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I had to leave the room because my boyfriend started ranting

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I had to leave the room because my boyfriend started ranting about black people again. He is viciously racist. He doesn't show this in public at all, but literally even a commercial with a black person in it he'll start talking about how blacks are inferior and violent criminals. He's 24. Is it too late for someone to stop being racist at that age?
Hi, my girlfriend is the same way and I am as you explain your boyfriend. Have you ever tried to have a calm debate about it. I'm racist and I admit it, but it's because in my youth years, I was bullied by blacks, only 3 of the 100's I encountered from age 6-17 ever became my friends. A huge majority would bully me, harass me, and for no reason. I seen it all day long happen to others to. They were the only race that was like that in my area. You have to understand that he might not be racist for no reason. Talk to him and understand his side, my girlfriend understands now why I have such hate. As long as I don't show it in public, where I usually am nice to anyone, just more causious with blacks.
if my girlfriend did that I'd kill her while she was asleep
He grew up in an upper middle class white town. He has no excuse.

He compares them to animals and calls them savages. It's insanely hateful what he says about them especially considering he's basically the sweetest guy I've ever met otherwise.
If he's outright racist, then no he will never change. He might get better at hiding it from you if you bring it up but that kind of racism is not something that is ever fixed without some kind of major event happening in his life (as in a black guy taking a bullet for him level. And even then it might not change.)

It does mean he trusts you to an extent though, if he doesn't show that in public. Just know that he won't ever stop being racist. Either deal or move on.
I grew up near the ghetto, but in lower middle class, anyways all my schools had rich kids zoned in it anyways. It doesn't matter what physical privileges he had, maybe going to school was psychologically tormenting because of blacks. I still ask you talk it out with him.
Plus what I seen all my life, they are savages, not all obviously, but I'm not exaggerating when I say 95% in my area would steal from anyone, would not care about anyone who isn't black, I mean random rapes, fights, etc. I had to face almost being jumped if I was ever walking alone for no reason. They would run around after school in gangs of 10 looking to beat the shit out of random kids. This never was the case with even the poorest Hispanics, in fact they stuck up for me. Blacks culturally are often times raised in an environment that teaches them to be that way to survive. From what I've seen they are savages for the most part. But I don't label every black as a savage until I've gotten to know them. They are different and if you don't know that then you've never lived in an area where this takes place.
what business is it of yours what his beliefs are?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with black people. Maybe the culture which some of them choose to believe in, but apart from that there's a lot of real sweet black people and real assholes. Just like every other race.
Except there is a disproportionate amount of assholes among blacks.
did you ever fuck a black dude
Tell him to rant on one
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>I had to leave the room
>had to


If you don't like your boyfriend than leave him, but it says A LOT about your age and maturity that you are essentially shitposting about him behind his back on 4chan.

Also, 4chan is totally not the fucking place to come if you want people to pat you on the back for how forward thinking you are comparative to your boyfriend.

Either leave him or accept him, but right now you are just being a cunt.
I had the same problem with my first bf. At first he was "normal". Then my sister got a new bf and those two hit it off p good. We hung out a lot but the problem was that my sisters bf was openly a neo nazi. Complete with shaved head, combat boots and swatsika tattoo. My bf started to listen to muaic with him, landser and shit. From there on it was a steep downwards spiral. He got into the topic more and more. Started to buy nazi memorabilies (some really expensive shit like a very rare copy of "mein kamp" and an ss-ring). Basically, after about two years i finally came to my senses after he INSISTED to hang up a huge swatsika-flag in our livingroom, shaved his head and has become the official head of the KKK in our country. I told him that i'm fucking done with this bullcrap and left. I have no idea if he is still stuck up in that racist stuff, but i think he was just an insecure faggot that suddenly found a way to feel "tfw white master race". The same was true for my sisters bf. It was pathetic and ridiculous. On top of harmfull and ugly. Just leafe if he refuses to come back to his senses. Don't toy with this. It's not a joke.

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>Don't toy with this.
>It's not a joke.

Yes, yes it is. Best part of the joke is it took you two years, your sister was a dumb enough cumdumpster to fall into the same pitfalls, and NOW you are so bitter about it you shitpost on 4chan and call him an "insecure faggot" when you are the only who is clearly worse off.

You are spending the evening alone posting on 4chan ranting about a racist boyfriend who has long since forgotten your existence, keep that spite going though. I'm sure it is super healthy to bottle your particular brand of crazy the way you do.
He's irrational trash with no ability to empathize. Abandon ship. For extra points, fuck a black guy and send him a picture of it.
Yeah, in one light it IS a joke. But there where people getting harmed (my sis bf often went out with his "friends" on the we, got drunk and then they would beat up random people they didn't like because they where the wrong race). I am aware how bad it is that it took me so long to walk out. Yeah, i'm crazy too. I never said i wasn't. I'm also aware of how dumb my sister needs to be to date a guy like that in the first place. But that doesn't mean i'm not going to tell OP to get out asap. Best tell him that you are going because of the racism. Maybe he will get food for thoughts that way. And i don't know anon... You are here too - shitposting, aren't you? Don't be so quick to point fingers
>lol fuck a black guy to get back at him

Yea... that sounds... logical. I can see no way in which such a scenario would backfire. Why not devalue herself and her body just to get back at some guy who she is clearly hesitant about dating to begin with?

Don't get me wrong, if she wants to date a black guy... then date a black guy but telling her to explicitly date someone just to piss off someone else doesn't help. You are suggesting someone debase themselves in order to have the POTENTIAL to hurt someone's feelings who they presumably wouldn't/shouldn't care about after leaving.

You got some demons, anon. Work on those.


I'm surprised you were so cordial in your response, but I'll make the effort to reciprocate. The fact that it took your bf/sister's bf forming hate posse's to beat the shit out of colored people is jaw droppingly ridiculous though, I must admit. I don't know I guess I'm just hesitant to make the correlation between someone being racist and someone so racist they engage in hate crimes to give that hatred form.

It sounds like OP's boyfriend is just kind of immature, and she doesn't sound like much a prize either consider she stormed out of the room to go talk shit about him on 4chan.

Also you are right, I am here when I shouldn't be. I have Recent US Foreign Policy final tomorrow. I have the study guide in my lap but it is far too easy for me to get sidetracked by 4chan when I see people who are probably of high school age acting like petulant children.
I don't think my bf would have ever gone so far as to actually harm somebody physically. Not because he didn't want to. This is one of the times it was better somebody is a pussy.
My sisters bf was just the same. Problem was that he had a squad and the sheer amount of people made them feel strong and mighty. This is ridiculously dangerous. But i guess everytime hate-crimes are done it is because a bunch of insecure people gathered and now have power they shouldn't posses. Just look at isis or any other radical formation.

Well, 4chan IS one hell of a drug. I can see how it could be potentially distracting. But i guess you know what would be the right thing to do. So, anon - JUST.DO.IT
Racism is beta as fuck, dump him.

Most black people are total bros. If your bf is hateful towards blacks, it must mean he feels inferior and needs to compensate.

Have you had sex with a black person in the past? Does he know about it if so? That is usually a huge cause of racism in relationships.
Why does it bother you though? Unless deep down you long for some raw BBC action
I went to a college that was all ghetto blacks and they didn't really seem that bad
Double this.
Also as another anon said, go take some time to actually learn WHY he's racist. Maybe he's had a series of traumatic experiences with blacks.

I used to work at a paintball field south of Chicago and I had some wretched experiences with blacks.
Some of them are really cool people and I'm cool with them. But sadly the stereotypes hold true alarmingly often. I've had to deal with a lot of ghetto gangster wanna-be blacks and they are absolutely no fun at all. They can be violent, arrogant, entitled, uneducated, and undisciplined.

Point is, people gain prejudices based on experience.

If you really want to change the guy, then educate him on WHY blacks can be so shitty. They are stuck in low-income high-population density areas together and harbor a toxic culture that places value on violence, arrogance, crime, and drug use. There are plenty of white meth heads and rednecks that are just as retarded, there are just less of them overall.
Also if you can make an effort to introduce him to black people that don't suck, then his opinion will shift.

Racism is not a learned behavior.
Tolerance is a learned behavior.

Everyone is inherently racist to a certain degree from the moment they're born.
Be it one side of the spectrum where they outright hate one or more groups of people, or other side where they simply prefer to company of their own kind.

Try and see things from his perspective, especially now in 2016.
>For the last several years, straight White males are told all over social media that their lives don't matter anymore, and that they're basically the lowest form of life. Beta white males even agree with the sentiment. Those he sees as "His own" are vocally against him in his mind.
>Shit like this exists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC-Cqkq6zWc
>The BBC brainwashing myth all over the place.
>A black man could sit there for 10 straight hours condemning White men and it's okay. A white man says nigger once and he's blacklisted from life.
>World Star Hip Hop and The Knockout Game exist.
>He keeps hearing about his white privilege from minorities, when in reality he probably doesn't have any privilege at all.
>Whenever a Black is killed by a White, it makes national news and there's social media outrage. Whenever a White is killed by a Black, there's almost universal radio silence. The latter happens a lot more often than the former.
The list goes on
Can you really blame him for all the anger he feels?

Don't try to change him. Don't try to force tolerance on him. He's just going to feel like you're betraying him and that's going to shut him out for good.
Do sit down and ask him why he actually hates them the way he does.
Sit and listen even if you don't like hearing it.
This world is going to shit and White men are public enemy number one right now. He feels backed into a corner. Having a lover who sits and listens to him instead of fleeing the room will go a long way in calming his rage more naturally. Eventually he'll stop ranting altogether if he feels like you're supporting him
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>I went to a college that was all ghetto blacks
>ghetto blacks
>Everyone is inherently racist to a certain degree from the moment they're born.

No they aren't.
Being wary of anything that's not of your tribe is an innate human trait, but what defines 'your tribe' is entirely arbitrary. A kid who grows up in a mixed race home/community might have no issues at all with race, but might have issues with foreigners or gays or poor people etc, or just general wariness around strangers based on no specific traits, could be anything.

Everyone is also inherently more trustful of people who are "like them," but that's not inherent racism. It's simply because similar traits are a series of known factors, and the unknown is scary. It's not that 'different = mistrusted', it's that 'known = trusted'. And studies have shown people are more willing to trust someone that is completely different from themselves so long as they have proven good reputation, and will trust them over someone exactly like themselves who has a bad reputation or simply no reputation, because reputation is a very important and reliable factor of trust which trumps the superficial likeness.

All of this does result in a society where everyone's a little bit racist, sure. But everyone being a movie fan doesn't mean we're born liking movies, that's absurd. It just means we're born with certain drives that almost inevitably result in a joy of movies.

Correct, this statement is true. It's sickening, I almost wish I wasn't black because of the association I have with those idiots
It's no different being white, and associated with hillary clinton
or donald trump. or hitler. or one of the sheer amount of white assholes. you can say that about any race

True, but when was the last time you saw a group of White people chimp out?
depends on your definition of "chimping out". have you watched the nes lately? you ever heard about isis? yeah, exactly

>have you watched the nes lately?

No. My NES is collecting dust in the attic somewhere.

>you ever heard about isis? yeah, exactly

Yes. I have heard of ISIS.
A terrible group of Asian Muslims from Asia.

What do they have to do with White people from Europe?
you know i meant news.
yeah no. they are from everywhere. you are a bit llusional, right?
File: asia-map.gif (336KB, 1000x789px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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They're primarily from Asia.
Note this map of Asia.

And while they may be "From everywhere", the majority of them are Asian from Asia, and every single one of them is Muslim. They recruit other Muslims (Who are also Asian) from other parts of the world to join their organization via the internet.
Occasionally they also convert gullible White and Black kids from Europe and America to either fight for them (The men only) or be their wives(/sex slaves), most of which quickly regret their decision when they actually make physical contact with these people, but those are isolated cases.

Again, not sure what an Asian run, primarily Asian, all Muslim terrorist organization that beheads people has to do with Whites, save for the few gullible young souls that are swayed by their lies and false promises.

White people don't get weird in groups because we're the biggest group there is and have no cultural identity that bonds us by our race.
We just ostracise individuals until they kill themselves or become spree shooters. That way it doesn't reflect badly on the rest of us.


But also, neonazis.

Really? White people are the biggest group?
Are you delusional?

Asia: 4.4 billion people. Most of them East and South Asian. And most of THEM Chinese and Indian.
Africa: 1.1 billion people. Most of them black Africans.

That right there covers 5.5 billion of the 7.1 billion people on Earth.

The other 1.6 billion aren't all White either.
The fact is, there are about 625 million people of European descent living across

Hispanic America.
The United Kingdom.

Those are the five most populated areas with White people.
The sixth is South Africa, with only about 4.5 million whites.
Everything below that just starts to trickle on down in number.

White people are the Global minority, and in a few short decades, we'll be the minority in all of our own countries.

So don't sit there and act like we're the "Biggest group there is". Nothing is further from the truth.
>Really? White people are the biggest group?
>Are you delusional?

No, just completely half assing it and not paying much attention, I actually can't believe I let something that retarded slip.
But you know what I mean. We've got no racial identity is all. A white guy will never stick up for another white guy just because he's white. Unless they're neonazis. Or maybe cops, while beating up black guys.
But kill one black guy, you get fucking marches in the streets.
this is why white people are voting for trump
and kicking the asian muslim out of the whitehouse

Oh fuck, I forgot all about Trump for a minute. Don't mind me >>16933790, disregard everything, turns out white people totally do chimp out after all.
cof bin dub ho
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