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Unsure where I want to go with my life

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For a long time, I've wanted a simple IT job. Something where I can just sit in a school and keep the servers up and fuck around on the side but I'm starting to think that the chance of getting a job like that is low and I'd probably get bored as fuck. I'm pretty average at maths and programming so I couldn't get a software job and there aren't many programming jobs in Australia anyway.

However, I was thinking about trying out for the police. Careers counsellors suggested that I could study criminology in university, join the police force and become a detective eventually. I really don't know what the fuck I want to do anymore. I'm not in university currently and just have a part-time job at a supermarket.

I don't really have any passion to pursue any particular career and don't have many great skills apart from being kinda good with computers. I'm really starting to stress out over this.

Anyone else experiencing a job crisis?
Any ideas, /adv/?

>pic not related at all but it's feels
>Careers counsellors suggested that

Career counsellors are fucking delusional. They know nothing about the job market.
I've no idea what to suggest to you. As far as I can tell younger people are completely fucked, I'm partially fucked, people nearing retirement now are kind of fucked and those who pulled the ladder up on all of us are voting and acting out of complete self interest and just hoping to die before the world inevitably changes too much.

I went to university when it just started to cost money and left with significant debt, but like a third of what it cost my girlfriend a few years later. I've managed to purchase a modest house which I'll have paid off within the next 5 years and I own a car outright, but I'm fucking 33.

My parents had this shit done by ages 19-21 and were raising a family at the same time. I feel like I lost 10 years on them and I've been fairly lucky and committed to big goals like home ownership. Don't even want to speculate how fucked it is going to be for those behind me.
Also here at least jobs seem completely fucked. All 'soft' office shit is basically being consolidated into low wage centralised outsourced businesses using high degrees of automation. Seems like the days of well paid or individual businesses having human resources, accountancy etc are long gone. Built on fucking sand.

Everything else is at threat of automation. Traditionally well paid skilled trades are being replaced by prefabrication and off-site manufacturing and now you just need a few installation technicians on site to do a very simple job. Most manufacturing and agriculture had gone.

Even the traditionally safe and conservative public sector jobs like teaching, health care and the police are being privatised and turned into insecure, performance managed 3rd party shit storms where vast sums of money previously spent on local services gets skimmed by outside investors and honorary board members.

Not been a job for life in a long time. Not been the culture of 'starting out' with a company for a long time. Kids are getting longer school hours, extra years of compulsory education and training and finally bullshit customer service apprenticeships or student debt out of the ass to basically keep them out of the work place for as long as possible.

I can't understand this commitment to 100% employment as well as a measure of economic success. For me, being wealthy enough to not have to work would be pretty sweet. I'd rather my society had like 60% employment and we still managed a reasonable standard of living for a majority. That would be a true indicator of wealth and prosperity. Could actually afford to let old people, children, pregnant women, the disabled, adults dedicated to family care or child rearing etc stay at home instead of banging them up in a work camp for increasingly lower wages and meaningless jobs at risk of automation.
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