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I joined a Meetup and eventually an anime group popped up in

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I joined a Meetup and eventually an anime group popped up in my area. They're having their second meetup at a hotel but I have some qualms.

I have a lot of shame with my hobbies. Anime and video games being the big ones. I'm talking it through with my therapist though. Basically I don't think I want to watch anime with people. I'd die of second hand embarrassment.

Secondly, the organizer is going to marathon School Days. Which I find kind of hilarious because it's a bad show with a terrible/great ending and I don't know if he's aware of that or if he thinks it's a genuinely good show. Either way, I don't know why'd you pick it for this event. Also a hotel seems an odd choice. I work at a hotel and banquet rooms are typically a couple hundred to rent. He's mentioned "it's expensive but I don't mind" on the meetup page.

Basically, I don't know what to do or how to think about this. I want to meet people with similar interests, but I have hangups that are all in my head.
Just go to see and then pop up a random excuse if you find it too awkward (it most probably will). Don't be afraid, if they are invested in anime changes are that they are as shy as you are.
I was creepin' on some of the members profiles and they look like normal (some are even attractive, guys included) young people. I don't think I saw a single neckbeard.

What if I get there and it was all a ruse and they laugh at me and then go play sports?
I used to go to meetups (now busy with gf). It's not like that. Meetups are legit. Been with OCAG for a while then stopped.

The problem is talking to people. Trust me, I couldnt talk to anyone because they all had their own thing and I was ugly as fuck so no one bothered talking to me.
Anime lovingfag here, I'm not embarrassed about liking anime, but cosplayers and weebos make me embarrassed to like anime. Fuck those guys.
What do you mean "they all had their own thing"?

It's confusing. I'm not embarrassed, but I am. Everyone has a couple fucking retarded hobbies and I'll bash the shit out of them if attacked, but I still don't want anyone to know I watch anime.
>had their own thing
Sorry I meant clique. Half asleep here.
I'm 28 now and still enjoy watching anime, I watch anime with my oldest. In school I was open about it and never was made fun of. In HS the anime club was an embarrassment. All they did was shitty anime like slayers and act out their favorite character and make squeeky voices. Went once then stopped.
Gonna be honest with you man, they are both socially cringe worthy hobbies to have if you're trying to fit in or be socially accepted. Doesn't mean you shouldn't go, but if youre embarrassed to be seen in public with them, you should avoid it
Opposite for me. I was actually the president of the club (because no one had the balls to step up). Initially day, a lot of people showed up. In the end, all the girls went away (ugly guys I suppose) and it was just me and 4 other guys. It slowly changed to the unofficially video game club.
They joined or made a meetup group, then shunned anyone who wasn't already in their group of friends?

That sounds incredibly retarded and shitty.

But I want to get over my embarrassment.
It was my fault, I didnt approached anyone or tried to talk to anyone. Although it didnt help that the girls gave me a weird look.
I guess it was boring for me because they'd only watch what was available then and no one bothered ordering new shit from right stuff, adv, or tried downloading fansubs. Whatever Hollywood video or blockbuster had was what they'd watch.
Tried showing them saber marionette j but back then the vhs were only sub and they shut it down. Fucking losers. Ranma was good... But got boring after a while.
Don't be afraid to talk with them, also don't be too critical on shows you don't like, just say stuff like "it's not my cup of tea" or stuff like that if they ask you if you like a certain show you absolutely hate, and, for the love of god, if someone tries to talk with you about a show you have never watched, just say it, don't fake knowledge you don't have just to not look like a casual, because it's REALLY easy to spot lies like that and fuck everything up.
Also your cellphone: forget it. Bring it with you, but never take it out your pocket if not for an emergency call, you are there to meet people (hopefully), staring your phone won't do any good. However, if you do spot someone boringly scrolling their screen, then try to strike a conversation with them: they'll either be happy that you talked with them, or they will ignore you and be an asshole.
Lastly, it seems you already saw what they'll be marathoning, so please, do not spoil anything that is about to happen on screen, it's really annoying.
Thanks for the advice. It sounds like I should go and try to expand my horizons. I already joined a gym last month, so I hope I'm not overdoing it.

Also of course I wouldn't spoil anything, but should I wear a shirt with a boat on it or is that not funny?
Just do it fampai.

Any kind of physical activity is really good, just don't hope to meet lots of friends in the gym, because you sure as hell won't. Also don't skip just to have more time for your taiwanese cartoons or vidya, you do it once and suddenly you can't stop skipping.
I go to the gym at 1am every other day to get away from people. Def not to make friends there.

I've been tossing around the idea of doing something social regularly. I've thought of trying airsoft, getting into tabletop gaming, and eventually this popped up to. All three are in my area. I'm leaning towards the latter though because it's free/cheap and there's no investment cost.
I tried airsoft once, you get to know lots of guys, but hell if airsoft is fucking tedious. When I was on the attacking team I was so afraid to get caught that I didn't even reach the objective and shot once because I was moving like a snail.

An activity I would suggest is swimming, it's cheap and really healthy. Also those swimsuits gurl mang.
OP here. What do I do because I have zero interest in watching this particular anime? I don't want to disturb others who do.

I have a lot of trauma with swimming and zero interest. Thanks for the suggestion though.
Talk with the guys that also aren't really interested in the show.

If EVERYONE is watching it, keep in mind there'll be pauses to talk/eat and stuff.

Don't worry too much, it will be WAY better than the nightmare you are probably imagining. If you really can't handle the atmosphere, you can leave anytime. Unless you got tricked and they want to use you in some sort of sexual ritual.
Does that Meetup app actually work for meeting people? How does it work? Just getting out of a abusive relationship and I've lost all my friends.
Should I bring a bagged lunch?! Oh god!
But yea, thanks for the advice. I tried an archery class and it was all children and their parents and I left after orientation and wanted to die. (No single hot moms either)

You make an account, pick some interests, then it'll show you groups related to that interest near by. You join said group(s) and go to their next meetup. It's an easy way to find people with similar interests and gives you a reason to talk to strangers. I.e. boardgames, baseball, yoga, dnd groups, or anime like what I joined.
You also don't need to know jack about the type of group you join. 99% of the time the people there will be happy to teach you.

Sounds fucking awesome. brb downloading.
I used to be embarrassed of my hobbies and interested.
Then I grew up.
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 2

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