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Where do I find honest girls?

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>be socially retarded and very shy
>kind of fucked up from spending so much time on r9k
>win lots of money
>in excitement post this on facebook like an idiot
>2 weeks later close my facebook acc because so many people are adding, tagging and talking to me
>decide not to buy a house, car or anything flashy till I've finished all my study and start working (5 years away)
>now extemely paranoid I will never find a girl who actually likes me for me
>kind of want to contact my only ex whom I split with 3 years ago and beg her to come back even though she would just use me
>we broke up because she cheated on me
I feel like this is the best thing that has ever happened to me and the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Is this a common problem or am I silly for feeling this way? Everyone at my uni now knows and I'm too shy to try and meet new women. What would you do?
>actually likes me for me

Yeah this is super naive, such a thing doesn't exist. Women like you for the amalgamation of all the parts of your life, winnowing out the ones who like your good aspects is fucking retarded. You came in to money, great - use it to your advantage instead of trying to pretend it's not there.
This tbhf.
Unfortunately your view is a little too idealistic. Yes, real relationships exist, but finding them is near impossible if you are unconfident and socially inept like you said. Social status can build attraction, which is a superficial form of romance, and having money (as well as capitalizing on it by purchasing unnecessarily expensive shit) will open up new social experiences and possibilities to you.

The only real solution to developing decent social skills is through experience and reflection, just like any other skill.

So I have to accept I will never find a girl who likes me for me? I was telling myself I was being irrational but that is so crushing. I don't even want a relationship if that's the case :/.

>Social status can build attraction, which is a superficial form of romance

>The only real solution to developing decent social skills is through experience and reflection, just like any other skill.
Am I interpreting this wrong or are you saying I could find someone who likes me for me I just have to work on my social skills?
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Pretty common issue amongst big money winners.

Meet women in person and dress like normal. Don't flaunt your wealth.

Depending how small your town is you may need to relocate and keep your newfound wealth to yourself.

Congrats on this opportunity to escape the cycle of wage slavery. Make the most of it, and don't squander it on women who will use you. Better yourself and establish a life. Higher quality women will come to you eventually.
Try to dress better and overall keep things simple, be wise with the money and the RIGHT girl will tag along, the good ones look for someone mature and responsible
If you're socially inept, then it probably means that you are not experienced enough with other people to properly convey to other people who "you" really are, if that makes sense. Things you say probably give them the wrong idea.
>So I have to accept I will never find a girl who likes me for me?
You have a major flaw, you know. You're fundamentally unlikeable.
That picture describes my situation so well.

I'll keep pretending I don't have it and try and forget about all this.

It does. I often feel like I don't have a personality.

What's my major flaw? Being socially retarded?
>I feel like I don't have a personality
It could be worse. You could be a narcissistic sociopath with a superficial one like me. I can make people laugh, show empathy, and have interesting conversations and then completely forget about them soon after because I become immersed in something else. I don't have close relationships, and the fact that you have a desire for one makes you better off than me.
meh i'm a complete loser and my gf has been with me for almost 6 years because i'm funny as fuck and she knows i genuinely care for her, most people on this board think all women are gold-diggers and can never love a man.
>What would you do?
Pump and dump every whore you find.

Most people on this board are women.. But I wonder why they think that anon... it's not like it's true right?

>instigate more reciprocal and non-reciprocal violence in hetero relationships
>have an advantage in the legal system
>attracted to males if they have a nice car
>lie about 41% of rape claims
>have more sexual partners than males and LIE about this
>are attracted to males who are already in a relationship
>are attracted to dominance during ovulation
>one-in-four have STDs
Hi there /r9k/
>can't argue with the truth
>has to meme like a child
Kids these days.
Never settle for a girl who knows you have money, or if you, don't give her a cent or buy a fucking thing for her, if she stays w you, she most likely enjoys your company, and genuinely likes you, and if you ever decided to take things even furthers ALWAYS get a fucking prenup
You're adorable.
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>still memeing
You have no facts whatsoever. Stop posting.
The smug anime image, the pinnacle of debate and the best way to end a debate.

How can we integrate the use of reaction images into congress discussions?
>the pinnacle of debate and the best way to end a debate.

This isn't a debate, you're simply denying evidence without a shred of evidence yourself. Grow up.
Oh I'm not the person that you were talking to, I should clarify that. Sorry.
>whiteknighting this hard
That doesn't excuse your ignorance. You obviously believe what I proved about women to be false yet can't offer a single constructive argument against it.
being a white knight and calling /r9k/ a pathetic faggot are not necessarily the same thing
You can't argue against facts so you lower yourself to personal attacks?

You're definitely a feminist.
>still whiteknighting
>now memeing
Give it up
>obviously believe

I agree with you. You raise valid points and you use data to back it up.

What if women have been subverted though? Are you "anti-woman" or "anti-feminist"?
I'm not anti anything. I'm simply offering a non biased opinion to OP which is based on facts and I'm being stereotyped and attacked for it by people who offer no constructive argument. It's honestly just sad, /adv/ has been my home board for 4 years.
Ah okay. What has changed with /adv/ over those 4 years?
Honest women?

OP, all people are liars no exception. As far as finding a partner goes the best you can do is finding the most honest person possible. There's no such thing as a completely honest person.
Mainly the types of people who ask for advice and the type of advice given.

A majority of the questions asked here now don't actually need to be asked, most of them are naive relationship questions with subjective answers and that's why we get threads with 300 replies and not a single answer.

The types of advice given has also become worse and worse. I can only speculate on the cause but I believe it's because we're getting a lot of people who are sick of their home boards and coming here for attention, just to troll, maybe to make themselves feel better by looking down at people with problems or just to shit it up, eg >>16937255 For example, this guy couldn't know about /r9k/ unless he's been there himself, chances are it's his home board and he's here to annoy others.

Also the "opposite gender" threads are a relatively new thing, they started appearing two years ago and 90% of the questions and answers in those threads are subjective and incorrect. It's become a circle jerk for a couple femanon tripfags.

Tbh now I think about all this why the hell do I still come here to try and help people.
you dun goof'd by letting people know you got rich
definitely dont take your ex back, unless you want to be cheated out of your money.
youre probably going to have to move
You need to relax. Take a shower, go for a jog. BREATH!

How the fuck can something be subjective and incorrect?

It's a matter of opinion at that point.
>How the fuck can something be subjective and incorrect?
It's incorrect because it's subjective. Example, it's "your truth" not an "absolute truth" and your truth is also incorrect. I could have worded it better but there's no need to start sperging on me.
This is a phishing link. Do not click it.
Dude it's simple as fuck: try to learn to hide it in your lifestyle, get a new social circle (your old one is probably worthless anyway) (you could move somewhere else, you seem to have the means), meet new people and never never ever mention anything about your wealth. That'll grant you a minimum of healthy social relationships.
You should be moving away and starting a new life. You are putting yourself in danger by sticking around your old community if you've suddenly become wealthy.
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 3

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