to go to the wedding.

No it's ok I'm used to it. I only want her no other girl. No other girl has ever given me the time of day or treated me with the respect she does. I just need to explain to her how I feel and how bad my anxiety gets but I'm really bad at articulating my true feelings and that's why the fight started it was my fault.

I don't want to be told to leave her I want to be told how I can fix this without going to the wedding.

No she's not.

No I don't even like starwars.

fuck you. how about that, scarface? you're too pathetic for this world
>No it's ok I'm used to it
>it was my fault
Were you abused as a child cause you've got a serious victim complex... You need to get it through your head that this fucking bitch, nor anyone can assault you and get away with it like that. You need to snap the fuck out of whatever delusion you're in. Leave this fucking bitch right now. If any of her belonging are in your house throw them on the fucking front lawn.

I am so fucking furious right now. OP man the fuck up and don't accept this bullshit, you sound like a kind person and you don't deserve to be treated like that.
Hahahaha. You're pathetic. Work on yourself before you expect to support a relationship.

Your girlfriend will never respect you until you respect yourself. Find the qualities about yourself that people might desire about you.

If you're unable to love yourself, then your next objective should be suicide. If you killed yourself right now, I bet she might actually gain a little introspection for a day or two.
Thanks for your advice.

Yes. I do not have a victim complex I see a shrink who is very good and receive anti psychotic injections every 3 weeks so there are no delusions I am fine except for my anxiety.

Please calm down. I'm not mad so why should you be. I just don't want to lose my gf why is that so hard for you guys to understand.

I am not pathetic I am fine. I don't understand what you mean by expect to support a relationship, we love each other that is all the support I need. My gf does respect me we just had a fight, people lash out in fights it happens all the time, I said before I am used to it ok so drop this.

How do I know if I love myself?

Can I just get some advice on what I asked for, If I wanted to be called names and bullied I would go see my parents.
dude your girlfriend just physically hurt you. If my boyfriend did something like that to me, I would be DONE.
You didn't hurt her physically at all, did you? If she did that to you unprovoked, then you're dodging a bullet desu.

That being said, your insecurity is getting in the way of your relationships. You need to trust your partner. Don't allow yourself to fall in love until you really trust them. You fell in love before you learned to trust her, which is why you were nervous about an unimportant situation.

That being said, I'd cut it off if she physically hurt you. That kind of thing is not ok. Even the "he's more of a man than you" would be enough for me to end things right then and there. Idk what you said to her, but the things she said to you are not ok
What we are trying to say is youre in a position where you will experience a lot worse in emotional and mental anguish f you stay with this girl.

Let me put it another way if you were hungry and wanted food and i said i can give you some but im gonna roll this dice and if its any number but a 6 im going to shoot you would you go ok roll the die. Because thats what youre doing with this girl. Sure it might be great a small % of the time but that doesnt justify the shit she puts you through and is about to
I know and I said I'm ok with it. It's different for a girl then for a guy. No. I was trying to express how I feel when I'm anxious and how I will only make them not like me even more.

I understand what you are all trying to say but I'm ok with it. I've been hit since I was a kid I'm used to it.

Thanks for trying everyone but this isn't going to work because you can't get over her hitting me, some people are used to that, all I wanted to know is how to fix this and I can't even get that.

I'm going to go paint to take my mind off things. Thankyou everyone for trying to help me.
This is one of the saddest threads I've ever read through. I just want to give op a hug
Thread posts: 15
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