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Third party opinion

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I fucking love my life, except for the lack of sex. Im 22 and in the last 4 years went from being the biggest nerd, to being the most confident, social and likeable person. I can meet and speak to women easily, even throw in some sexual tension and flirting. But at the end of the day I don't go in for the kill and become friendzoned. Just today a girl phoned me, begged me to go out for a drink, just to end up bitching about her boyfriend breaking up with her and how horny she is, but then continue to tell me I am too deep in the friendzone for her to have sex with me.

Basically I just want your opinion on my life. I love my life the way it is, I make a lot of money, have many good friends, confidence and I'm relatively good looking. All where I'm lacking is in the sex department. Do you think I am afraid of intimacy or what's my reason for not getting intimate even though I have plenty of opportunities?
>even though I have plenty of opportunities
Judging by your story, I doubt you have the opportunities you think you do.

Sounds like you're playing the "nice guy" a little too hard. Be more reserved, more stoic, and most of all, be direct. Stop pussyfooting around.
Girls asking me for my number / reason for not "pulling in" proves different. Half the time the reason I don't pull in, is me being too affraid or not being in the mood for it (drunk/tired/irritated)

Smells like bullshit.

There's no way the kind of girls that give their numbers to guys would be attracted to such a beta faggot.

>"waahh im too tired"
>"waahh im scared"

I don't buy it.
That doesn't make any sense. You don't get 'friendzoned' for not texting or calling someone.
In a way I don't buy it either, but it helps me sleep at night. And the girls that have asked me for my number in the last few months ranged from 3/10 to 7/10 (mostly girls at the lower end of the spectrum), so I'm not bragging about being a hot girl magnet, I'm just saying that I am reasonably good at socialising/flirting with girls.

Well, you must be a really fucking hot guy because you are terrible at this whole socializing, flirting deal.
The majority of the girls, I don't ever call/text, but the small percentage of girls I do text/call to set up another meeting, I get friendzoned with.
So what you consider an 'opportunity' is merely meeting and talking to a girl? That's not an opportunity, that's called life.
I am a fucking boss at socialising/flirting/being the center of attention.

So, whats the big mystery here? The girls that you do call/text quickly realize that you're not what they thought you would be, and put you in your rightful place.

You can be the center of attention all you want, but when you can't turn that into actual things that matter, like you know, getting laid, you're nothing more than a glorified clown.
You sound like you have all the skills you need in order to get what you want; just go for it whenever you feel like the time is right. Being friendly helps at times, but in this case it really doesn't.

Be friendly around your bros, but not the same way around girls that you aren't happy being anything more than friends with. That's what I typically do. You get friendzoned after a while as a result of you not finishing. Sometimes you just need to hold back your inhibitions and just try out new shit until you find out what works for you.
This is exactly how I feel, but I have no idea how to change that? I have the skill set, but I'm pretty lost in the implementation phase. Most of these girls who do end up friendzoning me, I have a good friendship with and they add value to my life. That's why I'm content with being friendzoned, but I can only have an X amount of friends in my life

Well, just fuck them. It's that simple.

"So, you want to head to my place?"

Drink a little, start kissing, and fuck.

Stop over complicating this.
Is that all there really is to it? Just go up to someone, tell them they're hot or some shit, and just ask them that?

>not op
Okay! Hold up all you horses with no reigns! Whoa now.
Do NOT listen to all of these horse-less cowboys. Little boys who have never had a girl but just masterbate to the idea....

You said you were 22? And some chick is coming to you to bitch about her guy? That says a LOT!
What it says: no, she isn't ready. Don't fuck her. BUT!!!
But! You are the type of person to make a girl feel comfortable enough to bitch to.
She obviously likes you if she's bitching to you about her guy. She does. End of story.

So you've got something.

Keep your head up, stay confident (not cocky) and yes, it will happen.

And fuck it, have fun while you're 22!

No, no, no.

OP is a different case. He claims to have the social expertise, and the looks to make that approach work.

If you're a run of the mill dude, maybe a little chubby, and a bit awkward around broads, then it's a bit different.
Since my transition from being a nerd to a "cool guy", it feels as if I have missed valuable lessons because of not interacting with girls until I got my first girlfriend at 18.
"I get stuck in the friendzone"

Op, you're only stuck in the friendzone because the girl is not attracted to you. Either you're not physically attractive, or something about your personality/demeanor makes you unattractive to her.

Every boy I have ever dated has started off by being a good friend- and the ones that I'm physically attracted to, I date.

Work on your looks.

Yeah, girls come up to him and use him as a damn journal to bent their troubles. Yup, he's got something alright.
When speaking to girls I use a mix of being genuinely interested in them and sexual innuendo. But I fail at reading their body language/signals.
I do agree that in certain cases there are no sexual attraction. But what could someone actually do to improve their appearance other than plastic surgery? I have been told that I am stylish/have a good sense of fashion.
Because of your history you lack the social skills that come natural to others. It's really just practice, you will get better at it eventually. Also read some redpill or so to at least get a basic understanding of game, sexual markets etc. No point in playing if you don't even understand the rules.
Change facial hair
Improve skin clarity/shave
Change the way you carry yourself
Good posture
Whiten teeth
Clean ears
Manicure nails
Manage body hair
Work out and gain muscles
Be more straight forward if you're looking for sex.

When I was in high school I'd always beat around the bush and be flirtatious. Had a lot of dates/girlfriends but the most we did was hold hands walking around the mall. I had a reputation of being a manwhore, but I graduated high school a virgin.

My problem? Sure, I could get girls attracted to me. I was average looking, so I wasn't intimidating, and I was charming and flattering. I made them feel good about themselves, which made them attracted to me.

However, attraction does not equal immediate sex. So what do I do now? I put myself on the line without really caring.

>"You have really pretty eyes and you're the sweetest girl I've ever met."
>"If we hung out I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of you."
>"You're the cutest thing ever, I just want to kiss you all over."

I can't believe the number of girls who we really have no mutual feelings for eachother, but they'll have sex with me because I make them feel wanted, and let them know I want them.

In high school I was scared of being disrespectful, which is good, be respectful always, but I took it too far.

I imagine this is the problem you're having OP
Does your name start with a J OP? If so I think I know who you are.

Story of my fucking life right here
>the most confident, social and likeable person. I can meet and speak to women easily, even throw in some sexual tension and flirting.
I believe you, but you gotta be sexy too dude.
with that girl that said "you're too deep into the friendzone", how did you handle that?
"but why can't we be too deep in the friends with benefits zone?" fuck I dunno you gotta push it a little sometimes with girls, they want something to "fight back to" I gues..

and being sexy also means touching girls in the right ereas of her body, so NOT butt and boobs, but hair, shoulders, back etc. you can realy horny a girl up that way. A guy can be sexy without being nice, and a guy can be nice without being sexy. kinda like you it seems. combine the 2 and BOOM you're hot.
I'm in kinda the same situation.. I practicly lived under a stone without any hopes of getting out, untill I found my group of friends4life.

they now ALL have a gf, and I still never had ONE. because I was so socialy unexperianced.

now I am, I'm 20, and all the girls I like are so 'experienced' as you might say, that the only way I can be attractive to them is being the "unknowing that he's so much fun"-guy. most of them are 23+, and they're just looking for some fun (witch is fucking great), but I most of the time can't "finish the job", because they have "responsebilities" in the morning so they don't want to wake up with a kid in the morning.. feels bad man.

but what's different between you and me is that I'm good at getting sex, but not good at having what you have: being the nice guy that girls go to when they need some social comford and stuff.. I'd love to get called by a girl for that :'( . and you know, to have a gf finaly would be reeeaaaly fucking nice.
I'm in the stage of masterbating to doing fun stuff with a girl that ISN'T sex :S
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