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The greentext is optional as I've posted it before with another question.

>Be me, 19
>At concert alone
>Show up like 15 minutes late to show
>Go to merch stand and grab shirt while opening act plays before they run out
>Standing in back next to merch stand because I'm tall and kinda like my personal space at concerts
>7/10 redhead comes up to me
>"Hey, I know this is weird, but if you were a girl, what shirt would you buy?"
>Odd way to start conversation, but k
>Keep chatting throughout opening act
>I'm not shy, just quiet. Not a fan of small talk but I'm trying because damn she's cute. She's pretty eager to keep the conversation going
>Conversation picks up, going really well. Mainly talking about her but whatever works
>She asks how old I am. I tell her, find out she's 25
>"Hey, I know you're 19, but can I buy you a beer?
>Decline with bullshit reason, but really there's staff walking around and I have giant X's on my hands. Didn't wanna get kicked out
>Brushing her arm against mine when talking, and our spot isn't crowded enough to pass it off as accidental
>Chatting for next 15 minutes
>She's gorgeous and a total sweetheart
>She checks her phone and says "So I guess my friends showed up, I'll see you later, alright?"
>She comes back in another 15 "I did come here by myself, so I figured I'd be by myself with you."
>I'm an oblivious fuck but come on I'd have to be fucking Steevo Wunder to not see this
>We're having a blast at concert, but I didn't see her wander off again, because oblivious as shit
>Kept an eye out for her, but couldn't find her after the show
>Bugged me the whole drive home, "How would that night have played out?" thoughts
>Found her in like two seconds on FB and decided I've got nothing to lose
pic related

Normally I'd assume a girl like this is interested, but the thing that's making me skeptical is the age difference. Is it common for a 25 year old to be into someone 6 years younger than them?
She looks interested but I will warn you. I had a massive crush on a 25 y/o female at the time (I was 20) and I never stood a chance. Women like these are usually looking for long term relationship and you gotta have your shit together like live in your own, have a great job $$$, know how to cook, pay bills, managing money... keep in mind tou are competing against older men that have way more experience than you and yes for a lot of women, being older than you is a major turn off and no matter what you do (unless you are a 10/10 chad into modelling or millionaire), she will always see you as inferior.

Unless you have all of those qualities I mentionned beforehand, forget about relationship but try to get that pussy if you can.

Best of luck
This is true in the general sense. I do know of one instance where a girl married a guy with no job while she paid all the bills for their apartment, though he probably has an actual job at this point.
Oh and by the way, if she is still single at this age, it is a red flag. Call me paranoid but there's a reason why she is single. In my case, she had anxiety issues and is alpha widowed of her ex. They all have issue the older they get
I've got a job and am already a college student.

So question, why would she bother if she saw me as "inferior"?

The plan is just to see where things go. I have little to no expectations it's going anywhere in reality (Even though I'd be fine with it doing so) but if I could get a bit on the side that'd be great as well.
Issues are fine with me. I've had girlfriends with issues in the past. Maybe I'm fucked, but I kind of like "problem girls" that I can help out with every now and then.
Because she is a fucking woman. One moment she may like you and then she has no feelings. Womem are emotional creatures and she maybe liked you before you told your age and that's it. Or maybe she wanted some young meat.

Anyway, give it a try but don't fall in love. Act like an alpha because there's already a line of beta waiting for her
>Because she's a fucking woman
Was kind of hoping for a more analytical explanation
>Liked you before you told your age
Maybe, but she kept going with the flirting even after knowing

I don't know, I'm almost 20 and I've been out of the game for almost 8 months, so I'm not sure. I get what you mean though, women are confusing things at times.
I seen you make this thread before op

Shame on you
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>So question, why would she bother if she saw me as "inferior"?

I cannot know for sure. Maybe she likes the attention and validation. Maybe she thinks you're fun to talk to (I chat to older women all the time), maybe she actually does like you that way, maybe she enjoys the companionship, maybe she's just looking for a good time.

As a personal anecdote only, I've got this older female friend who I used to be in a fair amount of contact with until her life got too busy. She's about 3-5 years my senior and married, but she was one of those people that didn't discriminate for friends based on age. And I have no problem shooting the shit/being friendly/hanging out with older women in a platonic sense.....now, as lovers, I've never tried dating a girl that much older than me, and it's been my understanding that for a variety of reasons women prefer not to date men younger than themselves. It's not impossible, but what will determine it will be her lifestyle, her desired traits in a mate and what she wants out of a relationship.
>"I've posted it before with another question"

>I've seen you make this thread before op

Great one
Are you the guy where you came home from work and she had cleaned your whole apartment and sorted your clothes and all kinds of housewifey-type stuff?
Nope, not that anon, whoever that is.
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