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homeless help thread

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Every time I see homeless people or beggers on the street I always feel sympathy towards them, like how either bad luck or poor choices lead them to where they are now, and I think that could be me someday if I ever fuck my life up, my question is how or should I help them, I am compelled to help people for the sake of them being as human as I am, i would want to be helped if i was in their situation, but I don't know when to draw the line, I was thinking of donating, but how can you know for sure that the money you give will help someone in need, once you hand your money over, it could be spent on drugs or alcohol (you can tell most of the time), I think I should volunteer and talk person to person or something substantial rather than give handouts, does anyone else feel the same way or do you turn a blind eye
Homeless people are people who are homeless, not objects or animals you can decide for. You cannot blame anyone for buying drugs or alcohol if you decide to give them money, it's they choice to do whatever they want with it. That's always important to keep in mind, as some people feel entitled to I don't know what. Now if someone has a sign saying "I am hungry", you can always ask them if you can buy them something to eat or the like, in a friendly way on eye level.

If you want to really help the homeless, become active and/or volunteer, e.g. at a shelter, food bank, etc.
It really depends on where you live, the sort of thing you'll need to do some real research on. Learn what the support system for homeless people is, learn the general reasons people become homeless etc.
Like in America, a lot of perfectly normal people are homeless right now because of financial issues and other bullshit and really need all the help they can get and it's probably fair enough to throw them a few bucks. In countries with thriving economies who take care of the homeless, most of the people who are in that position are pretty much out of your reach to help, giving them money is flushing it down the toilet and the best you could do is maybe look into whether you can support an organisation. In shit holes like India, people will cripple children and set them up as beggars to gain sympathy from tourists, so giving them cash is supporting a horrifying industry.
best thing is usually to give to or work through an organization that really works with them to change their entire lives.

I give to a lot of charitable causes, but I won't hand a few dollars out the window to the guy that's standing by the stoplight with a sign. That's because I realized a long time ago that they are intentionally picking their location to minimize their interaction with you. I've given to people when I can have a conversation with them about what they need, what their plans are, where they are going, etc.

Streetside people don't want to have that conversation with you. That's why they are targeting people in cars that have to drive away as soon as the light turns green.
Maybe book bags or kits filled with hygiene items, blanket, non perishable food.
In the UK you could pay their deposit or whatever for emergency housing but it's expensive.

It feels bad seeing them in their situation, but the truth is that charity doesn't fix much. Oscar Wilde wrote about this over 100 years ago, in The Soul of Man Under Socialism.

You're better off trying to reconstruct society on the basis of eliminating poverty rather than giving handouts.
I no longer feel bad for those who beg for money. Most of the time they are lying, and those who lied to my face has stopped me from giving a shit for the rest.

The worse lie happened 2 years ago. I was stopped outside of the grocery store by my house by a older woman asking for money to help pay for her 6 year old grandson's funeral that died that week. She had pictures of him, and was on the verge of tears while talking to me. I gave her what I had on me because I have a softheart and just had to help pay for a funeral so I know it's a hard time emotionally and financially. About 4-5 months later she knocks on my door asking for money giving me the same exact story about how her 6 year old grandson died a few days ago and her family needed help paying for the funeral. She had the same pictures in her hand. I told her that I gave her money months ago over the same story. She instantly turned around and walked away. I yelled "I hope your grandson really dies now".
I have some homeless people by where I live. I'll go into the store, buy some pringles and a sandwich and give that to them.
I spent a summer on the streets once. I was surprised by how generous some people can be without even being asked.
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