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Uni sucks 8 dicks

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>In uni right now
>double major math and econ
>spend all my time studying. My health is shit and I have stomach ulcer which I need to get examined more to see if i have stomach cancer
>despite studying 24/7 69 days a year, I'm fucking shit at this kind of math which is abstract as fuck.
>failed a couple midterms and generally really shitty gpa
>im completely burnt out.
>parents would be disappointed if i dropped out
>parents don't think i would go back to uni if i took a year or half off of school which is probably the case
>I might actually get suspended anyways for a year since my gpa is shitshitshit

I like philosophy. took some courses and did pretty well but a philosophy degree is about as useful as not having one. Are there really no realistic job opportunities for a uni graduate with a philosophy degree?

>working a part-time retail job
How likely are retail jobs not dead-end? Or are most dead-end. I'm not really into material wealth. I find simple things enjoyable. I just really don't like being stressed and being anxious.

What do, /adv/?

On a side note, my girlfriend will likely break up with me if I drop out or take a break which is alright by me, I suppose.
If you study 24/7 and get no where what are you actually doing? I mean are you comprehending anything you're reading, and how are you writing down explanations for things in your notebook if you don't understand them.

Maybe you've missed some fundamentals and instead of going back to it you're just staring at the new stuff trying to make sense of it?

Do simple things like take a break and go for a walk to start freeing your mind and improving your mental health, it'll improve your intelligence too (if that isn't obvious).

>i study 24/7
>have a gf

pick one.

>how likely are retail jobs not dead-end

retail jobs may promote you to a store manager. which is slightly better but not by much. if being smart isnt in the stars, then pick a less intense but still useful degree.

becoming an accountant isnt abstract or hard. i do all the accounting for my office and i suck at math. sure being a REAL Accountant is more than just budgeting and whatnot, but if you go to school to become an accountant its way easier than this abstract math shit you are studying.

find a job that wont kill and work towards that. it doesnt have to be 'enginneer or philosophy major at mc donalds'

the worlds not that strictly divided.
You sound a lot like me OP, doing math/econ and having a bit of trouble but liking philosophy and knowing there's no real usefulness in that degree. What exactly would you planning to do with your math/econ degree anyway?
It's just so abstract. The exams are nothing like the textbook's questions. I've never been great at math but I'm already so far.

I haven't gone out with my gf in weeks but she understands and reciprocates since she's really hardcore about her studies (she started school late and her parents are really traditional) so she's also been doing nothing but study as well.

Let's say I drop out of uni and start studying accounting at a college. Is that even competitive with the people that study accounting at uni? And just curious, what kind of degree do you have and what's your office job like (Why you were hired, how many employees, is it competitive)?

Well, I have no idea. I don't typically think too far ahead but at least a math/econ degree seems more applicable in financial well-off-ness than philosophy. Also, socially, there is less scrutiny amongst something geared towards having a corporate wageslave job and my parents wouldn't be as pissed either.
> be me
Why are you double majoring instead of focusing only on econ?

i dont know about competitive stuff at colleges, i just figured basic financial math is eaiser than whatever 'abstract' math is.

as for me, I got a film degree. 2 years. yep. pretty bad move. but i was looking around for a receptionist gig at an office for that air conditioning. i got hired cuz i said I used quickbooks once (bold faced lie) and i got hired on the spot. two weeks later the manager rage quit and i was instantly promoted to running the entire business.

this morning i negotiated my raise. its not much to be honest, its a small business. each year im supposed to go up a dollar an hour, but i talked him up to a dollar every six months this morning.

its not the best situation in the world financially, but its not bad, and the current pay increase fixes any immediate problems i was having financially.

as for the work place, its just me and the owner. owners gone most of the time, i run the office, he is the product i sell (hes a psychic). he travels to a different part of the country each month to do readings there, and i hold down the fort in los angeles. im at work right now giving advice on 4chan. as long as shit gets done i can do whatever i want.
I'm double majoring because where I'm from, you can
a) double major
b) major with 2 minors
c) specializing in one subject
I hate econ so I didn't want to specialize in it and I did alright in my 1st-2nd year math courses. I'm also not that good at econ and I dislike communicating with these business-y types of people all day long. Having 2 minors seems pretty weak so double majoring.

Oh man. You got really lucky. A 2 year degree is a college degree in the US right?
>working as a manager for a psychic
I didn't even know jobs like that existed. What's the pay like? And do you believe in what psychic preaches or is it all just for face on both ends?

Well, feel free to share your experiences. Maybe we can come to a solution.
Future university student. How the fuck do you double major? Do you just take double classes? Why is college so confusing

as of today i make 14 an hour. could be better. could be worse.

2 year degree is associates. most people go for 4 year degree, bachelors.

im VERY lucky im aware. this thing pads my resume enough that when i get out ill be making about 45 thousand in another job. thats not BIG MONEY but its enough for a single guy to live off of comfortably.
I live in Canada
>inb4 big fagit whose country is being run by a drama teacher
In canadian universities, you have to take a bachelors degree (assuming full-time student). Essentially, you need 20 full-course credits to graduate. How you do that is up to you but it has to be in one of the 3 forms I said above.
>wah linear algebra and topology are soo hard

Also, your econ classes should be easy af. Any math student can destroy those.

Source: I'm doing what you're doing and finish next quarter.
Thread posts: 13
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